The Inaugural Address of the New Benevolent Dictator


      Ladies and gentlemen.  I am proud to stand before you as America's second unelected leader in a row.  As you know, the last, shameful occupant of this office has been sent back to his family and the vile and superstitious people that he brought with him have been sent home, as well.  Investigations into their actions during the illegal occupation of this nation's highest offices will begin immediately and all criminal acts will be duly punished according to current law.  Never again will this nation be soiled by such ignoble and hateful people as those who are now gone but whose crimes against Americans and the world will never be forgotten nor forgiven.

    This nation has often approached the edge of greatness but has, again and again, been pulled away by the members of the two largest political parties.  Each time that America is dragged back towards its old ways, life for decent, hard working Americans has become more and more difficult.  Each time that this nation's future is twisted and warped by the Democrats and the Republicans, the result is always that the average American gets poorer and poorer while the wealthy, who have owned and operated this government for far too long, just got richer and less responsive to the vast majority of this nation's citizens.

    That continuous cycle of greed and selfishness will, as of today, come to a screeching and permanent halt.  From this day forward, America will find itself on the road to becoming the decent and honorable nation our founding fathers meant it to be.  That road will be paid for through the simple means of; from those who have much, much will be expected.  From those that have little, from them only the muscle and the sweat that this endeavor will demand will be expected.  As their efforts bring forth the product and fruits of our combined labor, their ability to provide financial support will grow, as well.  All Americans will be expected to share in both the financial and physical struggle towards national excellence as well as revel in the fruit that those exertions will provide.

    This will not be a simple proposal.  Indeed, the American Dream has been deeply damaged by the past twenty years or more of divergence between the haves and the have-nots.  The scars of these economic horrors run deep.  Comfortable habits of self-indulgence and egocentricity will be eliminated and will, by necessity, be replaced by a belief that all must share in the wealth and comforts that this planet offers.  This will be the most difficult of the transitions solely because those that have grown affluent through political power or financial cleverness believe that any reduction in their wealth must be followed by a reduction in their security.  Over time, that will be shown to be a false fear.  If all are secure and educated and healthy then none will need to fear for their futures.

    I will provide an outline of the changes that this benevolent dictatorship will cause within this nation that will benefit all.  The final structure that these changes will bring about will be decided by the people of this nation who will come together as the citizen legislators that was envisioned by the first true Americans so long ago.  Once these citizen committees are created and have become firm in their resolve to conceive of a better nation and a better world, then nationwide elections for all offices will be held. 

    First and most importantly, children will be the main focus of American policies.  All laws must pass the "Diaper Test".  If it harms children, it will not be passed.   America will focus on each succeeding generation as a national asset that deserves to be given every opportunity to succeed.  Children will be protected as much as possible from the evil that invades the hearts of too many adults, evils such as greed and selfishness and spite and violence.  For too long have we allowed our children to bear the brunt of our national stupidities, greed and wars.  This will cease.

    Education will be free to all from pre-school through graduation from university or vocational institutions.  Politicians will be forbidden from interfering in the process of education other than in the areas of safety and construction and maintenance.  Local PTA-type committees will be empowered to oversee the process used to educate their children.  Teacher's salaries will increase according to their importance to society (as will police, firemen, nurses, and all other vocations that so greatly impact our lives and society).    Religious schools will be licensed with the same scholastic requirements as public schools but not one penny of public funds will be given to them.  The separation of church and state is, once again, absolute as of this day.  There will be no superstitions taught in public schools be it either religious in nature or quasi-scientific except when comparing the differences between the various systems.  Students will be taught that all facts must be questioned and that the scientific method is the best path to truth.  Students will be taught to learn, not to memorize rote answers.  The love of knowledge and learning will be the core of all teaching methods.

    All religious institutions will now be taxed at the same rate as corporations since they have become nothing more than simple businesses.  All church property will be taxed as assets and all money given to the church will be considered income.  Churches will be offered dollar for dollar tax breaks for all social programs offered that are provided to all in need and which is given without any conditions as to religious beliefs or other special requirements.

