Those Who Favor Wisdom Over Violence Are Not The Cowards

    It is becoming rather tiresome the way that the right's mouthpieces have been ranting about what cowards those of us are who value wisdom and life far more than we value war and endless civilian slaughters because of vile political policies.  What I find most annoying about these sad little evolutionary throw backs is the fact that they cannot recognize the absolute hypocrisy of their drooling and slave like devotion to a moron's war.

    Consider the supposed cause of the moron's slaughter of innocent human beings in Afghanistan.

    On Sept. 11 terrorists acting on the orders of some organization murdered somewhere between two thousand and five thousand innocent and unsuspecting Americans.  The illegal occupants of the Oval Office and their Nazi cabinet members proclaimed the attack to be the responsibility of Osama bin Laden.  The actual evidence that links the attacks to bin Laden has never been revealed except in examples such as the claim that three of the nineteen terrorists had "links" to Osama bin Laden.  Even that unfounded claim has yet to be proven with the administration declaring that doing so would endanger some invisible spies or operatives or something.  Pretty superficial reasons to murder thousands of human beings.

    The Taliban were told by the administration to hand over bin Laden to the American (in)justice system.  The Taliban stated that they would do so only if the moron provided the evidence against bin Laden which, naturally, the moron refused to provide since, odds are, there was little enough of it.  The Taliban then stated that they would try bin Laden in an Islamic court of law if evidence could be provided of his guilt.  Again, the moron's administration refused.  Finally, the Taliban said that to hand over any Muslim to America would be against Islamic law in that "heretics" were never to judge a Muslim.

    Thus the moron and the rest of the bloodthirsty and mindless television addicts in America were able to begin the propaganda campaign that would create the hate-filled climate necessary for the bloodletting that they had planned.  Within days, warplanes were bombing what was claimed to be Taliban positions throughout Afghanistan.  Never was it admitted that these positions were often just yards away from the homes of innocent civilians and even schools and hospitals. 

    With great fanfare, this administration played to the Rambo mentality of Americans by proudly stating that the military was now using a new type of bomb that, when dropped, burst and filled the surrounding air with a highly flammable mist which was then ignited with a second explosive.  These bombs, they proclaimed incinerated everything within a radius of 600 feet.  Think about that for a moment.  That is a 1200 foot circle of fire and heat so intense that human bodies are simply cremated.  Again, the administration proudly made known the fact that these bombs were going to rain down on Taliban positions.  That means that each time this bomb was dropped on any Taliban position that was within four football fields distance of the homes of civilians, then the inhabitants of those homes were incinerated right along with the so-called enemy.

    Folks, I've seen the dreadful results of napalm on the human body and, from the description of this weapon the damage is far greater.  This, like so many other weapons of mass destruction, were designed for the battlefield, not the towns and suburbs where non-combatants huddle in fear.  To use this awful weapon against the Taliban is to use it against the children and the other innocents cowering within their mud brick hovels.

    To murder the innocents in Afghanistan takes no courage whatsoever.  To cause the death of those with no relation nor involvement with those we seek is simply and without limit the action of cowards and criminals. 

    Those of us who demand that our military kill anyone and everyone in our thoughtless path to revenge are the truly spineless and immoral creatures in this sorry episode in America's history.  No one can argue that it takes no courage nor sense of decency to sit in their easy chairs, drinking their beer and drooling over the Victoria's Secret models while loudly demanding that "Something must be done!"  To clamor and cry for even more death no matter whether the blood is from the innocent or the guilty is the mark of the lowest of all manner of creatures.

    Those Americans who demand that wisdom and righteousness be the constraints within which this nation acts are not the cowards in this most disgusting chapter in our nation's history.  Those Americans that refuse to blindly wrap themselves in a silly and ultimately meaningless piece of colored cloth while proclaiming that some invisible being loves this piece of dirt more than some other piece of dirt.  Gentle readers, those that cry out for prudence before lethal force is used against those who must never be punished for the sins of others are not the cowards. 

    Indeed, civilization has only moved forward when those who desire peace gain the ears of the majority.  India was freed from British rule only when Gandhi stopped the violence and taught the art of non-violent dissent.  The people of the Soviet Union were freed not through the maniacs who preached death but through the act of one Premier who saw the future and knew that neither war nor violence would propel his people into the coming years.  It is not the mentally challenged who so love to sow the seeds of their own ruin who will lead anyone into a forthcoming era of peace and prosperity.  It will be those who deliberate over each possible consequence and then proceed down those paths that end in progress and a harmony among all human beings.


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