Topps Bubblegum Blows It Big-Time

    Okay, I've now witnessed the depths that Corporate America will stoop for a buck.

    Topps, the bubblegum and trading card maker, has produced the sickest set of cards imaginable.  Called the "Enduring Freedom Picture Cards" this foul collection glorifies the stupid little war that the moron started in Afghanistan.  The corporation proclaims, "A NEW SERIES DOCUMENTING AMERICA'S GREATEST CHALLENGE.  This high-gloss 90-card set contains biographical information on the civilian and military leaders entrusted to guide us through this fight, statistical data and photos of military hardware.

    Kids need to understand that the President (and his team) will keep them safe and that evil-doers will be punished. Our cards deliver the details in a medium with which they are familiar and comfortable."

    I don't know about you, but I most assuredly do not want my child getting his views on war and murder and destruction from some damn bubblegum manufacturer.  I particularly do not want my children to believe, even for a moment, that the bozos that infect our highest offices will not and cannot keep them safe so long as they continue their policies of greed and genocide.

    The page continues its insane justification, "ALL THIS SET SHOULD BE … AND NOTHING THAT IT SHOULDN'T ENDURING FREEDOM PICTURE CARDS presents the New War on Terrorism in a format that children understand. Not included are the disturbing images shown repeatedly on national newscasts. Instead, Topps has chosen to focus on America's strengths -its elected leaders, the security of its military, its worldwide support…and the courage and unity of its people.

    The mere fact that these bozos can claim to focus on our "elected leaders" shows just how deeply it happily sinks into the Rabid Right's little fantasy world.  The silliness of claiming "worldwide support" shows just how blind these patriotic fanatics can be since it is only the conservative media in America that pretends that billions of this planet's passengers do not support our useless and endless massacre of Afghanistan's civilians.  The reality is that the only support that the moron has received is from those governments that he used your tax dollars to buy and not, most assuredly, from the peoples of those nations.

    These "disturbing images" must be displayed until every American finally acknowledges that, as horrific and evil as the attacks were, this nation's actions seldom fall below the same level of revulsion.  Only when America concedes that the world does not owe us oil or cheap labor or anything else will these scenes be allowed to fade from our memory.

    The best part, of course, is that the site offers absolutely no way to contact anyone at the company.  One can only guess that they realize just how stupid their behavior is and are protecting themselves from the outcry of resentment and anger that this insane line of "trading cards" will produce.

    Gentle readers, the murder of thousands of innocent Afghan civilians is not a cause to celebrate nor was the little moron elected to any national office.  He and his Nazi friends on the Supreme Court overthrew the government of the United States and installed this empty headed little twit in the Oval Office.  To use this sugary and tooth rotting silly product is bad enough for our children.  To use such a useless and tasteless product to indoctrinate our children into the world of the war loving Right is unconscionable.

    If you want to see for yourself just how low a company can stoop, just go visit the Topps site.  Hitler and Stalin would be proud as punch that America has finally showed itself to be the brutal and repulsive nation that these cards expose us to be.

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