It's Astonishing That We're Not More Astonished

    Just a few thoughts on what is being "reported" these days. Consider the insanity that passes for reality these days.

    In something of an amazing twist organized labor has joined Republicans in proclaiming their opposition to federalizing airport security personnel. Aside from the irony of unions having anything in common with any Republicans, exactly what part of enabling Americans who fly to feel safer and more secure isn't something to strive for? Any observant person can easily note that every single instance in which important positions and industries have been allowed to degrade into the control of private, profit hungry corporations has resulted in a massive decrease in service and reliability. As such, how can organized labor not be pushing with all of its might to return the safety of our airports and passengers to well trained and well paid federal positions? We know that the Republican Party hates the idea of an empowered workforce. That's a given. Why unions have so disgraced themselves as to be in any way associated with Right Wing desires, though, is astounding. ( 1 )

    On Oct. 31, the American people were presented with the astounding news that the administration has, once again, issued a vague statement that another terrorist attack was expected. The report offered absolutely no information as to where or when or in what form the attacks were to come. In fact, the entire nation was supposedly the target, making it very difficult for any law enforcement personnel to prepare to defend their regions.

    Here's my take on the affair. Polls around the world are exposing the constant erosion of support for the moron's little civilian massacre. In Great Britain, Bush's little boot kisser Tony Blair is trying to maintain the war by proclaiming that the Western governments have a "flood" of evidence against bin Laden, although nothing concrete was offered as proof of that evidence. Everywhere, people are becoming more and more disgusted with the reports of the deaths and damages to innocent Afghans and Red Cross and relief agency employees. America is beginning to wake up to the reality that inflicting even more terrorism against innocent human beings cannot beat terrorism. Even if we invade Afghanistan, we will only be sacrificing our children on the altar of the moron's stupid and useless little war. Osama bin Laden has not been found and will probably never be found.

    If the moron wants to continue moving the rubble around in his pretense of a thoughtful reaction to terrorism, then he and his little band of dictatorial canaille will have to keep stocking the fires of fear. Whether or not any of it is true, of course, hasn't been an obstacle to anything he's done so far. The reality, in my view, is that the warnings are just more lies from known liars. He and his owners don't want their little war to just run out of steam like his daddy's did so they just keep creating false alarms, knowing the conservative media is too lazy to ever ask anything resembling an intelligent question about the whole conspiracy. ( 2 & 3 )

    The end result of our savage and terrorist-like attacks on the Afghan people has, as was expected, become an outrage that is creating an even greater number of terrorists. Thousands of men and women are arming themselves and preparing to join the Taliban forces should the United States take the absurd step of placing ground forces into the nation. Bush's war is only resulting in the recruitment of thousands and thousands of new terrorists for bin Laden's group as well as Hezbollah and every other terrorist organization on Earth.

    At some point, the people in America must realize that hatred within terrorists do not grow in barren soil. Our foreign policies and our sick dependence on oil has created a fertile and prolific field for the generations of people who will happily offer up their lives in order to wreak vengeance on this nation. We will pay for the moron's little travesty for many years to come. The horrors will be one more nasty little gift to our children that will accompany the filth in our air and water and soil as well as the complete absence of any hint of honesty in our government. I doubt that there will be any rejoicing at our thoughtlessness.

    If we needed any further proof that this administration has absolutely no desire to assist any real American in their rush to give the wealthy and Corporate America bigger and bigger, completely unnecessary and harmful tax cuts, consider this. Bush baby is threatening to veto any stimulus legislation that includes any Democratic provisions that offers subsidized health care provisions for the unemployed. In fact, to express just exactly how completely owned by Corporate America and the wealthy this administration is, a spokesman tried to defend that veto threat by claiming that these provisions would become "open-ended entitlements" that could damage the economy. How anything can further damage this economy wasn't explained. Also left unasked was the question of why this administration wanted to pass of even more tax cuts for the wealthy through a capital gains tax cut will somehow benefit the economy but assisting actual human beings whom the moron's policies have left jobless will damage it.

