Merry F**king Christmas!


    In as much as Christmas is, in my opinion, just another day among 364 others, I can usually let it pass without much notice.  This year, however, is vastly different.  This year I find myself thinking about the amazing and progressive message that Jesus son of Joseph brought to this world.  I find myself pondering the lessons of love and forgiveness and brotherhood that he taught.  I think about the fact that he required that these life enhancing lessons must become the way of mankind.  I think about his exhortations that all of God's children are equally important but that God loves those who are most defenseless, such as the children and the single mothers and the elderly, in such a special way that he demands that they be treated with perfect kindness and open hearted giving and never, NEVER, with any form of judgment.  I consider his teaching that life is a gift from God and not Man's to take away.

    I sit and contemplate this world and this nation and these are the things I consider and that depress the living Hell out of me.

    Gentle readers, my heart aches as I am forced to witness the depths of true depravity to which the people of this nation stupidly and thoughtlessly have agreed to permit these despicable little insects in the White House to drag down our national character and moral integrity.  We have become what we hate most and we have done so with a self-righteous and self-important bluster that I find so sickening and unforgivable.  We hate with gusto and love only wealth and pictures of death and agony among those we are instructed to abhor.  We gleefully pay no heed to the needs of children in America while dropping explosives that look like food packages in Afghanistan that kill hundreds of children.

    Our newspapers show the bodies of human beings and then tell us that it's only the enemy so the death is unimportant.  This is so sick that America just shrugs the death off since a picture of a dead foreigner is acceptable but a dead American causes an ungodly demand that someone must pay".

    Allow me to offer just a few of the truly evil acts that this administration and the military have gleefully engaged in.

    When a US AC-130 gunship strafed the farming village of Chowkar-Karez in October, killing at least 93 innocent civilians, a Pentagon spokesman found it so unimportant that he could proclaim, "The people there are dead because we wanted them dead."  That most vile of assassins, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, ignored any request for further information about the carnage with, "I cannot deal with that particular village."

    On a day when the Pentagon acknowledged only four innocent civilian's deaths in all of Afghanistan, The Times of India reported from Kabul,

"a US bomb flattened a flimsy mud-brick home in Kabul on Sunday blowing apart seven children as they ate breakfast with their father. The blast shattered a neighbor's house killing another two children ..the houses were in a residential area called Qalaye Khatir near a hill where the hard-line Taliban militia had placed an anti-aircraft gun."

    The Afghan town of Charikar, 60 kms north of Kabul, has been the recipient of many US bombs and missiles. On Saturday, November 17th, US bombs killed two entire families -- one of 16 members and the other of 14 -- perished, together in the same house.

    At 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 27th, a U.S. bomb and missile fired from a F-18 hit the village of Khan Agaha at the entrance of the Kapisa Valley, some 80 kms northeast of Kabul. The U.S. planes dropped 35 bombs in the area. Ten civilians were reportedly instantly killed, said an ambulance driver who had gone to the village. A nearby hospital to which victims were rushed, run by the Italian relief agency, Emergency, said up to 16 people had been killed in Saturday's attack on Khan Agaha.

    Television photos taken by Britain's Sky News showed footage of the F-18 dropping bombs, hitting a mud and timber family home. The TV report said ten members of a family were missing under the rubble and another twenty were injured. A five year-old girl lay in a wheelbarrow with a bloodied face.

    In a war in which the corporate media denies that the Pentagon is killing thousands of innocents, the foreign press reports, "...four night watchmen died when the offices of a United Nations de-mining agency in Kabul was bombed, the Pentagon said it was near a military radio tower. U.N. officials said the tower was a defunct, abandoned medium and short wave radio station that hadn't been in operation for over a decade and was situated 900 feet away from the bombed U.N. building. On October 19th, U.S. planes had circled over Tarin Kot in Uruzgan early in the evening, then returned after everyone went to bed and dropped their bombs on the residential area , instead of on the Taliban base two miles away.

    Mud houses were flattened and families destroyed. An initial bombing killed twenty and as some of the villagers were pulling their neighbors out of the rubble, more bombs fell and ten more people died. A villager involved explained:  "We pulled the baby out, the others were buried in the rubble.  Children were decapitated.  There were bodies with no legs.  We could do nothing.  We just fled."

    Gentle readers, the most conservative of estimates available count 3,767 innocent civilians dead thru Dec. 6, 2001. The latest estimate for the number of people who died on Sept. 11 has now been adjusted down to about 3,234 innocent civilians.  Once American warplanes have stopped murdering a nation innocent of any crime other than the misfortune of birthplace, I can assure you that this number will double or triple or more.  None of these people were to blame for the Sept. 11 attacks.  None of these people voted for the Taliban regime that was controlling the country.  None of these people agreed to host bin Laden or any other foreign terrorist groups.  None of these people deserved to die.

    Their deaths are the burden of the American people.  We so love to bomb the hell out of anyone that our stupid and mindless "leaders" declare as our enemy.  The American people won't stand for any American casualties, of course, because that's just not gratifying to see on TV.  So, instead of using ground troops, America just randomly, it appears, drops massive amounts of high explosives wherever its "intelligence" proclaims that there might be an enemy or two.

    We, as a nation, are guilty of the crime of mass murder of the same degree as the terrorists on Sept. 11.  We, as a nation, are encouraging through our silence, the slaughter of thousands of human beings who are just as innocent of the sins of their government as those innocents were in America.

    We must ignore the stupid and anti-American bullshit that this administration is hiding behind that declares any statement against their evil actions are assisting the enemy.  We must proclaim, with the loudest and strongest voices we can use, that to stand by quietly while these miserable creatures massacre thousands of innocent Afghans is as close to treason as is possible because we are allowing a dictatorial regime to murder others in our name and without the absolute necessity of a declaration of war from Congress.  Everyone in the White House and all other Cabinet level positions in this illegal regime must be made to answer for their evil and murderous actions up to and including the impeachment and imprisonment of all who are found guilty of abetting in these murders.

    America is not the historically important nation it thinks it is.  Violent, self-serving, greedy and hate filled nations are a dime a dozen throughout history.  America under the Bush regime has become just another Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia or any other malicious bunch of thugs one can find in the long and unholy record of savage states.

    I am so deeply saddened that America has degenerated into this freedom hating, death loving bunch of drooling boob tube addicts.  I am ashamed of this nation.  I am ashamed to be an American.



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