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    I love to read newspapers.  Not so much to witness their difficulty dealing with the truth, a difficulty that has become legend, but more to compare the various stories.  Take for instance the Jan. 29 edition of the LA Times.

    To begin with, a front page "Column One" report tells of the hidden problems of domestic abuse in Japanese society.  The story tells us that one in twenty Japanese wives have, at some point in their marriage, suffered life threatening attacks from their spouses.  The numbers go as high as one in four when discussing Japanese wives who have been the victim of some sort of violent abuse from their husbands during their marriage.

    Then problems aren't isolated to the lower or even the middle classes, either.  Three years ago, a 51 year old consul general to Canada was charged with punching his wife in the face during a domestic dispute.  He explained to Vancouver police that his wife deserved it and that, in any event, it was "a Japanese cultural issue".

    Even when the Japanese government finally acknowledges the crisis of violence against women within their society, the government's solutions show that their culture is still rife with bias against women.  For instance, the government has proposed to offer sanctuary for abused wives in halfway houses.  The halfway houses, though, began as shelters for prostitutes and nearly all of them will simply house both, adding a terrible stigma to the women seeking safety from spousal abuse.  These shelters are also seldom places of safety since most are housed within government buildings and too often share space with the same bureaucrats who have been responsible for the original abuse.

    This report exposes just one nation's ordeal of trying to solve the cultural problems of abuse and violence.  Even within the United States, many Native American organizations are working towards the elimination of their culture's acceptance of spousal abuse.  The women who are the brunt of this violence must by shown that they are the victim and not the cause of the abuse and they must be offered a safe and secure location in which to clear away the anxiety and fear and begin a new life, often caring for their children at the same time.

    So, we've seen that many marriages are simply a source of pain and, often, death for the wives of violent and uncaring husbands.  We've seen that these women desperately need a place of safety away from that abuse.  We've acknowledged that the only solution for the battered spouse is to permanently leave the abuser.  What we haven't spoken of are the answers that some forms of organized religion believes to be acceptable.

    On the page opposite of the continuation of the report on Japanese spousal abuse is a report on the Pope's "answer" to this insanity.  Good old Pope John Paul II is urging judges and lawyers to stop accepting divorce cases.  Instead, according to this 81 year old virgin, lawyers and judges should be working towards reconciling the partners to preserve the divine "insolubility" of marriage.  In other words, a man who abuses his wife, whether sexually or mentally of physically, should be helped by these professions in convincing his wife to stick around for more and more of the same.  Folks, the Pope is telling women that keeping the marriage intact is far more important any silly concern for her physical or mental well-being or even her very life or that of her children.

    And people ask me why I see nothing of value in religions?!?  ( 1 & 2 )

    Next, what do you call people who were members of an organized and disciplined army that ruled an independent and sovereign nation?  They are, obviously, soldiers.  What do you call them if they are not citizens of the nation in whose army they served but were, nonetheless, volunteers?  They are soldiers.  What treaty governs the treatment of these soldiers?  The Geneva Accords, to which the United States refused to become a signatory nation.  What term do these accords offer for anyone captured in time of war?  Prisoners of War or POWs.

    If you are a moron and your regime is a haven for Nazis, what would you call these POWs?  You mislabel them as "detainees" and "killers" and "arrestees" and "terrorists" and "unlawful combatants" and other completely irrelevant terms.  Why would you ever do something so despicable and inhumane?  Why, because you want to be free to torture these soldiers in secret, then put them on trial in secret before a military tribunal, and then have the freedom to execute any and all of them without any other human being on Earth being aware of those actions. 

    In other words, the moron and his puppet masters want to live the Republican wet dream, a world in which they can exercise their basic vile and immoral impulses against anyone they choose without any irritating talk about "freedoms" or "rights" or "laws" or the Constitution or any of those god damned bleeding heart liberal road blocks to a Nazi Nirvana.  These low life creeps yearn to completely ignore the Geneva Convention, and the accords which were the heart of those meetings, because to abide by those international agreements would limit the bloodlust and sadistic infliction of torture on possibly innocent human beings that this regime has kidnapped and illegally imprisoned.

    In order to keep the fiction alive that both the current regime and its treatment of POWs are in any manner legal, good old Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld took along 17 hand picked toadies from the Senate and House to "inspect" the conditions that these POWs are being held in.   Of the 17, I've discovered quotes from only four, three Republicans (Rep. John Mica R-FL, Rep. Connie Morella R-Maryland, and Rep. Jeff Sessions R-Ala.) and a completely deluded Democrat from Oregon   I say that the Democrat is deluded because he could say, with a straight face, that, "These are very, very dangerous people," DeFazio said. "They were screened and chosen and sent first because of their leadership roles either in al Qaeda or the Taliban. We are told that there were statements by one of the detainees that when he gets the chance he intends to kill Americans."

