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    The evidence that America's military is targeting civilian areas and killing thousands of innocent Afghanis is mounting daily.  Recent conservative estimates of civilian murders range from 6,000 to 7,000, nearly three time the number now reported killed in the United States on Sept. 11.  These estimates do not include the 100 or more Afghans who are dying from hunger and disease and the cold in just one refugee camp, thirty miles west of Herat. The total that are dying in the hundreds of refugee camps all around Afghanistan's borders is impossible to count.   Reliable estimates, however, report that he numbers range from 1000 to nearly 2000 dead and more adding to that total every single day.

    Most of the Afghan dead can be attributed to two problems.  First, of course, is the fact that everybody looks the same from hundreds of miles away at sea where the cruise missiles are launched and at 10,000 feet where American warplanes bomb anything that resembles a target.  The other problem is the fact that our military relies on both Pakistan's intelligence organization and information from the various tribes in the Northern Alliance.

    The problem with relying so completely on these two sources is obvious to anyone not a brain dead Republican or a spineless Democrat.  First, the Taliban is the creation of the Pakistan spook agency (RAW or Research and Analysis Wing).  The Taliban were recruited and trained and armed by Pakistan during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and were supplied and directed in the campaign to gain control of Afghanistan from the Alliance forces.  There is still a huge population in Pakistan that detests the United States and, by extension, the military leaders in Pakistan for providing support and intelligence to the Western powers.  While Pakistan's military rulers want to placate America in return for hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid, they do not want to completely alienate the remaining Taliban fighters.  Therefore, the intelligence that they offer often targets innocent villages and even convoys of civilians trying to escape American bombs and missiles.

    Relying on intelligence from the Northern Alliances suffers from the fact that each tribe still has visions of ruling the nation once we stop blowing the rubble up.  They are all suspicious of one another and, reports confirm, often target villages that harbor allies of competing tribes.  Since the moron's owners are happy to believe these tales as long as they provide targets, America is constantly the toy of these opposing factions and is used to further their petty needs rather than further any notion of winning the undeclared war on Afghanistan.

    These failures of leadership within our military and government have resulted in some truly sad episodes of carnage and slaughter.

    Witness the story of Qalaye Niazi, a small village about 4 km north of the city of Gardez in eastern Paktia province.  US officials claim that the village was a legitimate target since reports stated that it held an ammo cache belonging to the Taliban.  The few surviving members of the village agreed that there was arms stored in the village but say that the Taliban left them there as they retreated through the area and that leaders of the village had tried to inform local government officials of its existence but no one came to take the weapons away.

    The stash of weapons was stored in two unfinished houses in a five house complex six miles away from the actual village of Qayale Niazi.  This compound housed 10 families who survived by farming wheat, apples, and grapes.  The complex was also hosting about 100 friends and families that were preparing for a wedding.

    On Dec. 29, 2001 a B-52 and two B-1B bombers completely leveled the village in two devastating attacks. The first attack completely destroyed the entire complex, killing nearly everyone there.  About an hour later, as relatives of the dead and wounded dug into the ruins with hands and shovels, a second attack was launched by American forces that killed most of those who just trying to dig out the dead.  Without a word of warning or an opportunity to voluntarily hand over the cached and unwanted weapons, American forces using precision-guided bombs simply blew the entire complex to dust, killing anywhere from the 52 reported dead by UN spokesmen to 107 dead that the survivors counted among their families and friends and neighbors.

    Showing far more Christian values than anyone in our government or even the majority of our population, these survivors didn't blame the American military.  Instead, they all pointed the finger at Aghi Badshah Zadran, a 58 year old anti-Taliban commander who controls Khost province and who is lobbying the interim government to add Paktia and Paktia province to his personal control.  Elders from surrounding villages said that Zadran had threatened to call in American air strikes if they did not support his demands for control of their province and they have even accused him of calling in strikes against a convoy of rival elders trying to escape the bombings.

    Another 32 civilians have reportedly been killed in nearby villages according to the Afghan Islamic Press.

    These deaths occurred on just one day of the three month and counting slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan.  The moron has absolutely nothing to show for this carnage.  Osama bin Laden is now understood to have escaped Afghanistan long before the American attacks began.  Bin Laden's second in command, Omar, has twice been allowed to escape by the leaders of the Northern Alliance and may also be far away from Afghanistan by now.

    The survivors of these atrocities will long remember who inflicted the carnage on their families and their nation.  These survivors will be the next generation of terrorists, another generation created through the mean spirited and downright stupid actions of those who occupy our nation's highest offices.  They will not forget nor will they ever forgive and, frankly, who can say that their anger is misdirected?  The only successes that the moron can proclaim is that the most powerful and most technically advanced military on Earth was able to murder perhaps 10,000 Taliban fighters whose weapons date to the early 1980's and before and whose great sin was to refuse to hand over a fellow Muslim to a nation of infidels, an act that would have insured eternal damnation by Allah if they had complied with the moron's demands.  Add to that mountain of deaths the thousands of innocent Afghans bombed into molecules by our vastly superior weapons and the tens of thousands that have died of hunger and disease and the cold and anyone with a conscience would be forced to admit that this regime and its horrendous war on innocents will rank in history alongside the ethic cleansing in Yugoslavia and Kosovo and Serbia, the tribal genocide of 800,000 in Rwanda, and many other atrocities that hid its evil intentions behind moral proclamations.

    If you haven't been moved to proclaim your opposition to the moron's regime and its carnage in Afghanistan and its nearly utter destruction of your Constitutional rights, then you really need to get off your butt and do something.  Write letters to the editor.  Who gives a damn if they're not printed.  The more that are sent, the greater the media will see the need to speak out themselves.  Remember, above all else in America, the media survives only because you buy the crap that they are paid to advertise.  If you tell the media and the advertisers that you will refuse to purchase either product until the silence is broken, they will listen.  The only thing that Corporate America values above money is more money.  Tell them that you're going to withhold that money and they'll listen, eventually.  Stay quiet and obedient and kowtowed before the idiocy of this regime and its murderous ways and you are, and understand this completely, as guilty of the deaths of these children and women and elderly Afghans as the moron and his criminal cabal are.  Speak out and, regardless of the response, you have performed your duty as a free and freedom loving American. ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )

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