Defending American "Civilization" From The Peacemakers



    The current atmosphere of attacking anyone with an opinion that runs counter to the administration's is just the culmination of years of quiet preparation by the most hateful people in America.  The ideal that all Americans have a Constitutional right, nay, duty to speak out against the government has been under attack by the Rabid Right for decades and its success in turning the exercise of a freedom into an act of treason shouldn't come as much of a surprise. 

    Consider the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group founded in 1995 by Lynne Chaney (wife of the real President) and Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut (Gore's loss-mate). 

    The mission of this group, according to its web page, is explained thus; "The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit, educational organization committed to academic freedom, excellence and accountability at America's colleges and universities."  It also claims that they are, "working with alumni, donors, trustees and education leaders across the country to support liberal arts education, uphold high academic standards, safeguard the free exchange of ideas on campus, and ensure that the next generation receives a philosophically-balanced, open-minded, high-quality education at an affordable price."

    The type of activity that this group engages in can best be explained by just their latest effort, "Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It. The report calls on college and university trustees to make sure their institutions offer strong core curricula that pass on to the next generation the legacy of freedom and democracy."

    This report includes over one hundred quotes from university professors, students, student groups and others whom they deem un-American and whose words only help the "enemy".  These words and feelings are, in the minds of foul little people and organizations like this, nearly treasonous.  These words, however, sound extremely familiar to the readers of Another PerspectiveJust a few examples are:

    "[I]magine the real suffering and grief of people in other countries. The best way to begin a war on terrorism might be to look in the mirror." Professor of anthropology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    "What happened on September 11 was terrorism, but what happened during the Gulf War was also terrorism."  Professor of English, Brown University.  

    "[T]he only way we can put an end to terrorism is to stop participating in it." Professor Emeritus, MIT.

     "The ultimate responsibility lies with the rulers of this country, the capitalist ruling class of this country." Mathematics instructor at City University of New York teach-in.

    "What the U.S. calls counter- terrorism is terrorism by another name. Operation Infinite Justice—the Bush administration’s code name for proposed military action against terrorists — is ‘cowboy law.’" Professor of linguistics, MIT.                

    "[O]ur security can only come by using our national wealth, not for guns, planes, and bombs, but for the health and welfare of our people, and for people suffering in other countries."  Professor Emeritus, Boston University.

    "It’s good for the government to know that there are people who want peace instead of bloodshed. Not all Americans want revenge." Student, Brown University.

    "What you have to look at is the underlying reasons. Poverty breeds resentment and resentment breeds anger." Ivy League student.

    "To call this a just war is to ignore the mountain of injustice it is based on. People are just drunk on the cheap jingoism of the media and politicians." Student, Brown University.

    "For this to turn into an excuse to have a war and kill more people, it seemed like it would just be too horrible." Student, Wesleyan University.

    "[W]e need to hear more than one perspective on how we can make the world a safer place. We need to understand the reasons behind the terrifying hatred directed against the United States and find ways to act that will not foment more hatred for generations to come." Professor Emerita of women’s studies, University of Oregon.

    ACTA offers what it considers the correct words of people they proclaim as "leaders".

    "What happened on Tuesday, September 11th, was not simply an attack against America. It was a crime against democracy, and decency. It was a crime against humanity. " Joint Statement by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Minority Leader Trent Lott.

    "This was not just an attack on the City of New York or on the United States of America. It was an attack on the very idea of a free, inclusive, and civil society. … On one side is democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human life; on the other is tyranny, arbitrary executions, and mass murder.  We’re right and they’re wrong. It’s as simple as that." New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

    There you have it, gentle readers.  To proclaim that the attack was on "decency" or a "free, inclusive, and civil society" gets you into the good graces of the right wing fanatics that run ACTA.  To cry out for justice and wisdom and peace is to help the enemy.  To point out the reality that we, as a nation, are responsible for the death of over 500,000 children in Iraq alone is aiding the enemy but to ignore that horrible fact and to proclaim that America is the land that has some sick form of "respect for human life" is to place you among the nation's "leaders"

    Folks, we are well on our way to losing everything that was ever good and decent in this nation.  The American people have become stupid little robots who gladly hand over their lives and freedoms to the very people we so desperately need those freedoms to protect us from.  We allow criminals to occupy our highest offices and then close our eyes and our minds and just hope that these little villains will take good care of our future.

    When working for peace becomes treason, then free and independent minds become prohibited.  When an American cries out for thoughtful and wise responses to horrendous wrongs and then finds themselves labeled as un-American or a traitor, then America is lost forever.

    Gentle readers, you must speak up.  Your voices must be heard above the noise and saber-rattling and insults and lies.  The time has long passed when progressive and fair minds can sit back and hope for the best.  There is no hope whatsoever if the freedom loving Americans fail to stand up to the animals that are so warping the American ideals.  The ship is sinking, folks, and it is time to either start bailing out the water of sit back and sink along with the vermin that caused the catastrophe.  There are no more tomorrows.

    Remember always the words of Voltaire, "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."



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