Question After Question After Question ...

    The most amazing thing about the events following September 11 is the fact that nobody is talking about the specific issues. Instead, all the conservative media and the uneducated public is capable of doing is to pound the war drums and fly their colored cloth from their car's antennas. No one seems strong enough to pull aside the moron's magic curtains and take note of the reality hidden there.

    As long as we're on the subject of conservatives, when are old fat Limbaugh and Hatch and all the other loud mouths that are so hot to send our children off to die in another backwater country going to offer their pasty white butts to the war?

    In fact, couldn't we just drop Limbaugh from a high altitude over just about any of Afghanistan's rubble filled towns? Don't you think that just seeing the brown carnage that would result would cause the Taliban to run for their caves in fear of being covered with even more of Limbaugh's endless supply of bullshit?

    Isn't it just so sweetly ironic that, amidst all the shouting for war and killing and patriotism and all that garbage, that the armed services has actually seen a decrease in the number of new recruits these last two months?

    Why doesn't anyone find it interesting that the bombing of Afghanistan has, at a minimum, killed over a hundred innocent civilians (and counting) including UN workers and relief workers from a number of private agencies?

    Haven't foreign reporters claimed that civilian hospitals and schools have been destroyed?  In fact, haven't the pictures of this devastation been widely shown in every nation but ours?  (The answer to that, by the by, is "YES!!!!!!")

    And, for that matter, why is it okay for our military to blow up UN and relief workers in our bizarre little war but it's not okay for "terrorists" to blow up our buildings and our citizens?

    Since our military refuses to acknowledge the deaths of these innocents, will we have to wait six or seven years for the truth as we did after Daddy Bush's little Iraqi massacre?

    Why aren't we hearing about the daily attacks on the cities and on the public works facilities?

    The "allied forces" destroyed the Iraqi water purification and sewage treatment plants as well as power grids during the Gulf War. Will we see a repeat, ten years later; of 5,000 children dying every month due to America's refusal to lift the next generation of sanctions?

    Will the moron and his band of electoral thieves behave any more humanely than Daddy Bush and that nasty little Clinton did in ignoring the gore and anguish of the civilian victims?

    What if we never find Osama bin Laden?

    If we don't, will we continue the destruction of Afghanistan until some point in the future when we just run out of weapons of mass destruction?

    If so, will we thus create an entirely new generation of what our government and the conservative media will call "terrorists" but who will be nothing more than men and women sick unto death of this nation's gleeful murders of the world's least protected?

    If we never find a body to display on CNN, will we eventually tire of moving the rubble around in Afghanistan and declare ourselves the winners?

    Will we find ourselves in the same situation as in Iraq in which we blow up something and someone every single day while the conservative media just ignores the hell we inflict upon the innocent?

    Why is the government falling all over itself in the process of handing over as many billions of your tax dollars that they can cart away to the bottomless pit of Corporate America and the already wealthy?

    Why are we giving up our hard earned money to these dirty little suits in the suites while these same corporations are laying off tens and, by now, probably hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans?

    Why hasn't the money been conditioned on the job losses coming from the executive level before any losses are allowed from the people that actually do the work?

    In fact, why isn't the money given as a loan to these corporations with the codicil that we will agree to forgive the payments as long as the workers remain employed and no decreases in wages or benefits are attempted?

    Why are the survivors and the families of the dead being forced into accepting charity from rock stars instead of having the government providing the financial and emotional support so desperately needed?

    Why must these actual Americans go begging when the slime in the corporate suites suck up money they have neither earned nor deserve and from which they will pay themselves millions in bonuses at the end of the year?

    What right does the airline industry have to take even one penny of your taxes when the blame for these horrors can be laid directly at their feet?

    Now that the idiots in the Republican and Democratic parties have seen the disastrous results of their sick drive to privatize all government jobs in the ease with which the terrorists passed through airport security, can you guess the Republican attitude toward making the security personnel federal employees? According to Speaker of the House Hassert, "We don't want to make a gift of these jobs for the unions." That's right, ladies and gents, the Rabid Right is more concerned about security employees at airports suddenly possessing the right to join unions than they are with any aspect of your safety.

    Now, aren't we all glad that we have such vile little creatures tainting our government?

    Has anyone considered giving Clinton's Secretary of State Madeline Albright a tour of the rubble in New York and Washington, D.C.?

    Do you think that witnessing first hand the devastation that such an evil policy caused might loosen her tongue on how the death of thousands of Iraqi children every single month since 1991 can be considered an acceptable result of our mean spirited sanctions on that nation?

    Perhaps she would be so kind as to explain the exact difference between our state sponsored mass murders of innocent Iraqi children and the 5,000 to 6,000 American deaths in the twin towers?

