David Brock,  Conservative Charlatan, Finally Comes Clean

    Imagine that a liberal writer became famous solely by writing scathing attacks on an individual whose only sin was to attempt to alert the nation to the misdeeds of a liberal candidate for the Supreme Court.

   Now imagine that the information that this liberal writer offered was repeated over and over by reporters and newscasters across the nation.

   Now imagine that this information nearly ruined the reputation of the individual who had only stepped forward to warn the nation about the sullied character of the liberal Supreme Court candidate.

   Imagine that the candidate went on to easily win confirmation to the Supreme Court while the individual became sort of a joke for late night comedians and liberal political writers.

    Finally, imagine that this liberal writer eventually came to see the error of his ways and authored a book in which he admits that he had knowingly lied.  He also admits that he had allowed the liberal Supreme Court candidate to knowingly feed him false information, which the writer simply passed on as truth.

   Imagine that the writer had then gone on to a career as a political attack dog for an ultra-liberal magazine.

   Now that the author has gone public with these admissions and heartfelt apologies, just where would you imagine that a newspaper such as, oh, say, the LA Times might place this information? Maybe a front page spread with lots of pictures of all involved? Perhaps on the Commentary page along with mea culpa offerings from other liberal writers who were taken in by the lies and misinformation and now wished to back away from their misguided stories?

   Well, first, change the cast of characters slightly so that the writer becomes David Brock, a once shining star of the ultra-right. Next, change the individual to Anita Hill, whom Brock accused of being “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty” without even a shred of supporting evidence. Finally, change the Supreme Court candidate to that porn loving and pubic hair discussing Clarence Thomas and the ultra-liberal magazine becomes the ultra-right wing American Spectator, and you have the reality that I discovered just yesterday.

   But, we still haven’t discovered just where a “respected” newspaper such as the LA Times would run a story of such magnitude, a story that relates to the lies and misinformation that are the stock in trade of the right wing fanatics that infest our government and media.

   Would you believe it was run on page E2 of the LA Times’ Southern California Living section?

   That’s right, gentle readers, this truly newsworthy (but absolutely embarrassing to the right expose) lies beneath such earthshaking articles as “Thoroughly Modern Nelly” and “At Play in the Field of Childhood Memories” about games silly little celebrities played as kids.

   Brock confesses, “I demonized Democratic senators, their staffs and Hill’s feminist supporters without ever interviewing them … I was so blinded by my partisan tunnel vision and my tortured desire to make it in the movement that I believed my own propaganda.”

   Brock also now acknowledges that he forced Kaye Savage, who had made disparaging remarks about Thomas in the book “Strange Justice”, to retract some of those remarks. He accomplished this by using sensitive personal information about Savage that had been tendered by Thomas, himself. Savage called the incident “a little frightening.”

   All in all, I think that you’ll agree that there exists not a single clear thinking editor who would place such a huge and revealing article on any page except the front page. Only someone who desperately wanted to minimize the power of such revelations would ever consider placing the report on the same page with celebrity  stories about the author of Valley of the Dolls and excerpts from an interview with that loathsome O.J. Simpson, in which he opines on the subject of why women love him so much.

   Well, it probably worked for the most part since the average, feeble American mind isn’t capable of determining the true importance of information unless it’s served up on a silver platter. Hiding the truth doesn’t always mean keeping it out of the public’s eye. It can sometimes be as easy as just running it two pages before the comics. ( 1 )


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Copyright 7/12/01