Compassionate Conservative? Bull Poop!

    The Chaney Administration and its little village idiot front man has had more than a hundred days now to prove their silly claim that they offered anything even remotely resembling "Compassionate Conservatism".  Let's look at just what they have accomplished and see if any of it resembles being "compassionate" on any level.

    The most obvious issue to begin with is the one trillion dollars plus that has been earmarked to pay back their wealthy campaign contributors (and was passed on 5/25/01 with the complicity of way too many slime balls in the Democratic Party).  That's one trillion dollars for the top one percent of all Americans and three hundred million or so to be divided up by the other 99% (you and me).

    On the regulatory front, they have barred enforcement of a regulation proposed and endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences that would have limited the amount of arsenic in your drinking water to ten parts per billion.  Naturally, they did this because the vast majority of the arsenic that we now find in our water is being put there through the pesticide runoff and industrial pollution that their corporate owners are responsible for.  Since keeping arsenic out of our water would have cut into their owner's profits, the choice was obvious; lots more cancer cases in children and the general population arising from arsenic but higher profits for Corporate America.

    How about the withdrawal of the proposed rule to prohibit mining that would cause "substantial, irreparable harm" to communities or the environment?

    How about stopping a rule from taking effect that would have saved literally millions of Americans from getting repetitive stress injuries on the job?

    How about their effort to open 60 million acres of national forest to oil drilling, logging, and the building of new logging roads?

    How about their decision to delay a rule that would have put a stop to HMOs releasing your personal health records to anyone willing to pay for your personal information?

    How about their decision to stop a rule that would have barred industry from draining wetlands?

    How about their decision to block a law that would have protected children and workers from lead paint poisoning?

    How about their cutting $200 million from the successful program of block grants to states that helped pay for child care for low-income family's children?  These funds were the basis for Chaney's secretary of human services, Tommy Thompson, successful efforts to get people off of welfare and into the work force without endangering their children.  Thompson has often stated that his state's vast program worked only because child care was available to the workers.

    How about their 18% cut in funds to states to investigate child abuse?

    How about their cuts in federal funds that were used to train doctors who practice at children's hospitals?

    How about the 100% cut in the "early learning fund" that Congress created to improve the quality of education and child care for pre-school children five years of age and lower?

    How about their decision to end mandatory testing for salmonella in hamburger meat served to our children through the school lunch programs?

    How about their Clinton-like waffling and then reversal on their promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, a little trick that humiliated their EPA chief, Christine Todd?

    How about their plan to weaken clean air rules for coal fired power plants?

    How about their decision to reduce anti-pollution standards for oil refiners?

    How about their decision to allow river flows that harm the fish population and interrupt spawning activities?

    How about their easily disprovable claim that they have increased discretionary spending in their budget while the reality is that, in constant dollars and allowing for inflation, there is actually a 4.7% decrease.

    How about their specious claims of an 11% increase in education funds when the reality is that the majority of that increase was passed in Clinton's last budget and they have actually decreased funding for job training for displaced workers?

    How about their decision to center the administration's "energy policy" around using more and more oil, coal, and nuclear resources and completely ignores any alternative energy sources and pretty much laughs at any form of real conservation programs?

    How about the fact that their "energy policy" supports more nuclear power plants but offers no clue as to how the tons and tons of radioactive wastes will be safely disposed of?

    How about the fact that all of the oil projected to be found in the Artic National Wildlife Reserve (regardless of the lies told to support this insanity) is only 3.2 billion barrels or barely enough to satisfy our thirst for oil for six months?

    How about the fact that the huge tax cuts for the wealthy are fashioned on Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy in Texas during his last two years there and that the state of Texas is now facing a $700 million shortfall in providing the absolute minimum of services in that state (and absolute minimum in Texas means exactly that)?

    How about their 36% cuts in federal funds for renewable sources of energy and for conservation programs?

    How about their decision to destroy the historical and necessary wall between religion and government in their desire to use "Mainstream" churches to provide vital government assistance programs?

    How about their fawning over such religious maniacs as Pat Robertson who demand that any church outside of their narrow minded version of "Mainstream" be barred from providing those services?

    How about their mean spirited decision to ban aid to international family planning groups that promote, perform or even discuss abortions, meaning millions and millions more children born into abject poverty that will die of starvation or disease or war or any of the other myriad of deaths inflicted on the poorest on the planet?  How about announcing the ban on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade?

    How about wasting $2 billion for research into "clean coal" techniques rather than truly renewable sources?

    How about undermining chemical plant safety rules?

    How about barring project labor agreements that ensure union and worker rights in complex construction projects?

