The Impending Death of Social Security

    There's no need to worry any further about Social Security.  There's no need to even wonder whether or not the program will still be available to help fund your retirement when you're old.  No sir, no need to worry at all.  Why not?  Because the Village Idiot has it all covered.  

    He has created a handpicked commission with a full 14 members to look into the problem.  Yup!  Fourteen people who absolutely nothing but your best interests at heart and who will look into all possible solutions to the imagined short fall in the Social Security budget.

    Just to see how far ranging this commission may travel in search of a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, let's look at just who are these hand picked individuals.

    Of the fourteen, the co-chair of the group is none other than Richard Parsons, once a top executive at AOL-Time Warner.  He found the climate a bit hot there, though, when he and AOL-Time Warner were sued over a scam he was pulling that would deny pension benefits to employees.  The corporation had to pay out $5.5 million to the exploited workers.  He is now in charge of the fate of your Social Security funds.

    Okay, so the leadership is stacked against you and me.  There must be some folks we can trust to look out for us, isn't there?

    Well, there are three Congressmen on the commission and they must be there as our representatives.  Again, alas and alack, the three are loud proponents of stealing your retirement funds and handing them over to their Wall Street owners.  Understand now, gentle readers, that no one in Congress or the Senate cares a whit about Social Security since their retirement plan through the government, a plan that they get to design and determine what the payout will be doesn't rely on Social Security.  You and I both know that their retirement won't force any of them to add cheap cat food to their diet.

    Four other commissioners arrived on the commission directly from Wall Street.  Who do you think stands to steal the majority of the funds when your retirement system is privatized?  That's right, boys and girls, these exact same Wall Street insects will be churning your retirement funds in an all out effort to take every penny you paid in and transfer it into their own pockets.  And the right wing idiots whine about how social programs are just "socialism" and a "transfer of wealth".  What, one wonders, do they disguise this transfer of wealth from the poor to the wealthy in their narrow little minds?

    The rest of these little nimrods are from far-right wing "think" tanks ("think" being something that these tanks have only a passing relationship with) and far right anti-poor and anti-elderly and pro-greed and pro-white collar crime groups.

    In other words, gentle readers, you are not, in any manner or form, represented on the Village Idiot's little commission.  That means that, in the next year or so, you will be hearing about this "blue ribbon" commission and their "findings" that the only answer to a crisis that does not exist is to dump all of your hopes and dreams and future into the gambling casinos that make up Wall Street and all of its corporate tentacles.

    Once again, folks, I'm going to make that a little prediction.  Within a year, two years at the most, you will read and hear about how this nasty group of folks have spent all this time looking into the "problem" and the only possible "solution" will be to privatize the entire system and invest all of your money in Wall Street's form of gambling.  The fact that this will leave absolutely no safety net when the market once again tanks will be conveniently ignored by everyone but those forced out onto the streets.  But they won't matter because they will no longer have an address so they will no longer vote. ( 1 )


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