    Corporations will return to their rightful place as "Servants of the People".  Corporations will be licensed by the state in which it does business and  by the federal government.  Executives will now be criminally liable for corporate actions such as pollution or dangerous products or financial fraud or theft whenever that crime is within the parameters of their responsibility.    Licenses can and will be revoked through a majority vote of a state's electorate.  Corporate assets will then be sold by the state/federal government in one piece or in parcels - the method to be determined by an elected committee that will oversee all corporate behavior.  Such committees will consist of elected citizens, corporate representatives, and others but the majority of voting seats will always be reserved for the elected citizens.  Any misconduct on the part of any member will subject them to a punishment of removal from the committee, at the least, to prison sentences for the most serious criminal acts.

    All existing trade treaties and pacts will be either renegotiated or voided.  America will be a participant only in those agreements which broaden the rights of individuals and which provides vast protections for the environment and the working people.  Manufacturing jobs that are taken from these shores will be required to offer the exact same living wage and benefits that would be required for those same jobs here.  Any products that are manufactured in facilities that refuse to comply with that mandate will face taxes and levies equal to the cost of manufacturing those goods under the conditions mentioned throughout these new standards.  No nation or corporation may attempt to force any other nation to follow their lower or more relaxed standards of environmental or worker protections.  Every nation retains the right to refuse to allow the products or services from a nation that allows those looser standards to be imported until the highest environmental requirements are met.  Any American corporation that is found to be continuing to transact business with those foreign corporations or governments that employ practices harmful to workers or the environment will have their corporate charters automatically voided and their assets sold as described above.

    The Taft-Hartley Act is hereby terminated.  The act of hiring "temporary" laborers is henceforth an illegal labor practice with punishments to be both financial as well as civil.  A new federal department will be created that will mediate and be the final word in all labor disputes.  This mediation will take the place of strikes and other disruptive labor acts.  The employer and the union will require immediate arbitration whenever the other declares that the talks are at an impasse.  The mediator will be required  to take into account such factors for the employees as the cost of living, rate of inflation, the increase or decrease in company profits, and other necessary information. The mediator will also take into account aspects such as increases in salary, stock options, bonuses, etc. that the executive level employees receive and will align the worker's pay and benefits with those figures. 

    No executive may earn more than 30 times the salary of the lowest paid employee and any executive's income or benefits that can be shown to exceed that figure will be taxed at 100%, the funds then used for the training and other costs of the mediation teams.  If the revenue from that tax exceeds the cost of mediation, those funds will be targeted at high school and college level courses that provide the history of labor unions and the benefits/costs that history supplies.  The mediator's decision regarding executive benefits will take into account the real costs that the company or government division expends as well as other pre-determined expenses.

    Pollution of the air, water, and soil will be considered a criminal offense as will any contamination of the food supply.  Pollution will be deemed any substance that affects, in a negative and unintentional manner, organisms it comes in contact with.  Federally funded research into methods of counteracting chemical emissions that are a necessary by-product of certain industries will be given priority.  Federally funded research into substances and manufacturing structures that reduce or, more importantly, eliminate the production of pollution will also be given priority.  All patents for such methods and processes will be retained by the federal government and will be licensed, for a small fee, to all businesses that request that license.  This will create a climate in which the federal government will regain a portion of the research costs as well as help to drive a competitive market through new and environmentally sounder business practices.  By reducing the pollution in the air, water, and soil the government will also be drastically reducing the many costs, both financial and physical, that pollution has burdened the planet with.

    The research necessary to improve the efficiency of non-polluting forms of energy generation will be funded by the federal government with the fruits of that research free to all companies that wish to manufacture products using that knowledge.  Effective immediately, all cars sold or brought into the United States will be required to meet progressively tougher fuel efficiency and emission standards from one model year to the next.   Within ten years, those requirements will be so restrictive that only alternate forms of energy will be able to meet or exceed those regulations.  The expected conclusion will be vehicles that not only produce no pollution in their manufacture or use but which also provide for the utmost safety of passengers.  These same standards will also be met by other forms of transportation such as aviation, trucking, rail, and ships.  Within two decades, man will be able to travel from place to place without the dangers implicit today and without leaving a trail of dirty brown air behind.

    The United States will also provide research funds, through grants and tax reductions, to provide all of this world's inhabitants with a constant and clean source of water.  We will also learn how to process mankind's many wastes in order to remove those substances that pollute the planet and then return the water into the ecosystem as clean, if not cleaner, than was true when it was taken from that system.

