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    I just keep finding headlines in the newspapers that always tell you more than the story will.  Some are descriptive of the people that they speak of such as the headline that compared Vice-President Chaney and Osama bin Laden to "Cavemen".  Late last month, the LA Times offered the perfect example of the term "Propaganda". 

    On the front page one would find a picture of an all around American boy with the sly smile and vacant eyes.  Below it, the headline reads, "Boyhood Focus Led Him to CIA".  The entire offering accomplished, I'm sure, exactly the job it was meant to by creating a fuzzy and warm picture of a man who had followed a career that would naturally lead to a life of violence, death and the horrors that caused his death.  Instead of a story just detailing his death during an undeclared and useless war thousands of miles from his friends and family, we get the Norman Rockwell treatment that is supposed to make us hate thus "Ungodly" Taliban even more.

     Now, I mean no disrespect to this fellow, Johnny "Mike" Spahn.  In his heart, I'm sure that he felt that he was doing some kind of good in the world.  Sadly, history will show that he and all of his compatriots were misled and lied to and their deaths will amount to little in this sad world in which mass murder is acceptable as long as we are on the right side of the guns and flying the planes.  What a waste.( 1 )

    The corporate media's newspapers have been reporting on some very important issues at the same time that they report breathlessly on the slaughter and carnage that America is inflicting on Afghan civilians by the thousands.  One might say that the media deserves to be applauded for informing the American people about vital domestic issues at a time like this.  One might, but I won't.  Why?  Because, while printing exploitive photos of bombs exploding in the backgrounds of some and the decaying bodies of the "enemy" in others on the front page and for anywhere from six to ten pages deep, these headlines found less prominent space in your newspapers.

    "Beefed-Up Defense Bill Passes - Measure funds military pay hikes, anti-terrorism and anti-missile efforts.  It delays base closings."  This reports on a $343 BILLION authorization and is buried on page A48 of the LA Times on 12/14/01.

    "House Approves Bush Plan for Public Schools"  This is a bill that will drastically alter the way schools teach.  Teachers must now try to use the government mandated test questions as their guide rather than trying to instill a love of learning because the tests have become far more important.  Nevertheless, this story was also buried on page A48 of the LA Times on 12/14/01.

    "Bush Refuses to Turn Over Justice Records to Congress".  This report concerns Bush's arbitrary use of executive privilege to withhold all documents from his daddy's administration through Clinton's and including the current illegal regime.  By hiding behind executive privilege, Bush and his cohorts in the occupation of our government can suppress the release of information that would reveal the illegal actions going all the way back to Daddy Bush and Iran-Contra.  This extremely important story was buried on page A41 of the LA Times, on 12/14/01.

    'U.S. to Scrap Antiballistic Missile Pact"  This piece concerns absolutely essential information regarding the moron's insane decision to unilaterally negate one of the most important nuclear agreements of the past sixty years.  Even with Russia declaring the action "a mistake", the moron continues to destroy the very treaties that have allowed mankind to continue to exist into this millennium.  The story itself, of course, was relegated to page A28 of the 12/14/01 LA Times.

    "Paper Says Turk Helped Finance Al-Qaeda Ships"  This report about a Turkish businessman who funded six sea going shipping vessels indicates that the next target of our insane murders of civilians will be somewhere in Turkey.  What?  We won't attack Turkey?  Why?  Because they are members of NATO and not a dirt water Third World country full of rubble.  This tale of America's hypocrisy lays on page A12 of the 12/12/01 issue of the LA Times.

    "Army-Produced Anthrax Matches Spores in Attacks, Sources Say"  Now, consider the import of this.  Anthrax that has killed a dozen Americans and made many more ill and forced the Post Office to give its employees protection against inhaling this deadly disease.  If the spores came from an Army supply, the question must immediately be asked, is the United States Army involved in spreading this horrendous disease as another distraction from the miserable condition of the moron's economy and the deaths of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan?  Do I believe that the truly contemptible creatures that have stolen the government from the American people capable of such a massive act of violence against the American people?  Of course I am!  This information was hidden on page A23 of the 12/12/01 issue of the LA Times.

    "Agency Looks Into Deaths of Taliban POWs"  Dozens of Taliban prisoners, and possibly as many as 43, were crammed into shipping containers where they were allowed to suffocate to death.  The International Red Cross attempted for ten days to investigate the incident before being allowed to enter the prison where the containers were en route to.  That's 43 human beings who were murdered, in violation of every treaty concerning the treatment of prisoners during wartime.  The information about this atrocity was in a sidebar on page A24 of the 12/12/01 LA Times.

    "US to Post Rewards for Palestinians" and "Israel Attack Kills 4, Hurts 20 at Gaza Camp"  these two articles are from the same page of the LA Times.  The first regards the posting of a reward on the "Reward for Justice" for information that leads to the conviction of Palestinians accused of killing Americans in Israel.  The second article, much smaller and with less factual foundations, tells of an Israeli helicopter attack on a Palestinian refuge camp which killed four and injured at least 20.  These stories, reports that expose what this illegal regime in Washington finds important, was buried on page A29 of the 12/12/01 issue.

    "Social Security Panel Offers Options but No Fix"  Here we are told about the hand picked panel that the moron's handlers chose to sit around for a few months and then proclaim that the only way to save Social Security is to allow investment in the stock market and to assert that there is no other method that will work.  Guess what?  That's exactly what they did.  How surprising is that?!?  This report on the attack on your Social Security by the illegal regime in Washington was hidden on page A31 of the 12/12/01 issue of the LA Times.

    Gentle readers, this shows that the conservative, corporately owned media assumes, and rightly so, that the average American loses interest in the news once the front page headlines are quickly scanned on the way to the sports or business pages.  As long as the front page satisfies the sick American desire for explosions and dead bodies, then the filthy little regime in Washington can continue to destroy what little that was once good and decent about America that Clinton and the Republican Congress didn't get around to finishing off.



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