    To show the depth of that belief, perhaps she could visit every single family of the victims and defend that ghastly answer one family at a time?

    Speaking of pompous government flunkies, why hasn't the cowardly retreat of the little moron been covered a bit more?

    Why aren't we discussing the absurd cover story that Air Force One was a target so this little milksop ran from secure airbase to the next secure airbase, being too frightened to show his face publicly for hours after the attack?

    Why has it never been explained, though, exactly how Air Force One could be targeted while in flight and by whom? Maybe they were afraid that one of the hundreds of Stinger missiles that Reagan gave to the Taliban might be aimed at them?

    Also, what weapons could be used while the plane was, as it always is, surrounded by the military's fastest and most well armed fighters?

    Doesn't anyone find it interesting that, once the danger had passed, the little moron suddenly pretended to have a backbone and began mouthing the words his owners tell him to say?

    How about the fact that the unthinking and mindless public abruptly forgot that he stole the office of the presidency and calmly accepted the lie that he, too, had suddenly become an actual human being?

    How about the wee question of, if any of this had occurred while Clinton legally sat in the Oval Office, wouldn't there already be twenty or more Congressional committees meeting to find some way to lay the blame on him and spending tens of millions of dollars while failing to do so?

    Exactly why should America stand behind this little thief and his henchmen who allowed this entire horror to happen on their watch?

    Why haven't we seen this administration being reamed every single day in the conservative media for the 5,000 dead Americans?

    Wasn't the conservative media just enthralled with Clinton when his only sin was putting his peter where the Rabid Right couldn't get to it?

    Why is America infected with such silly and bankrupt people like Ronald Reagan's speechwriter, Peggy Noonan? What possible purpose could God have had when he allowed someone as sick and twisted as her to taint America's consciousness? Here, in her very own words, is her latest pollution, "I find myself thinking in mystical terms of President Bush's speech to Congress and the country, and I know from conversations with many people that I am not alone. It seemed to me a God-touched moment and a God-touched speech." She even found the gall to proclaim that "God is back. He's bursting out all over. It's a beautiful thing to see." The exact moment that God began "bursting out all over" wasn't explained. Was it when the terrorists were able to take over the airplanes or the moment that the planes crashed into the towers or maybe when the towers began to buckle under the stresses and heat or at any other instant when the event was unfolding? If God had any hand in allowing the attack, then why be so mindlessly happy at all? God either allowed it all to happen or else God could care less for man's absurd day to day greed and hatred in his name. It has to be one or the other. Either way, of course, Noonan is still just an irrelevant twit.

    Why hasn't New York's Mayor been taken to task for spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort to get the stock market back on line while completely ignoring the hundreds of small business owners that were forced from their shops and whose income dropped to nothing?

    Where was the moron's administration while these real Americans were watching their life's work falling by the wayside?

    Where are these selfish little gnomes now, six weeks later, while the shock of losing everything is still a daily burden for these thousands of actual human beings?

    Why wasn't the fact that the New York Mayor barred any food being delivered anywhere in the blast area except to the workers for several days?

    Are you aware that nearly 15,000 house-bound Americans were left to suffer without food or medical attention through the Mayor's actions and the administration's inaction?

    Who has spoken of these 15,000 AIDS patients and elderly Americans who depend on organizations like Meals on Wheels for their daily food?

    Who has apologized that even nursing care was strictly prohibited from entering the area for nearly three days?

    Does the world know that even a recent liver transplant patient was refused needed medical attention for that time?

    Why are the workers who are clearing away the rubble and the tens of thousands of citizens of New York who have been exposed to the dust and dirt not being tested for the many toxic chemicals that may well be present?

    Why did the government test only for asbestos and lead but did not test for the dioxins and the multitude of other toxic chemicals certain to be present both in the building's material as well as the jetliner's components and its jet fuel?

    Will we just have to wait a few decades to silently bear witness to the agonizing deaths of these brave and hard working souls as well as the innocent local shopkeepers and residents?

    Will there even be any effort made to follow the health conditions of these people or will they, like every other group that the government gleefully ignores once the cameras and the reporters go back into their vans, just be allowed to die out over time?

    What about the children yet to be born to these poisoned souls?

    Why has the conservative media refused to acknowledge the real reasons for these horrors?

    Why do they rant on and on, constantly repeating lies from the government without acknowledging the mass murders we are directly responsible for in Iraq and Sudan?

    When are we going to renounce the silly little government line of "The terrorists hate us because they hate liberty"?

    When are we going to understand the irrelevancy of people like Mortimer B. Zuckerman, who proclaimed "What fuels the extremist's rage at America is not just our policies and presence in the Middle East; it is a hatred of freedom"? " Getting the mayor's message", Mortimer B. Zuckerman, U.S. News & World Report, pg. 60, Oct. 29 2001.