    How about completely pulling the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol and abandoning the international global warning treaty on the basis of truly "fuzzy math" by conservative "scientists"?

    How about signing into law a bankruptcy bill that force individuals to repay credit card debt ahead of paying child or spousal support?

    How about refusing to control the  interstate power prices, effectively allowing generation owners to gouge California and to force the state into a recession that will quickly be followed by the rest of the nation?

    How about initiating the repeal of the contractor responsibility rule, which gave procurement officers the ability to refuse to enter into contracts with companies with a record of serious violations of laws protecting workers, the environment, consumers, tax laws and other regulations and laws?

    How about threatening to close both the White House Civil Rights and AIDS offices?

    How about delaying a proposal to expand public access to information regarding the risks and effects of chemical accidents?

    How about their stated desire, at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec in April of 2001, to create a Free Trade Area spanning North, Central, and South America?  How about their claim that this treaty will improve the lives of citizens from Alaska to Argentina while, at the exact same moment, police were arresting hundreds of individuals who were exercising their democratic right to protest and to demand that poverty be alleviated through any trade treaties?

    How about the fact that only "Democratic" nations will supposedly be allowed into the Free Trade Area but Republicans are busy trying to pass a Congressional resolution that states that America is not a Democracy but is a Republic (this effort being proposed to somehow add legitimacy to the outright theft of the White House by Chaney and the village idiot)?

    How about the wee, barely noted fact that the Chaney/Village Idiot Administration is considering repaying the illegal and immoral Supreme Court theft of the 2000 presidential election by naming Assistant US Attorney General Janet Rehnquist to the office of inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Resources, Eugene Scalia to Labor Department solicitor, and Virginia Thomas to a "top spot" at OMB?  Do those names sound vaguely familiar?  Janet is the daughter of Chief Justice Rehnquist, Eugene the son of Justice Antonin, and Virginia the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.  As The Nation put it, it isn't really a political payoff as much as it's just affirmative action the Republican way.

    How about the fact that Ted Olson, the attorney that "won" the Supreme Court case that illegally put Bush into the White House, has been appointed to the office of solicitor general?  This office is responsible for determining which cases the government should appeal or which it should file amices curiae or "Friend of the Court" briefs?  Another case of affirmative action, Republican style?

    How about the fact that their efforts to repeal the estate tax will affect less than 2% of all Americans (the richest 2%)?  Of course, one has to consider the fact that 14 of their 17 cabinet officials, as well as Bush and Chaney, qualify for this tax cut.

    How about the fact that, at a "tax cut rally" sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers, actual working Americans refused to attend?  The response from the association?  They issued a memo to its members and supporters to "Dress Down" in order to appear to be "Real Worker[s]".  They also planned to have hard hats for the attendees to wear during the "rally" to lend an aura of "reality".

    How about the fact that their administration keeps spewing out the lie that the Social Security trust fund earns only 2% annual interest when the reality is that the fund's annual interest earnings are based on an enhanced version of the Treasury bond yields and have averaged 6.7% for the past few years?

    How about their oft repeated lie that, "Last year, government spending shot up 8 percent ... That's far more than our economy grew"?  How about the reality that the GDP grew 7.8% last year and the federal budget rose about 3.6%?  In fact, in every single year since the moron's daddy was beaten by Clinton, the government's outlays have grown slower than the economy has.  Federal spending for their information, has actually fallen from 22.2% of the GDP in 1992 to only 18% in 2001.

    How about the fact that they are refusing to budget any funds to pay for the massive security demands at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, a venue that will offer terrorists (both foreign and domestic) ripe targets from "enemy" nations of all stripes?

    How about the fact that their budget cuts funds for the EPA, the Interior Department and for enforcement of laws such as the Endangered Species Act?

    Finally, how about the fact that we have a President so moronic that the New York Times felt it necessary to write an editorial that proclaimed that Bush "smarter than Saturday Night Live gives him credit for" and that actually commended him for taking the Presidency "seriously"?  Has there ever before been a President whose "intellect" and ability to take the job "seriously" had to be defended in a major newspaper's editorial pages?

    Okay, gentle readers, I'm tired and I'm REALLY depressed.  I simply cannot list any more of this vile and mean spirited group of political criminal's anti-human activities.  Obviously, the fact that the Democrats aren't screaming constantly and informing the American public about these acts are just more insults added to a growing list of injuries.  In fact, the dweebs in the Democratic Party have exposed themselves to be the miserable little boot lickers that this space has always proclaimed them to be.

    Never have so many done so little to avert so much evil while pointing their fingers at someone who had such a small role in the election of that evil.

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