Things Haven't Changed No Matter How Often "God Bless America" Is Sung

    Two weeks have passed now since the horrors of Sept. 11.  Time to reflect on the Hell that we witnessed and to plan the future that we, as a nation, find most honorable.  

    I read the paper and listen to the droning, unthinking talking heads on television and I wonder what is wrong with this nation?  I search for even one voice that might be heard that describes the place that America has created for itself in this world and the injustices and greed and thoughtless tragedies that this nation is responsible for in building that place.  I hear muted cries for wisdom and for reflection skillfully sandwiched between reports of the plans for war and death that this silly little administration is cobbling together.

    I read that this administration has suddenly grasped the idea that many terrorist organizations around the world have their finances invested in this nation and how they are so belatedly freezing those funds.  Those funds have been there for years, gentle readers.  They were not invested in the last two or three weeks, and any government with even the slightest clue about world affairs would have long ago impounded those accounts and used them to something worthwhile like paying down the debt or something very Republican like handing it over to the already wealthy in America like they do with any pennies not budgeted for the war industry or tax cuts for Corporate America.

    What we have learned so far today from our local papers and television shows is that this administration is as clueless and ham handed and any other in that they pretend that half measures such as freezing funds will have any result other than headlines.  It might also be pointed out that, even sans these funds, just how expensive were a few box cutters, knives, and airline tickets?

    On another front, we are witness to that vile little gnome who currently shames the office of U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, proposing to Congress that Americans give up another round of our hard won freedoms so that he and his ilk can more easily invade the privacy of any person that law enforcement "believes" may be planning a crime or abetting that person or has knowledge of that person or may be related to that person (which, in reality, includes every single person on Earth).

    Ashcroft is asking that "roving wiretaps" be authorized, a system by which individuals, rather than single communication devices such as phones or computers, be placed under electronic surveillance.  This authorization would be in addition to such already overtly unconstitutional measures such as the use of Carnivore, which allows law enforcement to intercept every single e-mail and web page request made by every single user of an Internet Provider's servers.

    Another provision that Ashcroft wants is the right to permanently detain suspected terrorists without trial or having to provide evidence or submitting the case for judicial review.  This unconstitutional proviso would be aimed at terrorists but could easily be used against any person at any time through the simple act of law enforcement lying in a claim that the case is a terrorism investigation.  Since the individual detained has no right to see the evidence against him or her and since the case will never see the inside of a courtroom, the government is asking for legislation that will allow law enforcement to effectively "disappear" any person on Earth with the same criminal intent that has been shown in Chile and Argentina and Columbia and so many other Third World dictatorships.

    What actions are Americans being asked to perform in the wake of both the attack and the subsequent mass exodus from the stock market by the gutless little morons who drove the stock market down to the levels ten or more years ago?  If you judge it by the business related channels on television and business sections in the newspaper and the like, it isn't to encourage Corporate America to retain labor in order to maximize the capital in the economy.  It isn't to encourage the government to spend more federal funds on infrastructure repairs which would inject more money into the economy.

    No, what the government is doing is sending tens of billions of your tax dollars into the pockets of the airlines and insurance companies and their stockholders to bail them out of the financial difficulties that they found themselves in both during the recession that the moron caused and the aftermath of Sept. 11.  They are sending your tax dollars to the government run airports that have seen a great decrease in flights again due to the sights seen around the world on Sept. 11.  

    How are the recipients of your tax dollars treating their employees during this economic downturn?  They're laying them off in masses, of course.  Not only that, the airlines are breaking the conditions of the employee's union contracts by refusing to pay guaranteed severance payments to anyone laid off.  In the case of Northwest Airlines, that's 10,000 Americans being thrown out into the street.  American Airlines are tossing out another 20,000.

    A few companies are behaving with some dignity, though.  US Airways as well as Boeing and Continental have informed their unions and employees that, since the problem isn't the fault of labor, they will honor all contractual obligations to laid off personnel.

