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    More proof that the scam of a "Liberal Media" has been exposed comes from CNN.  When the Republicans began boycotting the station because they thought it too liberal (read centrist or just plain fair), the station met with hard liners in the party.  The meetings were to assure the Nazis that CNN would be more "balanced" which one participant translated into the station becoming "more like Fox".  For anyone who has wasted a moment or two of their lives listening to the right-wing cant that passes for news and opinions on Fox, you now can rest assured that even watching CNN will no longer protect you from GOP's insanity and hatefulness.  ( 1 )

    In an effort to showcase his massive intellectual skills, the Village Idiot II replied to criticism from former President Carter with the soulful words, "Don't worry about it, man".  Aren't America great?  ( 2 )

    How about some interesting little facts that stand all by themselves?

    Ratio of pardons granted by President Clinton to Ronald Reagan -  1:2

    Ration of pardons granted by Reagan to those granted by Eisenhower - 1:3  ( 3 )

    Another Perspective has long maintained that there is no energy shortage in California and that any blackouts that occur are the direct result of SCE and PG&E attempting to force the state into paying off these corporation's debts.  Further proof of that comes from the Multinational Monitor that offers a story about a memo to CA Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg from one of his advisers at Credit Suisse First Boston.  The memo states very clearly that the rolling blackouts were "intended to soften up the Legislature and the voters to the need for rate increases."

    Apparently the scheme by SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E worked perfectly since, the day after the utilities simply stopped paying their own bills and began the rolling blackouts, the Legislature approved an emergency request by Gov. Davis for an additional $400 million for the state to buy electricity.  It's been all downhill from that.  ( 4 )

    Do you remember all the front page headlines about how Clinton staffers had torn up the White House and stolen nearly everything from Air Force One after the Supreme Court's crowning of President Chaney?  Can you recall even one article relating the fact that every single story about that theft and destruction was completely false?  The Fox new division's commentator Tony Snow only wants you to remember the charges and not the truth.  After proclaiming that Air Force One "looked as if it had been stripped by a skilled band of thieves - or perhaps wrecked by a trailer-park twister." Snow has been conspicuously silent on the fact that was later divulged by the Village Idiot, himself, that "all of the allegations that they took stuff off of Air Force One ... is simply not true" (Bushism, not typo).  ( 5 )

    Sometimes the Village Idiot II just makes my job so easy it's like shooting ducks in a barrel.  His Inadequacy, during a speech at Townsend Elementary school, "You teach a child to read and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test."  Sigh!  ( 6 )

    My goodness gracious but the apocalypse must surely be upon us.  Witness the following excerpt from a speech by Peter Huntsman, President and CEO of Huntsman Corp.

    "Industry needs to think about how it treats people.  How is it that a CEO can wake up one morning and say, 'We're going to lay off people?'

    "How is it that you figure out that all of a sudden you have 5,000 more people than you need - and destroy the lives of those 5,000 people?"

    "We should improve relations with our unions and make work places more stable."

    "People are our most valued assets.  We shouldn't be laying them off; we should incentivize them to create value.  Labor remains a small part of our overall costs."

    When the CEO lies down with the working men and women in America, how much longer can the universe continue to exist?  ( 7 )

    Have you ever wondered just why, other than having the nation's Village Idiot soiling the Oval Office, the rest of the world views America as pretty much a bunch of imbeciles?  Maybe what Jesse Ventura said when meeting the Dalai Lama is a part of it?  "I asked him the most important question ... if he had ever seen Caddyshack?"  Again, Sigh!  ( 8 )

    As proof that the only shortage in the oil industry is the cash difference between the normal profits expected as opposed to the unholy profits acquired, the amount by which the combined profits of the world's top ten oil companies in 2000 exceeded those of 1999 - $20,000,000,000.

    A great example of the national appetite for hypocrisy - 78% of Americans polled would allow "churches and other houses of worship" to seek federal funds for charitable works but only 38% would allow "Muslim mosques".

    Do you think that he food you eat has been thoroughly tested for your health and safety?  Percentage of Americans who believe they have never eaten genetically-modified food - 70%.  Chance that a processed food in a U.S. grocery store contains genetically-modified ingredients - 1 in 2.

    How about one huge example of government waste?  Ratio of the amount spent on the entire Gulf War to the amount wasted last year on the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs - 2:5

    Percentage of the Village Idiot II's first 189 appointees who also served in the Village Idiot I's administration - 42%

    Number of days after laying off 202 people at Dow Jones that its CEO wrote a "scathing" article about his Caribbean vacation - 1.

    Amount that a worker in El Salvador is paid for each $12.99 Gap T-Shirt they make - 11.6 cents.  (Ah, the glories of the global economy and a global democracy.)   ( 9 )

    Enough for now.



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