Kangaroo Courts and Secret Executions



    As I write this, the moron's handlers may have already begun conducting secret military tribunals in America and Afghanistan if not elsewhere.  Theoretically, the administration should be waiting for Congressional approval of the kangaroo courts but the insects that infect our highest offices haven't shown any inclination to abide by mere technicalities like the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  In fact, at every opportunity these criminals have treated these hallowed ideals as mere suggestions to be ignored with impunity.

    The current half truths that the administration and their fascist Attorney General John Ashcroft are spewing forth is that secret trails are necessary to protect the jurors and the sources for the lies and innuendos and hearsay and circumstantial evidence that are allowed in these furtive "courts".  They claim that they even have a precedence in a 1942 military tribunal that the then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover created to try and sentence eight Germans who had entered the United States with plans to sabotage and attack various military and civilian targets.

    What Ashcroft and the other illegal occupants of our federal offices refuse to add to that precedence is the truth of the story.  J. Edgar Hoover spent the rest of his life successfully that concealing that truth.  The truth wasn't uncovered until 1980 when Seth Kantor, a reporter for the Atlanta Constitution, broke the story.

    Where Ashcroft attempts to portray the tribunals as necessary in time of war, the real story exposes just how dangerous to America's freedoms and individual rights such a depraved system will certainly become.

    The real story of the eight German saboteurs is that one of them, George J. Dasch, had reported the dangers to the FBI himself.  Dasch, a German born legal resident of the United States, had been visiting Germany when he was forced to join the German Army.  He claimed that he had intended all along to derail the attacks as soon as he could and, in fact, he called the New York office of the FBI just hours after being sent ashore in America.  The first agent he spoke to ignored the obvious dangers and didn't push for a deeper inquiry.  Dasch had to actually visit the Washington headquarters of the FBI and show them  the $30,000 in US currency he had been provided with as well as providing details of all of the planned actions against the US targets.  Even then, it took five days of questioning before anyone took his warning seriously enough to track down and arrest the other seven saboteurs along with $174,588 in US currency and secret caches of explosives.

    Dasch had been promised a fast Presidential pardon in exchange for his testimony and information but that promise was quickly broken when Hoover decided that it would expose his lies that the plot had been uncovered by "the detective job of the century' by his agents.  Instead of the promised pardon, Dasch was sentenced to 30 years of hard labor.  He spent the next two years in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary where inmates tried repeatedly to kill him.  He was then transferred to Fort Leavenworth where he was forced to live in a cell block that housed hardened Nazi agents and sympathizers who also made a number of attempts on his life.

    President Truman finally paroled Dasch in 1948 and immediately deported him to Germany where his life was still threatened by Nazi sympathizers.  He was forced to move again and again until he simply fell out of sight.

    Hoover succeeded in getting the Attorney General of the time, Tom Clark, to suppress the true story of George Dasch for, in Hoover's words, "There is a possibility, if such references are permitted, that the press will be curious as to the manner in which the bureau received its information."  In as much as Hoover was trying to manipulate the government into awarding him a congressional medal for "protecting" the nation from these saboteurs, he was most interested in concealing the truth for as long as he lived.   

    Fast forward to the year 2001.  Instead of a cross-dressing liar and worse, we now have a anti-Constitution and anti-Bill of Rights fundamentalist believer in religious fairytales who wants to destroy every freedom that our founding fathers and millions of Americans have fought and died for.  Instead of a power mad little fascist, we have someone who is simply nuts to his core.  Instead of a strong and freedom loving nation in which the evils that Hoover accomplished would be eventually uncovered, we now have a person whose evils include the creation of a nation in which the mere act of questioning his deeds will become treasonous.  Pity the poor American who tries to exercise his or her First Amendment rights because they will quickly find themselves standing before a secret tribunal in which they will not be protected by any Constitutional rights and where guilt will lead to a quiet and unnoticed death.

    If anyone trusts the creatures that infect our highest offices with that sort of power, then they deserve the Nazi state that they so happily welcome.  What is most unforgivable is that their stupidity and their complete lack of wisdom will sentence the rest of us to the same fate that they so eagerly embrace.

    America was founded on the belief that the government was directly responsible to the people.  It was founded on the belief that the only government that stood for democracy was an open and honorable one.  Ashcroft and his fellow travelers stand in direct opposition to everything that the real America has always stood for and the ideals that the world has so often emulated.  This sick and violent administration will destroy this nation and all of its decent and honorable goals without a moments hesitation.  The quick descent into the Hell that the Republicans want to subject Americans to has begun.  Only those few with a free mind and principled motives can check that slide but the effort must begin now.  If we delay much more, then the quicksand of Republican fascism will have taken too strong a grip on our nation's soul.  ( 1 )


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