Bush's Nuclear Hell


    What do you do if you have the IQ of a rock and have threatened the world with another lunatic scheme to keep all of a nation's nuclear warheads available for use while wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on a anti-missile defense ploy that began as a scientist's joke on a senile old fool of a president?  Why, if you're the moron who is currently infecting the nation's highest office, you start threatening other countries with invasion and possibly nuclear annihilation.  You also completely ignore that these same nations may rightfully feel that they might someday need some nuclear warheads of their own to scare off the world's newest and dumbest Hitler clone.

    As those of you who keep up with such things already knows, one of the moron's bargaining chips he used to placate the Russian government while he invades their neighbor was that America would drastically reduce the number of nuclear warheads it possessed (from 6,000 to between 1700 and 220 over ten years) and that Russia, in the person of President Vladimir Putting, would reduce its nuclear forces as well by the same amount.  As with the vast majority of the drivel that comes from this regime, of course, the moron made no attempt to either state the actual number of warheads to be reduced nor has he or anyone else appointed anyone to negotiate the actual numbers.  Obviously, then, this is just another of the moron's long list of lies and distortions.  The problem is, though, that this is a lie that may cost billions of people their lives.

    In the short year that the moron has infected the White House, he has unilaterally withdrawn America from numerous treaties and agreements that were meant to make this world just a little safer.  He refuses to honor our Antiballistic Missile Treaties, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and other agreements.  He has even stated that he wants to shorten the amount of time it will take to resume testing nuclear weapons, another plan that flies in the face of every careful negotiation process that either the intelligent or even mentally challenged occupants of the White House has involved this nation in.   It's claimed that he was offering the reductions in warheads as a pacifier to Putin in exchange for silence regarding the negated treaties, the rest of the stupidity is just more billions tossed to his owners in the nuclear and war industries.

    What the moron plans to do, of course, is far less than what the headlines claim.  Instead of reducing the number of warheads by destroying them, the military will keep most of them available as a "responsive capability".  In other words, they have no plans whatsoever to make the world safer, just to make people think it is. 

    The downside to this insanity goes far beyond mere repayment to the moron's owners.  By behaving without the slightest thought of the consequences of these horrendous and dim-witted policies, the moron is driving a wedge between those nations who were once our allies and the citizens of those nations who want the lunacy to cease. 

    Another problem is the fact that the moron, the illicit leader of the nation with the greatest number of nuclear missiles on Earth, is trying to threaten other nations with invasion and destruction if they dare follow suit and create their own nuclear deterrent.  Since we know that "dirty" (high radiation but low explosive force) nuclear devices can be made small enough to fit in a suitcase or in a shipping container, why would this idiot go so far out of his way to piss off the governments that already hate us and quite possibly might feel threatened enough to assist someone like bin Laden in slipping one into our ports or border checkpoints or airports?  ( 1 )

    Folks, here is a reality that should keep you up late into the night.  While the moron is doing everything in his power to start another world war, the Russian government has no answer when asked about the many suitcase nuclear bombs that the KGB once owned.  Neither can they reliably explain the whereabouts of nearly 1100 metric tones of highly enriched uranium and 160 tones of plutonium.  With its military and scientists and workers going months without being paid and the entire infrastructure falling apart, how can anyone doubt that these devices and raw material has been secreted out and sold to the highest bidders?

    In fact, in 1993, when Abkhazian separatists took over the town of Sokhumi in Georgia, the scientists at a nuclear research institute begged the Georgian security forces for protection of themselves and their nuclear stockpile.  The security forces refused to spare the manpower, so the scientists surrounded their storage sites with concrete blocks and fled for their lives.  When the town was retaken, the scientists discovered that the entire stockpile of uranium was gone.  ( 2 )

    With the Russian collapse as a backdrop, the moron's plans to drastically reduce the foreign aid targeted at destroying obsolete nuclear warheads and other nuclear devices is a recipe for planet-wide disaster.  He has even attempted to vastly reduce the aid to Russia that was keeping those Russians knowledgeable about nuclear weapons employed in Russia which kept them from selling their skills to the highest bidder, usually one of the nations that the moron has threatened to attack.  This circular stupidity - refuse to help Russia to dismantle their aging and dangerous nuclear weapons and ceasing to offer the necessary funds to keep the Russian nuclear scientists employed - puts the world on a suicide course to nuclear oblivion.  ( 3 )

    Gentle readers, I hesitate to express this opinion but, frankly, it is the future that I see.  This idiot and his pack of rabid and raving lunatics will eventually push the world into another nuclear catastrophe the torment of which will take dozens if not hundreds of generation to recover from.  This complete bozo will continue to behave like the foolish and uneducated and unthinking bully that he has always been and which is just a mirror of the forces that actually own him until some nation or group finds themselves cornered and fed up with his threats and carnage.  When that happens, millions of Americans will needlessly die in the next colossal terrorist attacks.  The moment that happens, this moron will grab for the black box that all presidents have near at hand, and he will start the war that all thinking and decent human beings have feared for generations.  It will truly be the end of the world as we once knew it and nothing will ever be the same.  Billions of human beings will die from the nuclear blasts and billions more will die from the after-effects of war's stupidity - hunger and disease and murder and thirst and radiation sickness and cancer and on and on.  The environment of this planet will be damaged so badly that there will be no possibility of it sustaining even a few million human beings.  We will, in short, discover exactly what the term "Living Hell" means.  This, sadly, is the future of this planet.


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