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    Just one more reason to despise the little moron occurred early in November when, very quietly, he signed an executive order that effectively seals all presidential papers from Reagan and his daddy's and even his own administration for many decades into the future.

    We all know that these three have a very great need to protect their illegal and immoral secrets from the American public.  Both Daddy Bush and the senile old guy lied repeatedly about their involvement is selling arms to terrorists and allowing cocaine to be brought into this nation and sold for a profit that then went to buy more arms for terrorists.  Baby Bush is a drunken, cocaine addled momma's boy and his daddy was the errand boy for Reagan and that little gang of liars and drug pushers.

    This is one executive order that Congress should immediately negate in any and all manners available.  The American people have the right to know of the crimes that their elected and unelected "leaders" engaged in.  In fact, the American people have the right to learn of these crimes and then to demand that charges be brought against every single government and military personnel that is guilty of the vast number of crimes we've witnessed.  By exerting such a huge effort to hide these papers from the American people, Bush has shown exactly how guilty the entire mob was and is.  ( 1 )

    Perhaps ex-President Clinton would be so kind as to visit some of the 110,000 service workers who were laid off in October.  When he meets with them, perhaps he can explain again how, when he signed the mean spirited and destructive Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, better known as "Let's Destroy Welfare".

    Since a rather large percentage of those service workers are not eligible for unemployment insurance, he can explain what he meant when he signed the bill and said, "Gee, I hope I'm not hurting anyone with this." 

    Since a nasty little moron like Bush would never consider including the poor in any of his "Make The Rich Richer" tax cuts, perhaps Clinton could explain how he acted in the best interests of the very Americans that the Democratic Party once protected from the vile and greedy maneuvers of the Republicans.

    Of course, Clinton is too busy giving speeches at $50,000 a pop to ever remember what he did to America's poor.  He won't be looking out his Harlem offices and seeing the tens of thousands of single mothers who suddenly have to make the choice between caring for their children and finding work no matter what time of day the job requires her to be there.  He will never notice the children whose illnesses will go untreated because their mothers cannot find work that provides any benefits at all, least of all a decent wage or medical insurance.  He won't see the families being denied benefits because they have been dropped from Temporary Assistance to Needy Families after the five year lifetime limit.  He won't see the boxes that these poverty stricken victims must live in because of the mean spirited sluts in the suites of Corporate America and the anti-human Global Economy.

    But we'll see them, folks.  We'll see them every time we look down an alley and see the dirty little faces peering out of their cardboard box home.  We'll see them every time children miss months of school because their mother cannot afford to provide both food and a roof.  We'll see them every time we pass another of the many soup kitchens that will quickly be over stressed by the massive migration of poor families from the poorest parts of town into the alleys and abandoned cars that litter the inner city landscape.

    That's right, folks.  We'll see them because we care.  Clinton and the moron will see nothing because they have repeatedly shown just how little the lives of the most defenseless Americans mean to them. 

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