    No longer will Americans be used as guinea pigs for industry.  Genetically modifying or cloning any plant or animal will be allowed only under the most extreme set of restrictive parameters and may not be introduced into the food supply without the most stringent controls until proven safe.  Even then, all products that contain GMOs will be required to so state, in legible type, on the label.  New pharmaceuticals will be tested by independent laboratories funded entirely by the government and all drugs that pass testing and are prescribed will be closely followed for unexpected side effects.  Any medication that is directed at fewer patients than would make the drug(s) profitable will be subsidized by the American people and the pharmaceutical industry through fees, levies, and taxes.

    Health insurance will be free to all Americans.  There will never again be a time when any American will face the choice between medical attention,  food, clothing, or any other of life's necessities.  There will be no costs for an education in the healing arts.  Physicians, nurses, therapists, and all other practitioners will be paid a salary equal to their specialty's importance to America's health.  This will eliminate the drive for greater and greater fees and will allow those who practice medicine to fully involve themselves in the patient's health and well-being.  No one with a medical condition will be refused treatment and all Americans will be eligible for the very best care available.

    All benefits that are received by elected officials must be funded and provided to all other Americans.  No longer will Congress or the Executive offices receive greater benefits than the people that they represent.  All elective government offices will receive pay raises equal to the average increases in wages paid to working Americans.  Should the economy fall into a recession, then all elective officials will receive a pay cut equal to the decrease in average wages.

    All Americans will receive a living wage rather than a minimum wage.  No longer will a family feel forced to abandon their children during the day in order that the family have even the most basic level of security.  In as much as health care and education are now free, the true cost of living will be reduced which will enable families to make fewer harsh choices such as that between medical care, food, and housing.  The living wage will be set by the federal labor department and will be the lowest wage that any employer will be allowed to provide.  Each community, county, and state will be required to set their own level of living wage to correspond to local cost of living indicators but which can only be higher than the federally mandated minimum.

    The health and safety of all employees will be tightly regulated by a renewed and empowered federal level OSHA which will fine corporations for lapses in those protections and, if appropriate, can also fine or bring civil charges against executives should it be shown that they were instrumental in any violation.  If that violation results in injury or death, then criminal prosecution can also be brought against responsible executives or any other employee found to be knowingly responsible.  State OSHA departments will be closed and workers from those divisions will be absorbed into the federal level posts and will remain in their local areas.

    From this day forward, all future elections will be publicly funded .  Each candidate from all parties which received 1% or more of the votes in the previous election cycle will receive funds allocated per voter in their area of representation.  No party's candidate will receive any more than the candidates from the other parties.  All licensed broadcasters will be required to provide opportunities during prime time for candidates to give short speeches describing their views on particular subjects.  Debates will be held between all candidates from parties that received 1% or more of the vote in the last election cycle.   All Americans will be automatically registered to vote through driver's license applications.  Those who choose not to apply for a driver's license will be registered through county offices or local outreach efforts.  Those who choose not to register will also be ineligible for certain tax breaks such as the mortgage interest deduction or the deduction for family members, among others.

    At any time and for any reason, should a candidate or elected official take a penny from any source other than that income directly derived from that office, they will be indicted and, if found guilty, they will go to prison.  America must regain our trust in our government and the officials that manage it and the only certain path to that trust is to completely and totally remove the overt bribery that is campaign contributions.  Since the wealthy will complain that this interferes with their First Amendment rights to spend their wealth to sway public opinion, any funds expended to support a political cause through the use of the media will be taxed at 100% of the cost with that tax being earmarked for public education in the skill of understanding the art of media manipulation and other forms of propaganda.

    Organizations and individuals may purchase broadcast time but the time may not include the support or criticism of any candidate or official.  The only focus of such expressions may be issues of local or national interests and the position that the supporters take on those issues.  All local cable operators and radio stations will offer time slots to individuals who may speak for a set period of time concerning issues that they believe must be addressed.  Again, no one may speak in support of or in opposition to individual candidates.

    Taxes will shift from a burden to a respected source of funding the American dream.  The ability to accumulate wealth in this nation exists solely because this nation offers the protection, the education, the regulations, and the civil order to do so.  These resources come at a price to each American through government expenses.  Thus, wealth will be progressively taxed at a higher level according to the higher incomes.  The poorest will pay nothing but will see tax expectations grow when their incomes begin to rise.  Payroll taxes from labor will be greatly reduced, allowing the workers to increase their level of comfort while also paying a slowly increasing share of the federal revenue.  Legislation will allow individuals to deduct predetermined amounts from their taxes for each child as well as a portion of certain burdens such as mortgage interest only on their principle homes.  Contributions to charities that assist the poor, the disabled, children, or any other portion of the American public who face unavoidable travails in life will be considered dollar for dollar deductions.

