Three Tales That Expose Just a Little of the Right's Real Agenda

    What do you do if you're the Republican Speaker of the House and it's just over a month since possibly 5,000 Americans perished in the attacks on the Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash of the jet in Pennsylvania?  Well, if you're a low-life like J. Dennis Hastert, you try to use the continuing confusion and fear and distraction in order to push through some more of your far right wing political agenda. 

    Using lies to disguise the true scheme, Hastert pushed for a final vote on legislation to give the moron what is known as "Fast Track" negotiating powers.  The most transparent of his lies is that giving the moron the power to negotiate and enact even more pro-Corporate American treaties is that it will, somehow, prove that sending even more American jobs off to Indonesia or Thailand or wherever will help the American economy. 

    Folks, destroying the few jobs remaining in America isn't going to help our economy one bit.  All, and I repeat, ALL it will do is to make the wealthy sluts in the suites richer.  No matter what the corporate whores proclaim, the global economy is not good for real human beings.  It is only and completely beneficial to those who are already in control of the vast majority of the wealth in this world.  To hear working people defend the further expansion of the moron's power or the strengthening of the global power of Corporate America does not show any great sense in these individuals.  All it shows is that the conservative media has successfully brainwashed these superficial little minds into believing that giving away even more of their economic control is good for them.

    As far as Hastert goes, of course, he is just another Rabid Right Republican who blindly obeys his corporate masters.  Far more important is the reality that this story was buried on page A23 of the LA Times.  For anyone stupid enough to still believe in the fantasy of any "Liberal Media", the fact that this slimy creature's schemes are buried in the deepest part of the paper puts the lie to that.  ( 1 )

    Speaking of those Republicans who cravenly use the recent horrors in order to push the vile agenda of the right, let's not forget one Rep. Bill Thomas, a nasty piece of work from Bakersfield, CA (although any of them would fit the bill of "craven" and "vile").

    Thomas is using the distraction of the moron's little war and the administration's drive to completely undermine the Constitution in order to push through over $100 Billion in Corporate Welfare to his owners, the sluts in the suites.  General Electric alone is in line for a payoff of $671 million transferred from your pocket into theirs.  This little gift to GE will come at the same time that they are laying off tens of thousands of employees.

    Now, excuse me if I fail to see how stealing the taxes paid by actual human beings and then allowing the sluts in the suites to engorge themselves at your expense helps the economy.  I also fail to see how this theft can be viewed as a weapon in the little moron's useless war on terrorism (terrorism, that is, when it's inflicted on innocents by people or governments other than us).  All Thomas has done is to use the nation's grief and emotional distraction to push through legislation that would die an immediate death if the nation was even minimally aware of his scheme.  ( 2 )

    With the little moron and his gang of criminals attempting to convince the nation that America should stoop to the lowest possible Republican fantasy of using torture on anyone that these idiots "think" are terrorists, this nation has fallen to a new low.  Those of us with our intelligence unhindered by the moron's lies and propaganda are witnessing that final decent into the Hell that the Rabid Right wishes to inflict on the world. 

    Now, with that evil as a backdrop, along comes one Eriberto Mederos, a Cuban who entered the country during the boat lift in 1984 and who became a citizen in 1993.  Mederos is now being held in Miami because, well, because he was a torturer in his native Cuba. 

    Our own Florida Republican Representative Mark Foley has sponsored a bill that would broaden the powers of the Justice Department and other federal agencies to stop anyone accused of torture from entering the country.  What the article and the bill don't explain is what the Justice Department will be empowered to do should the little moron begin torturing suspected terrorists.  Will the people who are hired to carry out the torture be deported?  Where?  If they're American citizens, will they be charged and sentenced to prison for following the orders of the pretender in chief?

    Folks, the mere fact that the little moron has broached the idea of Americans torturing human beings because some Nazi in his administration "thinks" that the person "might" be a terrorist is the most disgusting and nauseating act that this vile administration has inflicted on this nation.  Now, to arrest a naturalized Cuban and charge him for employing torture in his native country as his crime, we can see that America is being led down into an abyss that we may never find the courage to crawl back out of. 

    Every American who cares about the true qualities of truth and decency that once allowed America to come so close to achieving its potential as the greatest nation the world has known must speak out loudly against torture and secret trials and even the insanity of military tribunals in which Constitutional protections are completely ignored and evidence allowed to be presented that would never be permitted in a real court of law.  If we stay silent, it will only be a matter of time before you and I are brought before these kangaroo courts for the crime of using our minds as something more than a sponge for the administration's lies and propaganda.  We will be found guilty because we admitted to any crime that would stop the torturers from inflicting such horrendous pain.( 3 )

    Gentle readers, these three related stories tells us all that we need to know about the miserable state that the moron and his band of criminals has created in our once proud nation.  You count for absolutely nothing to them.  Your job is sent away to be performed by children in some Third World swamp while the conservative media tells you that being unemployed in a global economy is a good and positive development.  Then, the little that was left of America's decency after Reagan, Clinton, and Bush the spook defiled our nation's character is being soiled even further through the Nazi-like efforts to legitimize torture and secret Star Chamber trials for anyone these malignant creatures choose to do away with quietly.  The future is bleak.


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