Humble Suggestions for a Richer Life

    No matter how hard you pat yourself on the back for all of your success, it is important to remember that it was achieved exploiting the toil and dedication of many, many other people; from the doctors and nurses in the delivery room at your birth, to your teachers and bus drivers throughout your schooling, to the men and women who lost their lives preserving your freedoms, to the tens of thousands of unknown individuals who dedicated their lives to the protection and nourishment of all minds and souls and futures.  Always live your life as if each person you encounter is another who deserves to be thanked for that assistance.

    We have knowledge of only one planet in the entire unimaginably vast universe that is capable of sustaining human life.  We must constantly tread upon this orb with the absolute lightest of steps and replenish as often as we consume.  

    A life focused on the mere act of amassing material wealth is one that wastes all else that the universe offers.  It is important to remember that he who dies with the most toys is still dead.  Your toys will never mourn your passing nor speak warmly of your legacy to the world.

    Remember that Jesus was a rebel and a spiritual terrorist.  He lived a life dedicated to the destruction of the religious system of his time.  He taught a philosophy of love and giving, not greed and vanity.  He was history's most famous dyed-in-the-wool, bleeding heart Liberal.  He would be attacked and crucified all over again by the Christian Church and the Republican Party if he were to return today.

    Pretend you are God.  Create something beautiful and lasting.

    Feel free to masturbate, if that is the only outlet you have.

    Question authority.  Do not do so just to be disrespectful.  Learn to actively seek out those who speak truthfully.

    Unless you were abused as a child, acknowledge that your parents did the best they could for you.  Do not blame them for your life or fortunes at any time after you reach the age of eighteen.  You didn't come with a user's manual and neither will your children.  Mistakes are made.  Just try to keep them to a minimum.

    Never discourage thinking or learning.  If you try to limit the debate, you will succeed.

    Think very hard before either using drugs or having sex for the first time.  You will never be the same person afterwards.

    How you treat children when they are defenseless will teach them how to treat you when age and frailty makes you defenseless.

    Never blindly respect anyone solely because of their authority.  You will always find others who have little authority but merit deep respect.

    No matter how long you live, you haven't seen enough to voluntarily cease the journey.

    While no man is superior to another, never allow yourself to become less than any other.

    The necessities of life, such as an education and medical care, must be free.  It is the luxuries that should be costly.

    Strive to achieve perfection.  Acknowledge always that it is an impossible goal.

    Respect those who teach your children.  No one ever became a doctor or lawyer without them.

    Ignorance is not bliss.  Knowledge is.

    The first shot fired in a war is only proof of the stupidity of the nation's leaders.

    Exhibit passion in your life.

    Strive not to be normal.

    Share your wealth with joy.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Judge not the lives of others.

    Always remember, there but for the grace of God go I.

    You are unique.  You are important.  You are only human.


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