    Why isn't the question asked, "If we ceased our sick obsession with oil, would we have any reason to be in the Middle East?"

    When is America going to face the loathing that we have created in the hearts of the millions of people on this earth whom we have so gleefully injured or killed in order that our greedy and selfish life styles can continue unabated?

    When will we ask forgiveness for the people that Corporate America has happily injured or killed in their sick and insane drive for more and more profits at any cost?

    Why is the little moron considering another tax break for the wealthy at a time when the middle class and the poor need the relief?

    Why, in particular, is the long discredited notion of once again cutting the capital gains tax even being discussed when more than 80% of those tax cuts benefits only the top 2% of the wealthy?

    Why can't the American people open their sewage filled minds and realize that cutting capital gains will result in a zero increase of income being spent since the vast majority of the capital gains are related only to the buying and selling of pieces of paper on Wall Street?

    Why isn't an across the board payroll tax being created, a cut that will mean massive infusions of disposable income going towards the purchase of items that will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs?

    Why has the idea of participatory democracy yielded to the lockstep lunacy of absolute obedience to the moron and his handler's schemes to destroy the little in America worth being proud of?

    Even though the Democrats have repeatedly proven that they are completely useless when it comes to forcing the national debate towards any sense of decency, why are Democrats allowing the moron to gain powers that are far beyond unconstitutional and that will remove an American's rights to free speech and to privacy?

    Why, in fact, has the Democratic Party only been able to produce just one actual liberal/progressive and independent thinker in Rep. Barbara Lee?

    Why haven't the American people seen that anything called the "Office of Homeland Security" is just the first of a very few steps that are left between America and the revival of Nazi Germany right here in America?

    Has anyone noticed that the Rabid Right's success in turning America's clock back to the good old days of slavery and Jim Crow and segregation and loyalty oaths and commie-baiting and liberal hating and spying on America's citizens and all of the other evils that we, as a nation, thought were far behind us?

    Will America discover all that it has lost and is in the process of losing before it's too late?

    Was it too late in December of 2000?

    How can CNN and other news outlets show, this evening (11/29/01), Rumsfield blathering on about how the hundreds of civilian casualties due to our massive bombing campaign are not our fault but, somehow, the fault of Osama bin Laden and the Taliban?

    How can any legitimate news reporter allow him to decry the 5,000 dead Americans as the reason that these innocents were being murdered?

    How, in other words, can any decent, intelligent reporter allow such garbage to be aired without question?

    How can our murderous and unthinking "leaders" proclaim that the deaths of Americans is so important and immoral that we can then happily engage in the murder of hundreds of civilians in Afghanistan?

    How, exactly, can the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and Sudanese workers be so forgettable that we cannot understand how it justifies, in the minds of the parents and survivors, the attacks on our citizens?

    As a wee addendum to the list, just how far down into the filth will we allow this moron and his intelligence-starved and morally bankrupt little gang drag this nation? 

    At what point did this nation decide that it was acceptable to discuss tolerating secret evidence and long term incarceration without charges? 

    Worse by far, why are we allowing scum like this to float the idea that this nation would ever stoop to torturing any suspect at any time?

    What, pray tell, will happen to Afghanistan when the Taliban return to their roots as guerillas and the ten gazillion different tribes and gangs and mobs of hooligans that make up our good buddies the Northern Alliance start blowing each other up all over again?

    Want to bet we'll just quietly take our toys and go home, leaving the millions of innocent civilians we failed to murder with our "stupid" weapons to die a long death from starvation?

    People!  Why are these dirty little creatures infecting the highest office in the land?

    These are just a few of the uncountable questions that are not being asked or discussed in this time of fear and hatred and vengeance. As you go through your daily lives, look around you and wonder to yourself how many have even the most ethereal vision of the world they live in. Understand the depressing reality that these people, as unconcerned as they are about facts and history, will elect the next moron and the next moron. Understand as well, these people can actually justify the murders of innocents in Afghanistan as well as blind themselves from the fact that the nation is being run by an unelected and unelectable group of Nazis and halfwits. We are in the deepest of feces, folks.

    Sadly, are you even aware that the wish list of Constitution negating laws that the little Nazi who is infecting the office of Attorney General has been quietly passed? Now, you will never be aware of what freedoms you no longer have since the government now has the right to quietly censor the small amount of factual news you now receive. Do you realize that the simple act of writing these articles will be considered "seditious" and I will stand to forfeit my very freedom for an indefinite period while incarcerated without any legal recourse or legal representation, simply for stating the obvious in hopes that the ignorant might overhear?

    It is in times such as these that the words of Ben Franklin ring most true. When creatures like Ashcroft can state that they want to take away your freedoms in order to give you the appearance of safety, remember this; "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."


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