    In an astounding turn of events, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and House Minority Leader Richard Gephaerdt (D-Mo.) have met with the moron and urged him to support financial assistance for aviation workers who are laid off.

    It goes without saying, of course, that Congressional Republicans are reportedly pushing the Corporate Welfare bail-out for the airlines while urgently fighting against any assistance for the workers.

    What other suggestions are we hearing from our economic leaders and financial experts both in government and the private sector?  Why, they're encouraging us all to go right out and put even more of our hard earned money into stocks.  Why?  Well, my guess would be because the value of the stocks that the various experts currently own have been pretty much zeroed out through the stupidity of this current little weenie administration.  If they can convince us to waste even more of our money by increasing the value of their portfolio then they can sell out at a profit and leave you holding even more worthless pieces of paper.

    The other suggestion that these quacks are offering is that all of us consumers need to go right out and spend, spend, spend!  By buying more and more crap, they claim, we will kick start the old economy and Nirvana will again be in sight.

    But, wait a minute.  Didn't the moron assure us that the economy was in splendid shape so the surplus should be used to give the wealthy a truly obscene tax cut?  Then when Wall Street realized just how stupid he really was and the sell off began and the economy went completely south, didn't this same little moron proclaim that the only answer to the problems that he had caused was to give a tax cut to the wealthy?  Then, when the tax cuts greased the downhill slide of the economy and it really went to Hell, wasn't it our own personal little dweeb who crowed about how wonderful it was that the surplus had completely disappeared because now there was no money to be "wasted" by Congress.  But as the economy soured even further, the moron's campaign promise to never touch Social Security or Medicare funds was quickly forgotten and excused away as a "promise that wasn't meant to be taken seriously".

    Now, these two funds are being raided with great glee in order to bail out industries that simply were too poorly managed and insured to meet any real catastrophes.  The insurance companies that are also crying for taxpayer bailouts were also quite obviously under funded for anything but everyday claims.  The end result of all of this treasury robberies will be, I guarantee, the invisible basis for even more whining about the privatization of both programs.  Of course, nothing will be mentioned about the fact that it was the collapse of the stock market that inflicted the first wound on the economy.  

    Nevertheless, the only answer to the problem of Corporate America's and this vile little group of idiots in the White House destruction of the economy is for business to lay off hundreds and thousands of real Americans and then tell them that any money they may have left over be sent immediately to the coffers of these same corporations.  Gee!  That sounds fair, doesn't it?

    So, gentle readers, what we see is just more of the same old corporate/government financial intercourse.  Corporate America whines and government showers them with your taxes and then fights to keep any of those funds from being offered to the real Americans, its workers.  Add that to the fact that gnomes like Ashcroft is desperate to take even more of your disappearing freedoms away as well as getting the legal okay to listen to every word you say or write.  Finally, we find that the government knew about funds invested in American institutes by alleged terrorists or others who have allegedly abetted terrorists.  Why these funds weren't impounded years ago will probably never be answered.

    Folks, even though thousands of Americans are dead due directly to the foreign policy failures of past and present administrations and even though the majority of the individuals who will be financially harmed will be America's workers, and even though Americans already have lost far too many freedoms in the lost cause of the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs, these Right Wing whackos want to take even more away.  

    Until this nation ceases listening to the insane voices in both of the major parties and regains its collective ability to think, we are all in mortal danger.  These corporately owned and operated slaves of Corporate America's only answer to every question is to throw more and more of your tax dollars at their masters while watching you and your neighbors fall farther and farther behind as the economy forces more and more families back below the poverty level.

    These disasters on Sept. 11 could truly bring this nation together, united for a future in which we finally fulfill our destiny of being the greatest nation on Earth.  Singing silly patriotic songs and waving some colored cloth is only a recipe for a future of fear and death both here and around the world.  If we can rise above our "leaders" we might create a decent and caring nation.  If not, then what we've witnessed in New York will be little noticed nor remembered as we are attacked over and over.


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