Trivia 2B

    As proof that the average American completely forgets history once maybe fifteen minutes has passed, an April, 2001 Gallup poll recorded the fact that, of the 1,015 people surveyed, 76% had forgotten the overthrow of the American presidency by the Republican Supreme Court and now believed that the Village Idiot is the legitimate president.  What's most frightening, though, about the survey is that only 35% believe that he is "too conservative".  Who did Gallup call for this poll?  Some old folk's home in Argentina?  ( 1 )

    Former President Carter, expressing the views of all thinking Americans, on the Village Idiot's short term in office under President Chaney, "I have been disappointed in almost everything he has done."  ( 2 )

    Another example of the Nazi style of law enforcement in America concerns twelve seventh-and eighth-grade boys who were given a tour of their local Washington, D.C. jail.  The visit, arranged by two unnamed school officials, included a strip search in which the naked boys were told to open their mouths and bend over.  The reason given for this pedophilia-filled event?  According to school and corrections officials, it was to show them what would happen if the boys were arrested.  The crimes that these twelve boys were accused of that resulted in such a fascist punishment?  They had received in-school suspensions for misconduct.  ( 3 )

    The next time some rabid right wing nimrod informs you that the reason gas prices are so high is due to some imaginary "conspiracy by those damned tree huggers" (actual claim made during a recent but very short conversation), inform them that an investigation by Senator Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, revealed no such thing.  In fact, using the oil industry's own internal documents, Wyden has proven that the only shortage of gas and oil is due directly to the actions of the industry, itself, and is not a shortage caused by anyone else.

    Wyden's 11 page report quotes a document from Texaco that states, "Significant events need to occur to assist in reduction supplies and/or increasing the demand for gasoline in order to increase prices and grow profits margins."

    Another document, this time from Mobil Oil, referring to Powerine, a small, independent refinery that offline, read, "Needless to say, we would all like to see Powerine stay down.  Full court press is warranted in this case."

    So think about the last four or five years, gentle readers.  The price of gasoline has gone up tremendously while the availability of gasoline has dropped at the exact time as the American public has been duped into a love affair with SUVs (which are only unstable, gas guzzling station wagons) and at the same time as the deregulation and subsequent "shortage" of electricity, all amounting to an all out assault on your wallet and your environment.  Can you, for even a second, believe that these events are related and planned?  Do you, for even a moment, believe that your are not being screwed, big time, and the conservative media and its owners on the far, far, far right have no intention of allowing you to see this reality, if it's at all possible to prevent it?  ( 4 )

    Oh, lord have mercy on the English language!  From Randy Michaels, head of Clear Channel, the nation's largets radio group, "We look at our job as connecting a program to an audience in ways that we can monetize."  Sigh!  ( 5 )

    Here's a little something that the Chaney Administration can be proud of.  In the first quarter of 2001, more Americans were laid off than in any first quarter since 1995.  Good going, you guys! ( 6 )



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