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    A little while ago, I got to wondering about the corporate media's response to the reality that the moron's invasion of Afghanistan was a complete failure in as much as he failed to capture or kill or even locate the vast majority of the al Qaeda leadership but particularly he was unable to achieve his stated goal of bringing Osama bin Laden to "justice".  Instead, all he has accomplished is to enrage the world's thoughtful and decent people who were sickened at the massive loss of life both among the legitimate government of Afghanistan, the Taliban, as well as among the thousands of innocent civilians murdered "by accident".

    Naturally, being the bleeding heart liberal that I seem to appear to the Nazis in the nation, I got to asking myself just what the Rabid Right's response to this useless carnage would have been had Clinton or Gore been president rather than the moron and his bunch of hooligans.  Would the Republicans have continued their foaming at the mouth over each and every unsubstantiated rumor that they themselves made up about Clinton or Gore?  Would they, as an aside, have protested that the secret meetings that the vice-President had with Corporate America's vilest CEOs were none of the business of Congress and that Executive Privilege covered every act whether legal, illegal, or just somewhere between? 

    So, in keeping with my long held belief that information is always the answer to any question and that the evil words from Attorney General Ashcroft proclaiming that the exercise of our First Amendment rights are equal to the betrayal of our nation, I decided to take a look at Corporate America's media as well as some of the many international papers that I've come to rely on for the truth that is always missing from America's talking and empty heads.  (Do you think I could have made that sentence any longer?)  Wherever possible, I'm using the editions from Jan. 31, 2002 but will also cite resources which publish less than daily issues.

    The December issue of the Multinational Monitor reports on the destruction of our Constitutional freedoms by Attorney General Ashcroft and ably abetted by Congress.  Their lead story is important to us all (The Ten Worst Corporations) but nothing speaks to the fact that tens of thousands are dead at the hands of America. ( 1 )

    The Guardian, while looking at the many other failures of the current regime such as the idiocy of threatening Iraq, Iran, and North Korea and the wasted billions that the Clinton Administration left as a surplus, none of its stories deal at all with the failures so evident in Afghanistan.  ( 2 )

    The Times of India reports that the Indian government has offered to assist the establishment of a national army in Afghanistan and also reports, rather blandly and succinctly, the moron's threats against the "axis of evil" (see above and also any Flash Gordon movie). ( 3 )

    The South China Morning Post offers a short article on the moron's threats as well as another article detailing the beginning of factional fighting between the various tribes and armies in Afghanistan.  Again, absolutely nothing about the fact that Osama bin Laden is still free as are the majority of his al Qaeda leadership. ( 4 )

    The International Herald Tribune also reports on the renewed tribal warfare in Afghanistan as well as a report on an al Qaeda who has confessed to being a part of a larger group in Malaysia.  Nevertheless, nothing about bin Laden or the moron's failures or carnage. ( 5 )

    The New York Times didn't have much of interest at all let alone about the many failures of the moron.  It did, however, have some truly sweet little butt kissing pieces under "Op-Ed Columnists" with Safire's the most silly.  ( 6 )

    The St. Petersburg Times of Russia has absolutely nothing about the moron or his war next door to them, although it seems that the government is getting peeved about the content of Radio Liberty and its too chummy relationship with Chechnya's separatists.  ( 7 )

    Finally, the best that the Wall Street Journal could muster was a puff piece on how Rumsfeld wanted more and more and more money in order to make his wealthy owners in the defense industry even wealthier, er, I mean, to strengthen America's military might to protect us from the next plane load of whackos.  ( 8 )

    Yeah, that's just the ticket.  Let's waste billions of dollars and take the economy even further into the hole that the moron's stupid tax cuts have already taken us and let's build a completely unworkable anti-missile defense when the real dangers lie in the idiocy of the moron, himself, and terrorists in planes and on ships and just driving around in cars.  Yeah, that must make some sort of sense in as much as the majority of the drooling TV addicts claim to support it.  Yeah!  That's the ticket!


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