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    Having Bush pretending to be president is a boon to writers like me.  All we have to do is quote him to expose his stupidity.  For instance, speaking in Omaha, February 28, during his tour to tout his tax plan: "We understand how unfair the death penalty is, er...the death tax."  ( 1 )

    Amount of coverage the nightly newscasts gave in 2000 to the New Hampshire Primary, Super Tuesday, the Republican Convention, the Democratic Convention and the presidential debates combined - 483 minutes.

    Amount of coverage the three nightly newscasts gave in 2000 to Elian Gonzales - 530 minutes.

    Isn't it sad what Americans think is important? ( 2 )

    If you still don't believe that the major media is out and out owned and controlled by conservatives, here is a little something to chew on.

    According to an article in Washington Post on Dec. 31, "During the recount controversy, Bush strategist Karl Rowe gave a news conference replete with minor distortions and self-serving inaccuracies that would probably have generated a week of critical stories if he had made the comments from the White House Podium."

    So why wouldn't the major television news programs expose these lies and distortion?  Could it be because they wanted to bow before the little dweeb since he was more likely to give them the gifts of more and more Corporate Welfare than Gore might?

    Consider this, then.  In the chaos that the network news bureaus caused by proclaiming Gore the victor in Florida before the Republicans had a chance to steal the election, Congress (meaning the Republican majority) was beside itself with anger that election could be won fairly.  In fact, even before the Supreme Court had illegally anointed the Chaney/Bush ticket the owners of the Oval Office, Congress was already whining about convening special hearings to investigate those newscasts.

    Why was that possibility so scary to the big four networks, in particular?  Because the loosening of the monopoly laws under Clinton that allowed the major media to buy out local television and radio stations and, thus, to limit the debate and the amount of information available to voters/consumers/drooling sheep can access wasn't enough for them.  They wanted Bush in office because they want to increase the size of their holdings in any market from 35% to 50% and for one network to be allowed to buy another network as well as owning all of the newspapers that cover any one market.  In other words, they want to totally control your ability to access the truth.  

`    Now, with the Republicans angry that the media came so close to exposing and upending their efforts to usurp the Constitution and steal the election, the big four media owners are afraid that they might not be able to force the media's property in Congress to quickly roll over and pass the legislation desired.  Of course, we all know that the legislation will eventually be passed, the media will just have to wait a while and pour another few millions into Republican pockets. ( 3 )

    Want just a hint as to why the Chaney Administration is pulling back from any talks with North Korea over their nuclear program and is now demanding that the number of North Korea's troops stationed north of that peninsula's DMZ be decreased?  Could it be, GASP!, that they need an enemy like North Korea in order to justify the silly Star Wars program and to steal even more federal revenue from social programs and invest them (read waste them) in the Pentagon's budget?

    Actually, that is undoubtedly exactly why this is occurring.  In as much as Chaney thinks of himself as some sort of "warrior" while Baby Bush plays with his toy soldiers on the floor of the Oval Office, there has to be some sort of enemy to outspend.  

    What's sadder than just having a mindless hawk and insipid frat boy pretending to run a democracy is the fact that even Gore's running mate, Joe Lieberman, is also pushing for more and more money for his owners in the defense industry no matter what Americans have stated they want to spend.

    Lieberman, in a discussion with Chaney's Department of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, stated that the Pentagon wanted far more than either Chaney campaign had offered - $4.5 billion more per year - or that the Gore campaign had offered - $100 billion over ten years.  In fact, the Pentagon wanted $50 billion more A YEAR!  Lieberman acknowledged, though, that there was a lot of work to do to accomplish that huge gift to the defense industry, mostly because the public considered giving even more money to the Pentagon to be very, very far down on their list of America's needs.  In fact, Lieberman claimed, "it's going to be hard for us here to make the decisions we should make."

    Let's see what Lieberman is really saying, there.  Basically, he is saying that the decisions that he and his cronies want to foist onto the American people will be difficult to accomplish unless they can convince the American public that something unneeded is important since Lieberman and his buddies say so.  And what better way to steal your tax dollars that should go to schools and health care and the like than to force North Korea back into the role of America's enemy that our military needs all that money to "defend" us from? ( 4 )

    Folks, it is so terribly obvious that the only real difference between the Chaney Administration and what a Gore Administration would be is the degree of damage to America and to the world they would inflict.  Gore would have been just as happy to destroy the few decent things about America that Reagan and Daddy Bush and Clinton left unsullied.  At least with Chaney/Bush, they obviously have no qualms about being as evil as possible and do not even make an attempt at disguising it as anything but evil.

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