Trivia 2C

    What a wonderful way to hide reality.  The Daily News, a pretty much right wing forum disguised as a newspaper in Los Angeles, carried an article way back on page seven reporting how the Village Idiot is already trying to defend his tax cut for the rich in the face of a nearly non-existent budget surplus in the next four or five years.  Trying to deflect the fact that the majority of the loss in revenue will be directly attributable to his poorly thought out tax cuts, he instead tries to convince you and I that it will be overspending by Congress that will force the federal government to raid both Social Security and Medicare funds.

    Way down in the very last paragraph, though, is the truth of the matter.  "The OMB [Office of Management and Budget] report is also expected to show that if not for a change in federal accounting that the Bush administration announce last week, the combination of the tax cut and reduced tax receipts because of the slowing economy would have wiped out the entire non-Social Security surplus and perhaps dipped into the Social Security surplus as well."

    Now consider those words "a change in federal accounting", gentle readers.  The only way that the Chaney Administration can trick the American people into believing that their insane and greedy policies have not done exactly what this space and lots of other free thinking individuals saw coming a mile away is to change how the accounting is done.  In other words, and using the terminology that best describes the actions of these people, they simply cooked that books to make reality go away and to suddenly support their lies and half truths.  Because here is the truth, folks; they had to BORROW $38 BILLION TO PAY OFF THE REBATE CHECKS THIS YEAR ALONE!!!!!!!!!  That's right, boys and girls, their "accounting change" altered reality from the fact that they INCREASED the federal deficit and will be forced to borrow more money from the same Social Security and Medicare funds that they repeatedly promised not to raid, into another dimension where they somehow broke even.

    It's going to be a long and horrendous four years, folks.  These people cannot, on any level whatsoever, recognize and tell the truth.  Lying to the American people and following that with attempting to shift the blame to anyone else, all with the overt assistance of the conservative-owned media, is all these vile little creatures are capable of.  ( 1 )

    On a very similar topic, it has been said that the reason for a tax cut targeted nearly completely towards the wealthy can be explained by saying that the old tax rates put too much of a burden on them.  Well, read the following and decide for yourself is you would trade places with those poor, down-trodden and put upon members of the wealthy class.

    Last year alone, salaries and other benefits for top U.S. corporate offices rose another 16%.  In clearer words, from 1990 to 2000, the wages of the average American worker rose 32% while the income for CEOs rose 535%.  Yeah, they REALLY needed a tax cut!

    Consider this, at the same time that he was laying off 2,000 employees at Merrill Lynch, CEO David Komansky received $32.5 million, an 18% raise from 1999.

    Folks, if the minimum wage had gone up as fast as the average CEO's income, it would currently be $24.31.  With an income like that, the average minimum wage earner probably wouldn't worry excessively about tax cuts.  ( 2 )

  Here's a foretaste of what a global economy and treaties such as the WTO and GATT and NAFTA and the inevitable Western Hemisphere-wide treaty being negotiated at this very moment.  

    Using the power of NAFTA's Chapter 11 investment provisions, American based Ethyl Corporation sued the Canadian government for $250 million and forced the Canadian government to remove its ban of the import of the gasoline additive, MMT, a know nerve agent.  The ban was reversed and Ethyl Corp. walked away with a settlement of $13 million.

    UPS has filed suit against the Canadian government because, the corporation alleges, the government favors the public postal service.

    In suits against the United States, first up is Methanex Corp. who is suing the U.S. government over a California state decision to phase out the chemical MTBE, a gasoline additive and known carcinogen.

    The basic reasoning for all of these so-called fair trade treaties is manifestly to give corporations vast powers over the governments of the signature nations.  These powers will determine the health or destruction of a nation's environment, worker's safety and health, import/export laws, and on and on.  As the examples above show, corporations can force a nation to continue the use of known carcinogens, to pay for the services of an out of country shipper regardless of the cost, and just a whale of a lot of other insane demands that can only be made possible by these anti-worker, anti-environmental, anti-health and safety treaties.  The only, and I mean the ONLY, beneficiaries of these treaties is the corporations themselves and the suits in the suites.  Stockholders may benefit financially but will lose a tremendous amount of national protection and free will in their daily lives.

    We'll continue our look into the horrors that are being inflicted upon America in the next trivia issue.


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