     All income will be taxed.  Income from investments such as stocks or bonds or other paper investments will be taxed at the highest rate when held less than 365 days and at a progressively lower rate as the time of possession grows longer.  This will eliminate the manic, day to day fluctuations of the markets and will protect both employer and employee from the negative manipulations that occur when short term profits are the sole purpose of the investor.  Inheritances will be taxed for sums above a predetermined level.  While the hard work of one generation should benefit the next, passing along assets above those needed to maintain the original lifestyle creates a situation is which the majority of the wealth of this nation is hoarded, generation by generation, by the smallest minority of the population.  Wealth and luxury are not guaranteed by the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights and so are liable as being obliged to be shared with the majority.

    Corporate tax deductions will reflect investments in equipment meant to increase productivity or improve the product or provide a safe working environment.  There will be progressively higher levels of corporate tax reduction for the employment of greater numbers of individuals, contributions to the local civic community's lifestyle (funding parks, playgrounds, museums, after school art and science classes and other educational benefits for the local population).  Other reductions will be offered as long as the deduction is available to all industries and as long as the result benefits America.

    The War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs is a resounding failure and is now declared over.  No longer will America punish those whose physiology makes them predisposed to addictions.  No longer will we fill our prisons with our sons and daughters for acts that we happily engaged in during our youth.  While all drugs are now considered legal, they will be heavily taxed by the states and federal governments.  These taxes will be solely used for rehabilitation expenses within the health care system as well as education curriculum for all grades from K-12 and informative programs to be aired in all media.  These programs will inform America of the dangers of all drugs including alcohol and tobacco in equal measure.  Rehabilitation from drug addictions will be voluntary unless that person has become an actual danger to the community around him.  Only then may a court require involvement in rehab programs with the most severe incidences being confined in a manner that will provide the utmost safety and therapy.

    The human race will never be wise enough to only convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent.  Mistakes, errors in judgment, outright lies and deformed personalities at any level of the judicial process will always result in the possibility of a miscarriage of justice.  Therefore, the death penalty is now eliminated and the ultimate sentence that a court may order is life without possibility of parole.  These inmates will be kept separate from those whose crimes were less serious by the construction of specialized prison systems that will house only the most violent convicts.  Those receiving life without possibility of parole will be held in a cell throughout the remainder of their lives.  They will be removed from that cell only for the most extreme of reason (medical or exoneration or death).  Otherwise, the cell will be their total world.

    In every case in which a sentence is levied on any person, the immediate and long term intent will be the rehabilitation of that person.  All federal and state prisons will offer professional counseling services, educational assistance, medical treatment, vocational opportunities and any other support that will allow the individual to possess the tools necessary to reintegrate into the outside society.  Any incarcerated person who behaves in a violent manner will automatically be segregated from the general prison population until they can show that their future actions will be in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down for all inmates.

    The nation's military will be vastly streamlined.  Each service will adopt specialized functions and will arm and train their troops accordingly.  The Pentagon will no longer be involved in the design and procurement of major weapons systems but will, instead, act as consultants to another new federal level department whose function will be the design, testing, procurement and dissemination of weapons.  It will also be charged with maintaining the necessary supplies and replacement parts of a modern military through the acquisition of the very best supplies at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.  Again, any company found to be overcharging will be investigated and any of its executives found to be involved in that crime will be indicted and, if guilty, will be sentenced to prison terms corresponding to the crime.  The same guidelines will stand for those members of the committee.

    Corporate America has proven time and again that it must be regulated or it will become greedy, selfish, and will work against the best interests of the citizens of this nation.  Therefore, all industries which produce the necessities of life, such as transportation and finance and energy and the like, will find themselves working within strict guidelines and parameters.  There will be no process through which an industry can ever again become deregulated although the constraints may ease over time as corporate responsibility becomes important in the executive suites.

