America's Recent History Doesn't Deserve Flag Waving

    Ever since I wrote the first message the day of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I have been the recipient of some truly mean and violent reactions.  Most have centered on the writer's deeply held hatred of the "rag heads" and "sand niggers" and they nearly all express the idea that there are no innocent people in any other nation if they're in any way related to those who the moron and his buddies designate as "terrorists".

    I've pretty much refrained from replying to folks like this.  Anyone so full of hate and so prone to violence against anyone different from themselves are seldom open to any form of discussion that isn't delivered by their friends in the B-2s.

    As a tribute to folks like this, I'd like to offer a wee litany of the evils and the murders that this "GREAT NATION" (their capitals) have committed.  In fact, I'll even offer the thought that this nation and many of its sad little leaders are guilty of high crimes against humanity and of violating many long standing international treaties and agreements.  The World Court should engage the U.N. to arrest and incarcerate Presidents such as that senile old Reagan as well as Daddy Bush and his mentally challenged love child with Dan Quayle, Bush Baby and, obviously, that master prevaricator Billy Boy Clinton.  Once these criminals are behind bars, then the court should go after these monster's assistants from Baker to Albright to McNamara and Henry Kissinger and all of the rest who inflicted hell on the innocents of the world in the grand dash to more and more profits for Corporate America.

    Let's begin with the horrors that we inflicted on the people of both North and South Vietnam.  The American military committed the murders of tens of thousands of civilians using the special forces and through the simple act of just napalming entire villages into charcoal.  We bombed any target available in North Vietnam, including schools and hospitals and factories.  We were, quite simply, an invading army, killing millions and destroying an entire nation in the process of protecting the profits or our war industry and the rest of Corporate America.

    Next up, we armed and supplied Pol Pot of Cambodia during his years of murdering every educated citizen or those suspected of having the ability to think for themselves.  We happily poured millions and millions of dollars into propping up his evil and destructive regime, stopping only when the world began to condemn this horrendous massacre.

    We invaded another country whose leader we had happily propped up for years and with millions of dollars.  We even allowed him to make his nation a central distribution point for cocaine and marijuana entering the United States.  When this silly little acne scarred gnome, one M. Noriega, became another embarrassment to America, we proceeded to invade Panama with the stated intention of kidnapping the leader of a sovereign nation and drag him back to a foreign court to try him for crimes that do not exist in his nation.  In the process, we murdered 5,000 citizens of Panama in a section of the capitol city where we knew Noriega was not hiding but where the people were nationalists and were demanding that the U.S. get out of Panama.  In other words, our insipid little occupant of the White House at that time, the daddy to the current moron, invaded another country on the pretense of arresting a drug dealer we had known about and actively abetted for decades in order to try him for crimes we helped him commit and, just as a happy by-product, rid that nation of 5,000 little problem children we didn't much care for.

    Let's remember the small island of Granada.  The senile B actor that was infecting the Oval Office at the time had just been directly responsible for the deaths of some 250 or so American Marines in Beirut, Lebanon and he was justly feeling the eyes of the nation on him for his grand display of stupidity.  His answer was to distract the rather slothful citizens of America by attacking this island nation on the pretext of removing the Cuban engineers and laborers.  The horrible crimes that these civilian Cuban workers had committed?  Why, they were building a much needed expansion of the airport which would vastly increase the number of tourists and tourist dollars entering Granada's economy.  Reagan proclaimed that the airport was meant to aid some vaporous "Communists" to invade some imaginary country somewhere.  In order to protect the "Free World", he sent in ten thousand military men and women to "liberate" the island.  When the shooting was over, two things were quickly realized.  First, the 120 Cubans were armed with rifles and pistols at best and were awfully easy to run over with the weaponry of an entire fleet of ships and planes and thousands of infantry and support personnel.  Second, of the thirty-some casualties that our forces suffered, twenty of them died from friendly fire from poorly aimed naval bombardments and bombs dropped from the sky by their own air forces.  The airport was, as planned, completely destroyed and the island of Granada is still hobbled by the lack of access for the tourists that now do not come and spend their dollars.

    Going back to those 250 some dead Marines, let's remember that they had invaded Lebanon at the order of that same senile old fool but, at his direct order, were not allowed to carry ammunition for their weapons.  Also, let us not forget that, while these poor souls sat defenseless in a compound in the middle of an enemy nation, that the USS Arizona sat off the coast lobbing shells rather haphazardly into the city of Beirut, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and destroying schools and hospitals and the like because those shells could not be aimed with any degree of accuracy.  And then we were aghast at the idea that these invading Marines were murdered using the most low tech of weapons; a truck full of explosives driven past the unarmed and defenseless guards and right into the very building where these poor souls were such sitting ducks?  Did it surprise anyone other than the idiots on the White House and Pentagon?