    The hypocrisy of the conservative media stood out for all to see in an article regarding Democrat Russell Feingold. The media has spent days on end writing abusive and aggressive stories belittling California Rep. Barbara Lee's lone vote against giving the moron and his administration absolute power to wage "war" on terrorism. When Feingold cast the lone Senate vote against the Constitution smashing (I love this name) "USA Patriot Act", he has been lauded and honored for his bravery. The Waukesha Freeman, a Republican biased newspaper in Milwaukee, even went sofar as to declare "Whether you agree with him or not, Feingold deserves praise for taking on this tough cause when nobody else would."

    Gentle readers, if Rep. Lee's lone vote was such a unpatriotic act that she should be attacked and demeaned, why was Feingold's vote something to be praised? Could it be that Rep. Lee is a woman? Could it be that Feingold was one of the weaker human beings when he was the lone Democrat on the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution that voted for the nomination of that evil character John Ashcroft? Either way, both should be respected for their acts against the insane rush towards the overthrow of the Constitution and the beginning of Nazi America. Having done anything that allowed the nation to be infected with Ashcroft, though, Feingold has a long road back to any hope for the respect of the majority of thinking Americans.

    Oh, and returning to the topic of the moron's owners and his glee in stealing your money and giving it to the wealthy, do you remember the pretense that he made about caring for the poor in his energy bill? Wade Horn, assistant secretary in the Dept. of Health and Human Services, has stated that the $300 million that was to have already been distributed to the poor to help pay the absurd energy bills will be released, "As circumstances warrant..."

    Understand, if you will, that already nationwide the number of households receiving the assistance rose by 30% from 3.8 million to nearly 5 million. With the sharp increase in layoffs and increasing unemployment caused by both the terrorist attacks as well as the moron's ineffective economic policies, that number is expected to rise to at least 6 million Americans that need assistance with the outrageous energy costs this winter.

    This administration can't shovel money into their owner's bottomless pit fast enough but, should honest to god human beings need assistance to stay warm in their home then the only answer they have is to refuse to offer even the funds that are already available. You can rest assured that any effort from Congress to reauthorize those funds for the next budget will receive an extremely cold welcome from the selfish and hateful people who stole this government last year.

    Finally, even the public is past any hope. A fellow from Los Angeles wrote to the LA Times with his humble suggestion about how to protect America from the threat of nuclear terrorism coming to our shores. He advises that the best way to stop any terrorist from bringing a nuclear bomb into America is to return to our Cold War policy. He wants America to announce that we will send hundreds of our nuclear missiles off into the heavens and completely destroy any nation even suspected of being a part of any such plot. Somehow, this idiot actually believes that the murder of millions of innocent human beings here can be answered by the murder of millions of innocent human beings somewhere else. Folks, this imbecile represents everything that is vile and dirty about America in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. What is sad is that there were probably thousands of ignorant people nodding their empty heads in agreement over their coffee and toast.  Sadder still, they weren't all Republicans.

    If you've peeked at the linked page in which I offer the resources for the facts and quotes above, then you've noticed that every single subject we've discussed came from the same issue of the LA Times. I guess you can tell that it really is pretty easy for me to find things to become incensed about. Folks, considering the evil that is America these days, what surprises me isn't the fact that I can get so angry and concerned so easily but that everyone else doesn't get mad and irate as well.

    This nation is quickly becoming a very nasty place to live. Our freedoms are disappearing and no one seems to care. Our military is gleefully murdering hundreds if not thousands of innocent Afghans and all people can do is fly their stupid flags and mouth their inane songs. How anyone cannot be enraged at the hell that we are sliding into is the only question worth asking. Sadly, the answer will probably never be uttered since it would interrupt their cozy little lives to even consider the questions. Sigh!


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