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    One of the more offensive practices that the moron's administration seems to love is the outright lie coupled with some sleight of hand and then using the conservative media to make the whole unsavory act into a propaganda success.  Two cases in point come immediately to mind.

    First, of course, is the reality that the moron's "tax rebate" was nothing but an advance of your 2001 tax returns should you end up expecting a refund.  It was not only just stealing money from the long lost "surplus" but you will owe taxes on the "rebate" as well.  That's the moron's little way of taxing that same "rebate" twice.  Ah, but you already knew all of that, didn't you?

    The latest round of lies leading to self inflicted pats on the back comes as a part of the moron's so-called economic stimulus package now before Congress.  Disguised as a new program that provides health coverage to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lost their jobs due to the recession that the moron caused or the Sept. 11 attacks that his watch allowed to occur, it is, as we all figured out two paragraphs ago, just double talk.

    In fact, this double talk will cause great injury to the nation's poorest children.  That's because the $11 billion that this plan will cost isn't coming from federal revenues as you would expect but rather it is being stolen directly from a fund called the State Children's Health Insurance Program, the program that provides health coverage for uninsured children of low-wage working families.

    Naturally, the moron claims that the funds weren't being spent by the states which may be true but only to the extent that these funds haven't, as yet, been spent because the fund hasn't been spent down to this point this year.  The other reality is that, if there is going to be more and more layoffs and unemployment for the next three years of the moron's reign, then the states will desperately need these funds to provide the health care that the nation's poorest children urgently require.

    So, once again we have the moron's administration lying to the American people.  They are trying, and will undoubtedly succeed, to make themselves appear just like real human beings instead of the nasty and greedy creatures who are incapable of recognizing the truth if it slapped them upside their heads.  ( 1 )

    I'm usually extremely wary of any wish list that comes out of the conservative Cato Institute but it seems that even they can see that the bloated corporate welfare programs that the moron's latest "economic stimulus" legislation contains has gone far past "enough is enough"!

    In a 30 page report for Congress the institute warned that the latest gift packages to Corporate America will vastly surpass the give-aways of the last fiscal year that totaled $87 billion.  Even the appropriation bills working their way through Congress are filled with sweetheart deals to the nation's wealthiest and largest corporations like General Electric, General Motors, Dow Chemical, and Motorola.

    The Cato Institute suggests a plan that I am 100% behind both for its purpose and its simplicity.  They want a "corporate welfare commission" established to expose the subsidizing of "private interests".  The most attractive point for the average middle class voter who lives and dies by tax cuts (even if they don't receive a penny like most Republican tax cuts) is that "government could provide U.S. taxpayers with an annual tax cut more than twice as large as the tax rebate mailed out this summer."

    So there you have it folks.  This stupid little bunch of Cretans that occupy the Oval Office have been so overt in their love affair with Corporate America that even the Cato Institute, one of the largest and most highly regarded "think tanks" that espouses the policies of the right, has become ill with the experience. 

    Naturally, I'm certain that this is the first time that the majority of you have ever heard about this report.  Which makes one wonder that since General Electric Corp. owns NBC and Disney Corp. owns ABC and Viacom Corp. owns NBC, wouldn't you think that they would use their vast news divisions to report on such a timely and important study by a leading conservative group?  ( 2 )

    Just to prove that everything in the universe is, indeed, connected I offer the following.

    We've all heard of the two Christian girls who disguised themselves as aid workers in Afghanistan.  They were, in reality, trying to recruit Afghan Muslims away from the Islam fable and get them to believe in their fairy tale, instead.  These two missionaries had to hide behind their mock identities as aid workers because only thumping the Koran was allowed under the Taliban regime and Bible thumping was illegal.

    When these two were finally released when the Taliban abandoned the jail, they were suddenly propelled into the propaganda spotlight by the moron's PR employees.  The moron even held a quasi coronation to make them some sort of religious idols for America to look up to.

    That attempt, thankfully, has pretty much failed since most people acknowledge that these two were simply religious fanatics trying to convert other religious fanatics and that isn't anything special.  In fact, as has been said, why they were over there converting the heathen when they would have been so much more useful back here lobbying alongside the moron's cult trying to convert Americans into their mean spirited and exclusive form of fairy tales.

    Anyway, to get back to my point that everything in the entire universe is connected, here we have two missionaries trying to make others behave as they want them to and ending up clashing with the nation's authorities in the process.  Now that they're back home, they can relax in the anonymity of their church in Waco, Texas. ( 3 )

    It goes without saying that the Republican Party is constantly pro-Corporate America and anti-American workers.  They have been proving that and have left little doubt ever since the day that Ronald Reagan first infected the Oval Office.  This year, the Republican's efforts to transfer America's wealth from the poor and the middle-class to Corporate America and the sluts in the suites to the tune of tens of billions and possibly hundreds of billions of your tax dollars.

    Now, at a time that hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans and even their counterparts among he employed truly need help in clearing their hearts of the fear, anger, and sorrow that America has experienced since Jan. 20 of 2000, the Republican Party shows exactly who owns it, once again. 

    A measure, approved in October by the Senate and supported by more than half of the House members and two-thirds of the Senate, would broaden mental health coverage and end the common HMO practice of treating mental health benefits differently from regular benefits.  This legislation came in response both to the horrors of Sept. 11 as well as to a report by the U.S. Surgeon General's office that estimated that 20% of all Americans are affected by mental disorders.

    The Republican's aren't alone in trying to block American's access to mental health assistance, of course.  Their owners in the healthcare industry (two words that should never go together) and the insurance lobbyists are working overtime to insure that nothing of the sort ever happens   And, of course, since you and I haven't bribed our representatives, they're winning.

    What this legislation is also meant to accomplish would be to remove the 1996 law regarding mental health insurance which allowed insurers to not only reimburse mental health professionals at rates far below the industry standard but also tightly limited the number of visits an insured was allowed each year.  These limitations had the effect of restricting the number of professionals that would see the insured as well as often forcing the patient to cease being cared for until the next year regardless of the medical necessity of a continued program.  Of the two, the more important issue is that the new legislation would create a requirement that the limited number of visits be removed allowing the doctor and patient to regain their power to decide on the most appropriate treatment schedule.

    The latest maneuver by those wishing to block any improvement in care for Americans is the "compromise" introduced by Rep. Nancy L. Johnson (R-Conn.) that would free any company from the requirements if they can show that doing so would increase the costs of healthcare by 1% or more.  Advocates of the legislations say that an exemption is acceptable to them but want to raise the bar to a 2.5% increase in costs.  Her amendment would also severely limit which types of mental illness the insurance would cover to only the most severe cases of the most disabling conditions.

    What it goes to show, of course, is the reality that profits and bribes are far more important and will always trump any needs of the American people for the Republicans in Congress and every where else (with the Democrats trying to play a despicable game of catch-up).  ( 4 )


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