    That most heinous of war criminals, Henry Kissinger, was responsible for one of the longer episodes of institutionalized murder, violence, and genocide when he convinced President Nixon to direct the CIA to assist and arm the overthrow of a duly elected government in Indonesia and replace it with the murderous regime of Suharto.  Naturally, for this evil little creature to maintain power, it was necessary to kill President Sukarno, the nation's leader who had led the offensive against the Japanese and established a free and independent nation.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent Indonesians were tortured and murdered over the ensuing decades.  

    Kissinger was also responsible for giving Suharto the freedom to invade East Timor, the neighboring free and independent nation that had the audacity to have oil, mineral, and cheap labor that it didn't want to share with Corporate America.  That invasion has also caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings and has continued through the independence movement of the mid nineties when Suharto's military went into East Timor disguised as pro-Indonesian rebels and murdered thousands of women and children in their homes.

    How about our government's decision to have the CIA, again at the behest of that weasely little war criminal Henry Kissinger, overthrow the democratically elected government of Chile and installed Augusto Pinochet, the architect of the "disappearance" of thousands of students and activists.  Even when Chile tried to return Pinochet to stand trial for his massive crimes against his own people, the U.S. constantly interfered and bullied every nation that dared to stand along side the government of Chile.

    How about Nicaragua, where we armed and supported the dirtiest and most vile bunch of villains in that nation?  We were supporting them because, in the decade before, these murderers had been ousted in a free and open democratic election and replaced, at the will of the people, with a Marxist oriented government which we didn't care for.  We allowed these so-called "Freedom Fighters" (the senile old fool's name for these simple criminals) to import hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine into this nation and then protected their distribution systems within America.  When these "Freedom Fighters" found themselves out of funds due to an act of Congress which had grown tired of the nightly litany of their murders of bridal parties and Catholic nuns and priests and the fact that these "fighters" refused to actively confront the nation's military, the senile old fool allowed his minions to sell advanced military equipment and parts to another terrorist nation, Iran, and then used the proceeds of those illegal sales to continue to fund these miserable little cowards and drug lords.  How many hundreds of thousands of innocents have died due to the use of these purloined weapons is anybody's guess.

    How about the fact that we continue to arm a nation that uses advanced weapons to kill kids who are throwing rocks?  How about the fact that this nation, Israel, uses weapons, that by agreement with the surrounding Arab nations, we sell solely as defensive systems, to destroy entire towns as revenge for the suicide attacks on its citizens carried out by another people who have every right to despise both Israel and the U.S.  

    In fact, how about the fact that Israel, itself, was once just a bunch of terrorists who murdered the wives and children of the British officers when they blew up the King David Hotel where they were quartered?  Those same terrorists eventually became Israel's first government, a government also supplied and armed and equipped by the United States.

    Folks, I haven't included the millions of the Native Americans that we engaged in an active genocide against nor the Africans that we enslaved nor the dozens and dozens of other nations we invaded and whose people we gleefully murdered in the name of protecting what we decree is our "national interests".  For America to wrap itself in the flag and declare ourselves the world's greatest nation only exposes our complete lack of understanding of the word "great".  Enslaving people isn't the mark of a great nation nor is supporting the evil leaders of nations that possess oil or minerals or labor markets in order to create the maximum profits for the weasels in Corporate America.  A great nation isn't one that goes to war and murders hundreds of thousands of civilians and then lies to its own people about the violence and destruction that was caused.

    If America is ever to attain the stature of a "GREAT NATION", it must do so by using its wealth and its resources to make the world a better, less dangerous place for every single human being we share this planet with.  For America to ever attain that stature, we must use our wealth of educational opportunities to bring the sciences and health care and all of the other answers to the needs that the vast majority of this world so lacks.  For this nation to ever be great, we must remove the greed and selfishness and overblown ego that we have allowed to become our countenance before the world. 

    We must acknowledge that the silly little lines we draw on paper to separate one nation from another does so splendidly and with horrendous consequences.  We must erase those lines and come before the world as we truly are, citizens of this planet.  We must recognize the reality that Americans and Greeks and Australians and all of the other arbitrary and historically temporary names we give ourselves only creates a massive disunity in the world.  We all are just passengers on this planet, folks, and the reality is that we are all in this together and not one of us will ever get out of it alive.  For this nation to be great, we must show the world that we can be as generous as we are now selfish.  For America to ever be great, we must show the world that we can be as inclusive as we are now divisive.

    For those feeble minded people who can only wrap themselves in colored cloth while singing egotistical anthems to an invisible and thoughtless symbol, I can only say that, if America is ever to be great, it will be in spite of people like you.  If America is ever to be great, it will be because you and your childish inability to see reality has become as irrelevant as you are.  Sweet God, but I look forward to that day.


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