Trivia 2I

    My oh my!  Every now and then the print media creates a headline to a story that says far more than the story meant to.  Take, for instance, a story about how both bin Laden and Chaney are running their respective wars from underground, the headline explained the truth in far greater detail.

    "In 21st Century war, 2 Cavemen Stand Out".

    Exactly how much could be added to that to explain the mentality of this administration? ( 1 )

    Want to know why I think that the American mind has become just a big gray mass of week old Jell-O?  The most popular freeware, according to Interactive Week, is a program called Mirror.  The entire purpose of this little gem?  You load it onto your palmtop computer and, when activated, it turns your palmtop's screen black so that you can use it as a mirror.  A mirror.  Think about that.  A mirror.  A two or three hundred dollar piece of electronics can now double as a mirror.  Sigh! ( 2 )

    Of the estimated 270 court decisions citing federal negligence in endangered species protection that the moron has stated he will allow the federal government to ignore - 100.

    Number of new worker protection rules whose enactment the moron ordered postponed on his first day in office - 9.

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was 14 when he enlisted in an underground Jewish paramilitary group in Palestine, waited how many months after his election to criticize Palestinians for "sending children to the front" - 2

    Of the estimated right-wing paramilitary groups in Columbia who control an estimated 40% of all cocaine exports who are designated by the United States as foreign terrorists - 0

    Chance that a member of the European Parliament voted in January to support E.U. participation in Plan Columbia - 1 in 508

    Rank that the seriously ill place being "free of pain" at the end as opposed to being "at peace with God" - 1 and 2  ( 3 )

    "I've learned that you cannot make someone love you; all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in."  Phil Procter (Yeah, I know.  I know.)

    The reason there are two senators from each state is so that one can be a designated driver.  Jay Leno  ( 4 )

    Did anyone else notice the crawl at the bottom of the screen on CNN back on Sept. 14?  It said, "New York reports no unusual looting."  You can't make this stuff up.

    A wonderful term has been applied to the Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson duet of mentally challenged and morally deprived conversation in which they stated that God allowed the Sept. 11 attack to occur because of gays and abortion doctors and all that.  They are now called the "Teleban".  I LOVE that.

    Okay, now it's official.  The next targets that Bush has to bomb mercilessly are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  To quote a story in Newsweek that reports on the source of the funding for the terrorists prior to Sept. 11, "Some US investigators believe that suitcases of cash were brought to the Emirates (and transferred to a Sun Trust Bank account in Florida) from wealthy Saudi and Kuwaiti Islamics."

    Gosh, if the moron excludes these nations as supporters of terrorists, I just can't wait for the lies that will be told in order to defend that decision.  Of course, in as much as the moron's administration sent the Taliban $34 million in foreign aid just three months prior to the attacks, which part of Washington D.C. will he level in due time (I mean other than the Constitution and the Bill of Rights)?  ( 5 )

    A quote from the moron, who was trying to justify the secret detentions and military tribunals, "We are an open society.  But we are at war."

    Has any politician or American reporter every read the damned Constitution?  We are not at war.  We have never declared a war.  Congress has never declared war on Afghanistan or any other nation since Sept. 11 and only Congress can declare war.  Would somebody please tell this idiot to just shut up about his fairy tale "war"?

    On that same point, Bill Goodman, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, which plans to contest the executive order allowing military tribunals, "My job is to defend the Constitution from its enemies.  Its main enemies right now are the Justice Department and the White House."

    I'm trying to find this group's web or e-mail address I'll  include them here.  These are the people and organizations that are all that stand between your Constitutional freedoms and the fascist nation that the moron and his ilk are striving for.  Contact them with your thanks for being out there for the rest of us.  I did.

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