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      As another example of the depths to which the moron and his little regime have drug the American spirit, witness the tale of Katie Sierra, the 15 year old anarchist who attends Sissonville High School in Charleston, West Virginia.  She was suspended after attempting to form an on-campus anarchy club at her high school and for wearing a T-shirt that read (I LOVE THIS!), "When I saw the dead and dying Afghan children on TV, I felt a newly recovered sense of national security.  God Bless America."

    This application of the exercise of her First Amendment rights have forced her to leave school and begin home schooling because of the threats that she received both at school and also from a school board member who accused her of "committing treason" for her views.  How much do you want to bet that this same member is all for prayer in public schools and votes a straight Republican Party line ticket, too?!?

    I'll bet that very few Americans would have ever believed that the day would come so soon when we would look back longingly to when we still had most of our Constitutional freedoms during the Clinton Administration.  The moron's narrow-minded and sick view of the world seems to be catching on nicely with the less literate and civilized among us.  ( 1 )

    Just when you thought that Florida couldn't get anymore flaky or fascist, along comes the town of Inglis.  The town's "leaders" have posted a sign on a fence post that informs Satan that the "ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis.  [Also} henceforth, [he is] powerless, no longer ruling over, nor influencing, our children." 

    Jeez, where to start?  Putting aside the obvious constitutional issues that this truly juvenile act represents, it would seem to me that the devil already has his hands full with the town's leaders.  These folks truly must have very little of substance to keep their puny little minds busy.  It's folks like this that give stupidity a bad name.  ( 2 )

    File this under "Stupid Rich Folk's Tricks".

    Lake View Terrace, a suburb of Los Angeles that abuts the Hansen Dam Recreation Area, is home to many families that own horses and have bought property here because they can board their horses on their large lots.  Hansen Dam Recreation Area is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers which is currently employing the land for everything from horse trails to small athletic fields to tree nurseries.

    The city of Los Angeles and Major League Baseball have proposed leasing some the land used for the nurseries in order to build a baseball school to teach the many fields of endeavor that are entailed in playing, managing, supporting and grounds keeping for the game.  Major League Baseball will contribute $3 million for construction costs and will provide $1 million a year towards the cost of maintaining the school.  Additional funds will come from city and state coffers.

    This school is to be the prototype for additional schools across the country.  The purpose is to show the children that one can be involved in and make a career out of the sport even without the level of athletic skills needed as a simple player.  Even those children who do not make a career in the sport, the discipline and life's lessons learned from the many professionals who will teach at the school will be assets too many inner-city children are never exposed to.

    Some of the Lake View Terrace home owners have become vocal in their opposition to the school in their area.  Bart Paul, one of those opponents, says, "The objection isn't that people want to ride horses on that spot.  There will be that tipping point where so many non-horse owners are in the area that they start complaining about flies or dust or odors.  We're not elitist or racists, we're just trying to maintain this heritage for our children."

    As for Joyce Williams, president of the Lake View Terrace Improvement Association, "They should develop the baseball fields they have instead of building a multimillion-dollar complex that kids can only use for three months.  Besides, 11-year-olds have no clue what they want to when they're twenty and beyond."

    Jamie Lee Soloman, the Major League executive that is the driving force behind these schools, answers that, "It's not horses who are at risk, it's our future - those kids.  A lot of times they go down the wrong path because that's the only available.  At least now they'll have the option for something more."

    So, what we seem to have is another classic example of NIMBY.    The folks wealthy enough to own large homes on lots big enough for their horses are trying to maintain some sort of "heritage" for their children. 

    The Army Corps of Engineers and the city of Los Angeles, for their parts, are trying to create a school meant to offer opportunities not found in the inner city, opportunities that may lower the crime rate and reduce poverty and all of the suffering that it entails.

    I suppose that I have just one question for each of the Lake View Terrace residents.  For Mr. Paul, my question would be whether he felt that the "heritage" of the original pueblo that once constituted all of Los Angeles should have been preserved for the children of those residents or was the massive growth of the city over the next two hundred years okay until it suddenly affected his family and his investments?  For Ms Williams, I would ask whether she feels that eleven-year-old kids should just be kept in a closet until they reach whatever age she can determine when they begin to know what they want to when they're "twenty and beyond"?  Seems to me that a lot of kids know what they want to do in their lives and it is only the barriers and obstacles that adults place in their way that usually detours them from those goals.

    Folks, the reality is that those who can afford to own large lots and horses are always against any intrusion into the little cocoons.  When it's time to build the refuse fired power plant, it will always go into the poorest neighborhoods because the poor don't own enough representation.  When the freeways are built, it's the poorest neighborhoods that find themselves facing eviction, not the horses.  When it's time to try to offer a better life and future to the poor, then it's always NIMBY.  The wealthy demand that crime be prevented and graffiti be stopped and the endless cycle of poverty be interrupted but never, ever, by discomforting their own little part of the city.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for any of the major league sports organizations to pay something back to the communities that support them.  To whine and cry about these facilities being located near your special little section of this vast city is to show your true ethics to all and, frankly, from here it's not a very pretty site.  ( 3 )

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