Wall Street & Corporate America's Economic Insults

    The Corporately owned government that the American people have allowed to come into being has shown how vile and low it can go on a pretty much regular basis. The fact that Corporate America and the wealthy care little if at all about the good of this nation and its people has been exposed in a very dramatic manner lately, as well.

    The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center resulted in the New York Stock Exchange being unable to conduct business for a week. During that time, no one could sell or buy a stock anywhere in the United States. As the day of reopening grew near, the government and corporate mouthpieces urged Americans to show their patriotism and resolve by going back to business as usual. The most important act, they proclaimed, that would express that resolve would be to get back to trading stocks on the market so that the world would see that Americans retained trust in their institutions.

    Well, aside from the ludicrousness of that insistence, the wealthy and Corporate America's financial arms showed just how patriotic they were by entering into a selling frenzy that left the market on the opening day's end down 684.81 points from Sept. 10. That's a 7% drop in the value of the stock market in just one day. By Friday of that week, the market had fallen a combined 14.3%, the worst reaction by the wealthy since they caused the Great Depression.

    Even that imbecilic harbinger of doom, the occupant of the White House Bush, could only frighten the market further by his insane and surreal speech that Thursday night.

    Granted, the market had been diving ever since the moron took the oath of office and explained his plan for giving away the surplus and then increasing defense spending. Wall Street was fooled once by another halfwit who tricked the country into accepting his impossible "trickle down theory of economics" - a.k.a. voodoo economics - and we all remember what color the trickle was by the time it got to the majority of Americans.

    The suits in the suites showed their true colors, as well, by laying off hundreds of thousands of America's workers. Naturally, these same vile little Gucci clad gnomes will give themselves tens of millions of dollars as a bonus for cutting costs. These mean spirited policies, as they always do, began America's latest cycle of layoffs causing more Americans to fall behind in their debts and putting off any unnecessary purchases which decreased the need for production which resulted in more layoffs and on and on.

    It apparently never enters the scabrous little minds of these overpaid and totally uncaring clowns that, instead of laying off the very employees that are responsible for the creation of goods and services, they might consider laying off a couple hundred overpaid desk jockeys, instead. In as much as the average executive is paid approximately 100 times more than the average worker, it would take very few of these pasty white mid-level managers going bye-bye to total the same savings as laying off real human beings.

    America has seen the low regard that the wealthy and Corporate America has for this nation and its people. Between crying about paying their fair share of the nation's expenses through taxes and their cowardly rush to cash in on the monetary rewards of living in America, we have seen that they are basically less than animals in their actions.

    Even the smallest animal will try to defend its home and its family from attack, oft times giving up its life in that defense. The wealthy and Corporate America has shown themselves to be far less courageous and steadfast in their defense of America when money is concerned.

    How, one might ask, has Corporate America since found to express its patriotism? Why, by trying to use the death of 5,000 Americans as an excuse to urge people to buy their cars or their appliances or whatever. Never did they consider setting aside a portion of their already obscene profits to ease the financial burdens of those suddenly without a means to earn an income. Never once did they consider showing their support for the American people by greatly reducing the costs of their products. The only possible reaction that Corporate America is capable of is to use the nation's greatest tragedy in recent history to sell more of their products.

    Folks, on so many levels, this is a sad and depressing country.

    Oh, and by the by. All of you who still maintain that it makes any sense whatsoever to force Americans to invest their retirement funds in the stock market through the Social Security system, please leave the room. We have absolutely no use for you anymore.

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Copyright 11/18/01