The Transfer of Wealth From the Poor to the Rich

    My oh my! The moron is at it again.

    First, the little dweeb told America that there was so much money in the federal surplus that the nation could afford a tax cut for the wealthy and Corporate America and it could be done without ever stealing a penny from either Social Security or Medicare.

    When Wall Street finally noticed who had stolen the Oval Office, the stock market took a tremendous dump, negating nearly any hope for a surplus during the four long years that the little thief would occupy that important position. Suddenly, the little liar began trying to explain how taking the federal budget back into debt was a good thing and that the answer to the damages that he had caused with his talk of tax cuts for the wealthy was more tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Now, when terrorists have been able to show the world just how useless and frightened this little moron truly is and when the wealthy show the world their true colors (actually just one color - yellow) by driving the stock market even further into the ground, what is his answer? Why, more tax cuts for the wealthy.

    This time he wants to cut the capital gains tax once again.

    Gentle readers, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot see how making the wealthy wealthier will have any effect on anyone's income except the rich. By cutting this tax, the only result will be that the wealthy will pay less tax on the profits that they accrue through the buying and selling of stock. It has never been the case that a corporation hires people or spends more R&D money because their stock is being bought and sold. Only those who are rich enough to gamble on Wall Street will benefit from this insanity.

    What is desperately needed to right this economy is another public works program styled on those that Roosevelt created that took America and the world out of the Depression. In the entire 20th Century, cutting taxes has never been a remedy for an ailing economy, only massive infusions of cash through spending programs.

    Instead of giving another $60 billion of your money to the wealthy, America should those massive funds to hire Americans to repair and build new highways and bridges and modernize the rest of the crumbling national infrastructure. The money should go to repairing the nation's school and public hospitals. The government should hire the unemployed to build new affordable housing projects in and around the cities of America.

    Frankly, the money should be injected into the nation's economy in such a way that the nation benefits in the long term rather than the wealthy in the short term.

    If Bush Baby is so intent on helping the economy through tax cuts, then target those cuts directly towards the poor and the middle-class. Cut the payroll taxes to zero for some specific timeframe. This will put the money directly into the pockets of those who will most assuredly return it to the economy through purchases of products without accruing further debt. Any purpose that the poor and the middle-class find for these tax cuts will result in a sudden and massive movement of wealth from the workers back into the same system that employs them. The increased purchasing power will create jobs throughout the economic chain from the producer of the goods to those who transport those goods to those who sell and maintain those goods.

    I urge you in the strongest terms to write to your representatives demanding that any future tax cuts be targeted directly at those for whom taxes are the most painful and for whom a reduction, even a temporary one, will be the most welcome. Tell them that any further cuts that benefit mostly those who need it the least will expose them as servants of the rich rather than the representatives of the American people that they claim to be.

    Then, when the next election rolls around, remind them that their actions will reflect on how you vote and, above all, remind them that you do, indeed, vote. Speak to your neighbors and your co-workers. Write to your local papers and express your dismay at the insanity of making the rich richer at the expense of the poor and middle-class. Tell them that the only acceptable tax reductions are those directly affecting those who need it and deserve it the most. Then make very certain that you both vote for the candidate that reflects your values regardless of party affiliation and that you inform the eventual winner of who you voted for and why. It may take many years to regain control of our government but absolutely nothing worthwhile is ever easy. ( 1 )

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Copyright 11/18/01