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    The press is doggedly trying to find any instance that might possibly show that the moron is "growing into the job" of president.  Any time that the moron has shown an ability to chew gum without drooling, the media just explodes in praise and adoration.

    Take the report concerning Barney, the moron's dog.  During a Christmas party last week (that's right, a party two weeks before the holiday - gotta keep his owners happy and well stroked), Barney, the White House dog, escaped from the guards that were apparently assigned to control it (???????)  As Barney went scampering through the party, the guards chased after him calling his name. 

    Let me quote the report from this point, "Then from behind a portable screen stepped President Bush (their emphasis), with a more authoritative bark: 'Barney!'.  The pup froze, then turned back.  Once united, the pres scooped him up, and, with a 'Goodnight' to the crowd, strolled into the residence."

    Now, forgive me if I say that the entire story falls more under the heading of "unabashed conservative love affair" than anything resembling actual news.  The fact that Bush can control the dog better than the guards were able to offers a more frightening statement about the operational skills of the guards than anything positive about the moron. ( 1 )

    As if we needed anymore proof that Corporate America needs a strong, central federal government to regulate and force it to perform the safety and health programs that would otherwise be totally ignored if profits were in any way decreased as a result.

    Case in point, the airline industry currently writes most of the watered down and useless regulations that it ignores at its leisure.  The safety of its passengers and the structural integrity of its fleets are always second to the sick drive for more and more profits. 

    The recent crash of the Airbus A300 last month in New York was caused by the composite material in the tail fin that broke apart leaving the pilots helpless.  These same types of materials in the bodies and wings of our military jets are inspected with ultrasound to search for any hidden defects or flaws.  This is considered, by the Pentagon, simply a routine maintenance procedure.

    The airline industry, however, watered down the process to a simple requirement occasional visual inspections, a process that completely missed the weakening tail fin the Airbus.  Even the fact that the tail fin had an internal flaw in the same material that was fixed during construction didn't create any great sense of urgency within the industry to develop a more precise method of testing other than mere visual inspection.

    Folks, this is just one tiny example of the dangers that an industry engenders when it bribes your government officials to obtain the freedom from regulation that the Republican Party and, now to its eternal disgrace, the Democratic Party happily tender to any lobbyist with the cover charge neatly printed out on a check.  No matter what the vile little corporate property in Congress try to convince you of, the only possible path to a world where your life is more important than mere profits is through the power and control of a strong federal government.  There is no way of knowing how many other conditions exist on the planes that you fly on and you never will.  At least, not until your survivors are informed of the cause by your attorneys. ( 2 )

    Want to know what the moron's "economic stimulus" plan is going to cost you?  You might get some tiny little decrease in your income tax for the year but, as anyone can figure out, any money no longer being generated as federal revenue will result in either less and less services for Americans or a raid on your Social Security and Medicare funds.

    The last I had heard, the tax cut that is supposed to distract you will amount to a few billion dollars.  What does Corporate America stand to gain from the repeal and rebate of the alternative minimum tax, a Reagan-era rule meant to insure that every corporation in America makes a minimal tax payment each year from its inception in 1986?  Let's look at some the awe-inspiring examples.

    IBM stands to be enriched with $1.4 billion in your tax funds.

    Ford will get an even billion dollars while poor General Motors will have to scrimp by with only $833 million.

    General Electric, Texas Utilities, and Daimler Chrysler will absorb between $600 - $700 million from the federal coffers.

    K-Mart's expected gift of $102 million puts it in the "poverty" level of the biggest scam artists.   

    How much did these corporate whores have to give your representatives in order to thoroughly bribe them this last year?

    General Electric's one million dollars in campaign contributions makes the list as just about the most profitable investment in corrupt government that you'll ever find.

    Coming in second on both lists is Ford, whose $780,000 in bribes appears almost petty when you consider the return on their money.

    Of course, at a time of national emergency as they say we're currently in, how will the debate be framed on this "emergency" bill?   (Frankly, the real emergency began on Dec. 12, 1999).

    According to that nasty little corporate whore Sen. Pete Domenici (R-New Mexico), "You don't override the president at a time like this."  In order to create the most vile atmosphere possible, Alaska's Republican Senator Frank Murkowski proclaimed, "What we're going to see (from Senate Democrats) is almost a class warfare on the issue of the stimulus bill."

    So, what you will be presented with in the next few weeks is apparently another one-sided debate between those who want to give away the store to Corporate America and those who also want to pay the costs of moving that same store for Corporate America.  Do you think that there is one chance in a few billion that the Democrats will suddenly discover their common sense and long lost allegance to the average American and start fighting for real, honest to god human beings or do you think that they are, in their hearts, as bought and controlled by Corporate America as the Republicans have always been?

    Personally, I wouldn't bet a nose bugger on any change of philosophy by either Repulicrats or the Democans.  Money talks and voters walk.  That's America under the moron's illegal government. ( 3 )



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