    As of this day, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are once again the law of the land.  No laws may be enacted or enforced that violates the standards set forth in these documents.  Whenever a law falls within a "gray area" of defining these document's protections, then the law will always side with the individual.  All trials will proceed in public and all records will be in the public domain.  No American or visitor to America will be required to testify against themselves either through word or deed.  The homes of Americans are, again, their most prized possessions and no law may be enacted that interferes with that tenet.  Courts may require parties to submit personal substances such as blood or urine samples only after proof is provided to that court that such samples are relevant and necessary to the safety and well being of the public.  Laws may continue to restrict the types of weapons that an American may purchase or sell but each restriction must be debated publicly and with the participation of the citizens at large.  All other doctrines set forth in these two documents will be considered absolute in all questions.

    Every generation needs heroes.  America is no different.  What America needs, however, are heroes whose exploits are far more substantial than playing a children's game or acting out roles written by others.  Instead, America needs to respect those among us who have contributed the most to improve our nation, our cities, our children, our lives.  Individuals whose deeds and beliefs result in a better, more caring nation or who have improved the lives of other people will be acknowledged at every level of the nation.  Communities will be encouraged to recognize those within their local areas who have shown themselves to be participating or supporting the betterment of the lives of their friends and neighbors.  These individuals and groups will be given opportunities to explain what has driven them throughout their lives to help others with the goal of inspiring others to follow their lead.

    In all instances, the United States will willingly agree to partnerships with any and all other nations on this planet.  All technologies created by this nation will be shared with those participating nations as well as any technologies that are created by those partners will be incorporated into the processes and manufacturing systems in the US. 

    It is to the absolute advantage of all of this world's peoples that the energy and talents and knowledge of the general population be used to improve the lot of all, not just the most fortunate.  Wars are fought out of envy and greed or because one part of the human race subjugates another or, most insane of all, through the desire of the followers of one superstition to destroy or convert the followers of another superstition.  By bringing all mankind into a world where health, education, nutrition and safety are everyday truths, then the need to take from others will be minimized. 

    Any nation or leader who attempts to take by force from others will become, immediately, an outcast among nations and a pariah among other men.  Their governments will be ignored and no other nation will sell nor barter with them until they have ceased their ignoble measures.  No nation may sell or purchase armaments nor may any nation use their might to force another to comply with any demand against that nation's will.  War must become the tragedy and farce that it has always been and those "leaders" who would lead others to their deaths for stupid goals such as greed or patriotism or superstitions must be ousted by their citizens.

    This is but a broad outline that will serve as the initial schematic for a new and far healthier America.  All of these issues will be addressed and all of these issues will be resolved.  The people of America and the people of this planet will witness the grand spectacle of a nation embarking on the most difficult and complex of journeys, a passage into a better and more caring future.  This nation is about to lose its insane self-image as the "World's Policeman" and, instead, clothe itself in the garb of a neighbor, a partner, and a fellow passenger on this planet.  The power and talents and resources of America will be used to improve the lot of all, not just the greedy and selfish few. 

    Always remember, the art of amassing wealth is an immoral one according to the writings of nearly every organized superstition.  One has only to look at its greatest practitioners to witness that truth.  It is a far more difficult task to unite in hope than to thoughtlessly demand the largest share.  Those who proclaim selfishness and avarice to be commendable human traits must now understand that the world will see them as the human failures that they are and always have been.  Wealth will claim no power, no honor, and no sway in America's future.  Only towards those who use their talents and abilities for the greater good will America reserve its respect and admiration.

    Even when all of this becomes a part of America's history, the world will need to remain constantly focused on the future hopes and of the decency inherent within most of humankind.  There will always be those who will aspire to be the new Rumsfeld or Ashcroft or Hitler or Reagan or Pol Pot. There will always be those who desire to possess high office but can only do so through subterfuge or bribery.  There will always be those who, because of their total lack of acumen, become the puppets of those who's evil schemes can only be brought to fruition through the ruse of hiding behind the scenes because the moron can become the harmless appearing facade of the thugs behind the curtain.  There will always be those who desire to drag the rest of mankind down to their base and despicable level.  As was said by our founding fathers, "The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance."

    It is time to take the first step in the long and arduous journey on which we have set ourselves.  Look at the person beside you and know that you are both companions and members of the greatest task ever embarked upon by mankind.  You are all to be the architects and the designers of a better tomorrow for yourselves, your children, and all generations to come.  What greater purpose could any of us ask?



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