A Few Questions To End the Dispute

    Here are a few questions that might clear up the muck that seems to be stuck in the eyes of the whiny Democrats who still want to believe that Ralph Nader was somehow to blame for the Chaney/Village Idiot Administration.

    If Nader and the Greens were to blame for the coup de 'etat that put the criminals into office, where has the vaunted Democratic Party gone since then?  Why haven't we heard from good old Al Gore since the Supreme Court threw out the Constitution in order to force an idiot onto the American people?  Why has he been so quiet and docile to the point of appearing afraid to speak out or even to be seen?  Why haven't the Democrats been screaming at the top of their lungs that they refused to vote for any cabinet officers or tax cuts or anything else until the American people were allowed to elect the President rather than having a corrupt group of gnomes on the Supreme Court crown one of their own?  Why have such evil creatures as Ashcroft and Todd and Gale Norton been confirmed to cabinet level positions with the full complicity of the Democrats?  Why has such mean spirited and corporately sponsored legislation such as the anti-consumer bankruptcy bill been passed with the votes of make-believe liberals and progressives like Dianne Feinstein of California?  Why were Democrats voting for a tax cut bill that even the most uneducated watcher acknowledges is going to cause tremendous future problems for every single social program that benefits anyone but the wealthy?  Why weren't the Democrats buying air time to explain the realities of that tax cut for the wealthy and convincing Americans that, first, the Chaney/Village Idiot Administration was not elected and has no mandate of any kind whatsoever and, second, that there are far more equitable ways to refund any imaginary surplus to all Americans, not just the ones who own the Republicrat Party and its denizens?

    Gentle readers, Al Gore has completely disappeared from anybody's radar.  The Democrats in both houses of Congress have worn out the knees in their trousers and panty hose bowing and scraping before America's first dictator.  They have done absolutely nothing to protect America from the evil and the absurdity that the Village Idiot is inflicting on America.  In fact, instead of acting respectfully towards the poor people who they tricked into voting them into office, the Democrats are simply rolling over in every way possible.

    Now, could someone, anyone, explain how Ralph Nader and the Green Party can be held responsible for this embarrassing and insulting episode in our nation's history?  Why is there still the shrill keening and pointing of fingers at the only candidate that actually ran in order to represent the vast majority of Americans instead of just the wealthy and powerful?  How can anyone have such a twisted sense of reality as to believe that Nader has somehow hypnotized every single Democrat in government and convinced them to act like a bunch of weak kneed pansies, instructing them to do everything that they can to assist the Village Idiot and his Nazi friends to dismantle completely what Reagan, Daddy Bush, and Clinton had left behind?

    Far too many people who believe themselves to be reflecting a liberal and progressive philosophy are still trying to pretend that all of the evils that the Village Idiot represents to our nation and its fragile liberties is the fault of the only real liberal/progressive candidate in the 2000 presidential race.  Too often, these otherwise thoughtful people fall into the traps set by the conservative media that have perverted the truth from the fact that Gore did win the Constitutional election but Gore lost the revolt against that Constitution by one vote in the Supreme Court.  Nader had nothing to do with that and, frankly, since the entire Florida election machine belonged body and soul to the Republicans, there was little or no chance that Gore could have won that state without figuring out some way to have ballot watchers in every city and at every polling location.

    Folks, I understand the sorrow that befalls us when something we desperately want to be true is taken from us by powers completely out of our control.  Human nature, for some odd reason, tries to block out what we see as a weakness of our personal spirit by placing the source of that pain outside ourselves.  We lost the job because the boss hated us.  We got divorced because the other mate didn't understand us.  Our sports team lost the championship because the referees were a bunch of idiots.  Our contender lost the election because one of many third party candidates somehow stole votes away from the true and only nominee. It is always "them" or a series of unfortunate events or a conspiracy of some sort that leads to a failure in our hopes and dreams.

    What differentiates adults from children, however, is the ability to look at a situation and to open ourselves to the truth and to admit that sometimes our heroes and our hopes are deeply flawed.  Al Gore ran as a watered down Republican.  The few left leaning policies he offered were always with a wink and a nod to his wealthy owners.  When he talked about being for workers, he was also deeply committed to increasing the power of the World Trade Organization and expanding anti-labor and anti-worker and anti-family trade agreements.  When he spoke of helping families, everyone knew he was planning to gift his wealthy owners with greater and greater amounts of corporate welfare.

    Al Gore lost because far more Democratic Party voters crossed over and cast their ballots for Bush than for Nader.  These Democrats watched as Gore ran away from the successful eight year term of his boss, Bill Clinton.  These voters crossed party lines because they knew what to expect from Clinton but, with Gore pretending that the last eight years had never happened, the voters didn't know what Gore did stand for.  These Democratic voters sided with Bush not because he was superior to Gore but because Bush was better at lying about being, in some way, "compassionate" and didn't even try to hide his sorry and deplorable record as Governor of Texas since the conservative media didn't make much effort to write or speak about it.

    Long story short, Al Gore lost the election through his own faults and the 2.7% of the voters who declared their desire to take their government back from the wealthy and powerful would have, in the main, never went to the polls at all.  Gore lost.  Bush stole what was left.



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