Falling For Propaganda Seems To Blind Some To The Need For Wisdom and Thought

    I've seldom been a fan of John Balzar, a columnist that often appears on the Commentary pages of the LA Times.  In fact, his prominent presence on those pages gives the lie to any remaining notion of a "liberal media".

    Well, back on November 4, Balzar stooped to a record low even for him.  This loud mouthpiece for the Rabid Right attacked those Americans who refused to march in lockstep with the moron and his insane war in Afghanistan. 

    Declaring that we "peaceniks are on the fringe where they belong", he quotes various voices of those who have been easily misled by the propaganda and lies spewed by the administration.  He tries with great effort to minimize the reality that falling mindlessly into line behind the moron's war on the Taliban is only a distraction from the fact that the Taliban have never been linked to terrorism in any outside nation.  He, along with all the other apologists for the moron, fail to see that the thousands of innocent Afghan civilians murdered in this stupid war will result, not in any imaginary eradication of "evil" but only in the recruitment of thousands of survivors who will happily fly airplanes into any target on American soil.  All of this death and devastation solely because the Taliban would not kidnap a person legally in their nation and hand that individual over to a government with little reputation for interntional justice without first being diplomatically informed of the evidence against that person, which America firmly refused to divulge then nor at any time since.

    Those who blindly absorb the propaganda that is manufactured by our war machine with the sole aim of distracting otherwise thinking Americans from the fact that we are killing people that have never harmed an American can whine about the voices of dissent and wisdom all they want.  The only reason, and I mean the ONLY REASON that we are killing the Taliban is because the supposedly highly skilled spooks that we employ to find people like bin Laden can't find their ass with both hands and verbal directions from bin Laden himself.  Thus, in the absence of an ability to capture bin Laden, the administration is using the Taliban as their straw man that they can wage "war "on.  Without any knowledge of bin Laden's whereabouts, we attack an "enemy" that has positions that we can send our vastly expensive weapons of war after.  Sadly, destroying the Taliban will only create more misery and hunger and civil war as the hundreds of factions and tribes try to proclaim themselves the next government.  The carnage will only install another fundamentalist government that will treat women like dirt and probably be just as open to terrorists as the Taliban.  It will do nothing to bring bin Laden or anyone else to justice but, instead, will only firm the resolve of those who claim that America is the major source of misery and ruin in the so-called "civilized world".

    The Taliban harbored terrorists (in our definition of the word).  There is no doubt of that.  Of course, Egypt and Israel and Jordan and Syria and Iraq and Iran and Saudi Arabia and North Korea and, frankly,  even America have also harbored their share of terrorists (in the broader definition of that term) but we don't seem to be blowing up their rubble. 

    Why not, you may well inquire?  Well, for two reasons, actually.  First, because among the long list of terrorist harboring nations, only Afghanistan finds itself to be not all that important to the West's financial interests in as much as it is not an oil producing nation nor is it very strategic to our interests in Israel or the Mid East or Europe.  Second, as long as the Taliban maintained their rule, the oil industry didn't stand a chance of building a long desired pipeline across Afghanistan.

    So, what we have is an apologist attacking the few Americans with sense enough to realize that this insane war has many facets but not one of them will make America any safer in the short or the long run.  It is those few of us who acknowledge that the only act that will make America safe is if our "leaders" begin to behave like a member of the world of nations and begin constructing policies that make this a better world for all, not just the slime and the sluts in the suites.  When we cease standing by and letting hundreds of thousands of children perish as a direct result of sanctions that have proven useless in dislodging Saddam Hussein, only then will we no longer be the target of suicidal religious fanatics.  When we stop interfering with the governments and futures of other countries, perhaps we will be seen as less an enemy and more as a partner.

    We are too intelligent to swallow the stupid government line that the terrorists "hate us for our freedoms."  If that were the case, then London and Paris and Oslo and Tokyo and all the other democratic and free nations would also be the target of the terrorist's rage.  It is not our freedoms that they despise, it is the liberties that we take with the lives and futures of the world's most defenseless in furthering our own selfish and greedy ends that enrages them.

    Those of us who Balzar seeks to belittle are, in reality, far ahead of him and his sort on the evolutionary scale in that we see wisdom and decency in the long term to be far superior to the simplistic, jingoistic, nationalistic, and mindless wars that our worship of wealth constantly produces in the short term.  Since the final day of WW II, America has never again bombed a country into democracy.  War may always have its place in mankind's future, but waging war as a distraction from the nation's true ills should have gone out with Clinton.  The corpse of an innocent civilian will never cast a vote nor strive for liberty.  The father or husband or mother or wife of that corpse may well cast their lot with any group that strives to destroy those who murdered their kin, though.

    People like Balzar probably deserve the right to spew forth his silly defense of the murder of civilians as a foreign policy statement.  Since their evolutionary line will eventually die out like all useless mutations to the specie's lineage, we can tolerate them for the time being.  It may take a few more generations to weed their throw back aberration from the gene pool.  If that fails to happen, then the human species may have only a few more generations before someone like bin Laden sets off a nuclear weapon on our soil.  When that happens, whatever leader replaces the moron will let fly a few of our nuclear weapons in "retaliation" against whatever nation finds itself in our bad graces.  Eventually, Russia and North Korea and China will respond with their inventories and the entire planet will become sterile and dead.  One way or the other, his type is not long for this world.  I just hope the rest of us are.  ( 1 )

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