One Very Logical Reason To Fight the Conservative Movement in America


    Whenever someone asks why I feel that the entire right wing, Republican faction in America has sold itself out to the Nazi mindset so popular in Germany about sixty years ago, I wish that I could point to just one person that exemplifies that notion.  The moron has his pr machine working overtime to hide the reality of his pure ignorance and meanness.  Ashcroft and Rumsfeld are openly as mean spirited and hateful as they like since the media doesn't want to offend and lose their easy access to the quotes that passes for news.

    Well, I've now found the one person who can be easily set forth as the poster girl for the Nazi right.  Her name is Ann Coulter and she is justly famous as just another big mouthed, small brained, mean spirited, Christian Nazi.  You might remember her for her insane little demand to America immediately following Sept. 11 that, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."  Ah, yes, another Nazi with no concept of whether something is moral or just, only the cranial capacity to want to murder anyone and everyone that might move the Nazi's little pogrom against people who follow a different superstition from her kind.

    Good old Ann hasn't stopped there, either.  Now that she's shown America the brimstone lined path into the dark abyss of her soul, she wants to show us all that, if we thought that she had stooped as low as she possibly could, then we haven't seen anything yet.  Ann can and has further disgraced herself once again, this time before an audience of her fellow Nazi sympathizers better known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, a group that bills itself as the nation's "premier annual gathering of conservatives."  It was here that she explained the true conservative philosophy regarding democracy and every American's right to speak out and to debate the issues of the day.

    "We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too.  Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors."

    Naturally, good old Ann immediately went on FOX News, the network that could care less about the truth as long as the lies fit their far right political objectives.  There, she proclaimed that her insane, disgraceful, anti-American and downright stupid remarks were a "huge hit with the audience".  Well, of course they were.  Any time that a person shows their absolute love of evil and hate, the conservatives can't love them enough.

    Nevertheless, let's take a moment to consider this insane, negative and destructive little person's words actually mean.

    First, the reality is that John Walker had converted to a fundamentalist form of Islam, a sect that claims millions of members.  In Pakistan, where he was taught the lessons of Islam, fundamentalist Muslims constitute the majority of the population.  At the same time that he was studying, the neighboring nation of Afghanistan had ended decades of civil war when the Taliban tribe, another group of fundamentalist Muslims, had finally conquered the bulk of the nation.  Walker went to Afghanistan and joined this group for the simple reason that they represented and followed the beliefs that he found to be relevant to his view of the universe.

    What he didn't do was join the Taliban in order to kill Americans.  What he didn't do was either support nor join the Al Qaeda.  What he didn't do was, in any manner, strive to overthrow the American government.  What he did was to follow his desire for a spiritual life, a path that led him to Afghanistan and the Taliban.  None of that can, in the mind of any reasonable person, be considered treason.

    Another topic that the dreadfully immoral Ann conveniently overlooks is that Walker wasn't the only foreign born member of the Taliban.  In fact, the many other tribes that make up the many tribal armies in Afghanistan also claim many members not born in Afghanistan.  The difference is that other nations normally don't allow creatures like Ann to ever speak to the public since she would just be an embarrassment in any other civilized society.

    Take Great Britain, for example.  Their government is aware that a number of British citizens are being illegally held by the American military at the concentration and torture camp at Guantanamo Bay and they are actively trying to force the American regime to release them into British custody.  Our government, in the guise of Rumsfeld, continues to refuse to even acknowledge that any British citizens are being held.  In other words, the British don't consider their citizens are traitors for their roles as members of foreign military organizations while ludicrous people like Ann are demanding that this nation become a party to her gruesome little fantasies.

    Another facet of this woman's sickness is her belief that liberals, since they don't desire the insane and useless bloodshed that appears to be her deepest craving, should also be murdered for the crime of participating in the democracy that she so obviously despises.  What else could account for her soulless and mindless need to kill anyone who disagrees with her and her soul mates in her hellish nightmares?

    Folks, whenever you wonder why I say, over and over, that the most common thread that holds conservatives together is the fact that they are evil to their very core, this woman stands as the most overt explanation.  Their desire to force a Christian Taliban government on America, their obvious ignorance about the meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and their deep seated love of violence and carnage in their pursuit of a conservative Nirvana in America speaks far more eloquently about their twisted purposes and personalities than I ever could.  Ann has every right to seek her sick version of America but she has no right on Earth to threaten the lives of those who so sensibly disagree with her visions. 

    Hopefully, America's Constitution and Bill of Rights will survive their horrible association with this regime and its insane followers.  With any luck, America will eventually be free to mature and grow as the inclusive and honorable nation that its founders desired and attempted to enshrine within its pioneering documents.  There's no guarantee of that, of course.  Many other truly principled forms of government have been derailed and obliterated by the ranting of idiots than were ever destroyed by war.  Democracy, by its very open nature, will never be immune to diseased minds like Coulter's.  That's the price decent people pay for freedom.

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