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    File this under "We Have Met The Enemy and They Are Us".

    The cover of the Dec. 24, 2001 issue of Newsweek carries a fuzzy picture of Osama bin Laden.  Above his face is the banner "AFTER THE EVIL".  But it is the caption to the left of the page that sends chills down my spine.  The entire spectrum of egocentric insanity that has infected America for far too long is summed up in these few words, "What Can Be Done to Reform the Arab World?"

    Once you wade into the magazine and find the article, you are again assaulted with the dirty and corrupt lens that this nation and its corporate media sees through.  First, the article is titled "How to Save the Arab World" with the sub-heading that, again indicts this nation's self-satisfied and self-important demeanor, "Washington's hands-off approach must go.  The first step is to prod regimes into economic reform.'

    Let's ponder on that particular thought, shall we?  First, it is the absolute height of ignorance to declare that this nation, with its now failed experiment with democracy and its corporately owned and operated government, has any right to export our horrendous and mean spirited ways to the Arab world.  Most assuredly, many of the Arab nations would do well to ignore America and make an attempt at forming a truly representative form of government, perhaps even moving towards a true democracy.  But to declare that the idiots that run this country are in any position to proclaim themselves superior to any leaders of any nation on Earth is pure fantasy.

    Second, the economic problems that the citizens of most Arab nations suffer from have been created at the behest and by following the instructions of this nation's leaders and the sluts in the suites of Corporate America and their minions in the global oil industry and the IMF.  Even a cursory glance at Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or any of the oil producing nations will discover that the wealth is concentrated with the royal families alone while the rest of the population subsists on the economic leftovers.  I can only guess at the form that these "reforms" might take since any economist from America will first have to explain why this nation's wealth is also concentrated in the hands of the top 1-2%.

    The Islamic world has, regardless of the moron's protestations, become the enemy.  Our military, at the orders of Rumsfeld and the other puppet masters who control the little moron, have happily targeted the civilians of Afghanistan and murdered thousands of them  America's carnage in the region has created legions of new recruits for the "terrorist" organizations around the world.

    America's corporate media has pointedly ignored the reality of this slaughter.  Rather than report on the realities that would make the insects in the White House uncomfortable or, more importantly, would create the climate in which all of this illegal occupants of our most hallowed offices would become the targets of impeachment and imprisonment.  By reporting only what they are told to report, the corporate media is abetting the wholesale butchery of the most innocent of  human beings.

    If you have the courage to read what the Islamic world is thinking and witnessing in this "war", you can visit the premier site for news on Jihads and the true Islamic reasons for their actions that led to the American attack on the Afghan people and the Taliban regime.  I warn you, though, that any research into the truth is, according the regime in Washington, treason and assisting the "enemy".  By making Americans fear the truth, though, the occupants in the White House are the true betrayers of America's trust.  By attempting to restrict and, ultimately, to close any hope for a debate concerning the evil that is at the core of this administration, they have become far more dangerous to America's ideals than any terrorists in highjacked planes could ever be.

    If, after being warned that doing so will be considered an act of treason by the un-American insects that infect the nation's highest offices, you still wish to accumulate the maximum amount of information possible in order to form a fact based opinion, then here is the best place on the Internet to discover how the Islamic world views the attacks on the Taliban and the Afghan people.  Here you will find the reasons that the Taliban refused to hand any Muslim over to and nation of "unbelievers" and what their Quran stated was the only option available to true followers of the faith.

    The place to learn how the other side sees the world is at Azzam Publications.  Understand, I am in no way or manner stating that this site offers truth beyond doubt.  All sides in this stupid "war" have agendas to promote and truths that they proclaim unassailable.  The regime in Washington demands that the world adhere to their "TRUTH" while the Islamic world is led by those who can accept only their version of "TRUTH" and both are mistaken on many issues.  Nevertheless, to withhold access to those issues and mistakes is to create a world full of misunderstandings and hate and carnage.

    America has degenerated into a state that would have made Stalin or Hitler enraged with envy.  The people are given nothing that even resembles the truth from the corporate media.  They are told to wrap themselves in colored cloth and to follow blindly the lies and propaganda of an illegal regime and they happily comply because to do otherwise would require wisdom and attention, two character traits that have long since been unused into atrophy.  They are told that they must abandon freedoms that millions of Americans fought and too many have died protecting and they stupidly agree.  They are told that anyone who demands an open debate is "helping the terrorists" when America was founded on the absolute need for an open society that is always on guard against a government of men and no longer a government of laws as our founding fathers designed.

    It will take those who remain aware of the dangers that this regime presents and who retain the courage and fortitude to confront America with its sins and hold the nation responsible for the acts of its unelected regime.  Without someone to speak out against the horrors that this regime is inflicting on the nation and the world, we will all be held responsible for their deeds.  In this time of violence and insanity, you are indeed, either for America or on the side of the moron and his minions.  I choose America. ( 1 & 2 )

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