    Think about that folks.  This bozo, who is supposed to be a member of the only political party with the power to openly question the liars and murderers who are occupying our highest offices, can't bring himself to doubt their promises that these are all "bad guys".  I would also ask, if you were captured by an invading force and transported thousands of miles away from your home and then held without any right to an attorney and you believed that you would be tortured and killed in secret, wouldn't you want to deal some damage to that enemy for how they treated you and your country?  ( 3 & 4 )

    In this regime's long list of Nazis and idiots, the only name that stands out as belonging to one who might still retain some small level of intelligence is Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Powell has been vocal concerning his opposition to the treatment and abuse that the moron's other henchmen have gleefully inflicted on these POWs.  Lately, though, his voice is no longer heard since, as the report says, "Bush, advisors say all are now in accord that detainees in Cuba aren't POWs, but unlawful combatants."  The moron has others speaking for Powell and explaining that he is now among those "in accord" with the illegal actions of this regime but, in as much as he hasn't said so himself, the record of these liars and criminals would indicate that Powell is still against the actions but is not being allowed to so state.

    Basically, then, what we have in this stupid story is the fact that everyone in the moron's regime that agrees with the illegal acts are in accord and  that those who dispute the legality of these acts have been shut up.  It does not mean that any other person on Earth agrees with the nasty and mean spirited actions against these POWs, it just means that these animals are all in agreement.  That internal agreement, however, makes absolutely no difference in the debate regarding whether this regime is run by low life criminals with the morals of a worm or, instead, if this regime is simply trying to become the best example in history of the ease with which fascists can overthrow a democracy with the uninformed and uncaring acceptance of a nation of drooling television addicts.

    In the meantime, though, the level of filth emanating from the occupied offices throughout our government hasn't been lost on our violent and racist officers in the New York Police Department.  They are preparing to react as violently as usual against any protesters who might have the gall to express their displeasure with the globalization of the planet or with he destruction of the environment or the control of all government by corporate sluts in suits.  To show their true intentions, photos of police thugs in combat gear and gas masks have graced the pages of nearly every major corporate newspaper over the last week, all concerning the upcoming meeting of the World Economic Forum in New York City

    Now, understand, the NYPD doesn't want the moron's regime to eclipse them in the art of violence and terrorism.  No, indeed.  In fact, the NYPD will use the maximum amount of tear gas and other "non-lethal" gas attacks to stomp on any American so stupid as to believe that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights might give anyone the right to interfere with Corporate America's summits.  In fact, the police have already determined that they will use an 1845 city ordinance that prohibits three or more protestors from wearing gas masks. 

    Think about that last item, folks.  The police, who will basically be using gas and violence to protest the actions of Americans who are simply exercising their Constitutionally protected rights, can all wear gas masks without fear of arrest but those Americans legally participating in a Constitutionally protected act cannot wear the necessary protection.  Doesn't that stink of fascism?

    Finally, we delve into the story of Enron and its CEO Kenneth Lay.  In as much as Lay pretty much designed the moron's silly pro-oil and pro-nuclear and anti-envirnment "energy policy" in secret along with some of his cronies and his property in government, the occupier of the office of vice-President, Dick Cheney, it is obvious to all but Republicans and some bought and sold Democrats that Enron created the mess it is in with the direct assistance of this regime.  Ex-Enron employees (and some still on the payroll) occupy some this nation's highest offices, their executives had pretty much carte blanch to see any of the regime's officials at will, the executives stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the corporation as it collapsed and then from the employee's 410(k) plans after that.  Enron was full of white collar criminals and this regime is full of accessories to those crimes.

    Will anyone of these criminals, weasels who destroyed the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of employees left penniless in the wake of the executive's looting and pillaging of their accounts, ever see the inside of a prison?  Of course not.  Gentle readers, we are witnessing the greatest example of what is supposed to pass for justice in this almost great nation. 

    If you were a member of an armed force that went to war to fight against an invasion by a hostile nation (the US) and are captured, you will not be allowed the protections of international treaties.  If you are an American who wishes to loudly protest the anti-American actions of Corporate America and its global allies and their property in government then you can expect to be attacked with gas and physical violence by the so-called law enforcement personnel of the city you are to protest in.  However, if you steal hundreds of millions of dollars, leave tens of thousands of Americans unemployed and penniless but you have bribed enough government officials, you will not only get away without the slightest fear of reprisals but you will probably move on to another corporation and another and another, each time becoming richer by screwing more and more employees.

    Folks, money is the only justice in America.  If you can't afford to buy your own representative, then you are in for the screwing of your life.  If you're a foreign soldier confronted by an illegal act of war by a moron and his henchmen, you in for the screwing of your life.  If, however, you're wealthy and you have enough to bribe your way out of trouble, then the rest of us are in for the screwing of our lives.  ( 5, 6, 7,  8 )

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