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    How do we Californians know that spring is just around the corner?  When we begin to see articles in the local newspapers that tell us that the price of gas is going up, once again.  Why does it go up at the same exact time year after year?  Is it because, as the industry's apologists proclaim through their media mouthpieces, "refinery problems, higher oil prices and increased demand"?  Well, maybe, if you believe that the oil industry is completely incapable of keeping their refineries working only as spring approaches or that the oil taken from oil fields right here in the United States has to cost the same as oil taken from beneath Saudi Arabia and Oman or that increased demand somehow makes a product more expensive to produce.  In you believe that then you're a Republican and unlikely to be reading this, anyway. 

    No, what is happening is the same as every year that any Californian can remember.  The idiots who drive the 12 mpg SUVs want to go on long drives in the spring and summer and will pay whatever the oil industry wants for gas.  Since most of them have far more cents than sense, the industry knows that none of them will put up much of a fuss nor will the media since the oil industry pays for a lot of advertising.  Thus, there is no law of supply and demand when you're talking about California, just the law of overt oil industry theft every spring. ( 1 )

    If you live in California, the next time you go out try counting the number of cars and trucks and signs and clothes that are emblazoned with the American flag.  Since waving the flag has become the substitute for actual, independent thinking, you should be able to count each of those flag wavers and have a pretty good idea of how many Americans love their country and the freedoms that it represents.  Of course, all of those freedoms carry a rather hefty price tag, one of which is the DUTY to vote in every election.

    So, now that we agree that there are just one hell of a lot of patriotic, freedom loving, real live Americans in our California midst, how many do you think might have taken the ten minutes necessary to vote in California's March 5 preliminary election?  How about less than a third? 

    Makes you just puff up with pride knowing that these same folks are undoubtedly thrilled to death and fully supportive of their government killing all those horrible Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, doesn't it?  Oops, we haven't gotten any of those leaders yet, have we?  All we've done so far is kill a few tens of thousands of Taliban soldiers and maybe ten or more of Al Qaeda's lowest ranking lackeys, not to mention thousands upon thousands upon thousands of innocent children and other Afghan civilians. 

    So, should we assume that flying a flag is easier than actually carrying out your patriotic duty by engaging in the one act that separates a democracy from a dictatorship?  Should we assume that, in fact, the nation is full of people who will happily send off the nation's children to fight and die in some squalid, third world cesspool but can't get off their pasty white, fat butts for ten minutes to go and simply have their say in the country's future?  Or maybe it's just that the other 69% know that this government is an abject failure and that the people running this nation are losers and toadies who haven't the slightest notion of morals or honesty or decency.  Okay, forget I asked. ( 2 )

    Can anyone honestly believe that the photo on page one of the LA Times of 3/8/02 isn't the most disgusting and overt display of propaganda that even this rotten and decaying regime has stooped to?  In a series of three blurred images from a security camera, we see what we're told is the nose of American Airlines Flight 77 as it plows into the side of the Pentagon last Sept. 11.

    The accompanying article, which is half way through the paper on page A23, never once explains just why it was so important to publish this picture now, nearly six months after the Pentagon knew of its existence.  Could it just, maybe, possibly be just another childish effort to prop up the little moron's losing efforts at anything even resembling a "war" on terrorism?  Could it be that the American people are starting to ask some difficult questions about whether anything resembling a victory over "evil" can ever be expected or are the moron and his gang of Nazis just going to drag out this invasion of another sovereign nation as long as possible while they try to build up some more propaganda efforts that will allow them to invade another sovereign nation like Iraq or Sudan?  Could it be that the memories of the Demoblicans in Congress finally were jarred into remembering that the job of Congress isn't to kneel daily and to kiss the moron's butt over every single issue before them?  Or could it be that the military is so completely incompetent that they just discovered the images in the last couple of days?  I guess that's your call to make.  ( 3 )

    While we're talking about the jet that flew into the Pentagon, here's another reason to read foreign newspapers every day; they offer information and questions that the toadies and butt kissers of the American media refuses or is afraid to consider.

    Go to the French link and ask yourself the same questions that the site poses.  Frankly, it seems that the lies and half truths that have swamped the American people ever since Sept. 11 is beginning to slowly unravel.  One little question, one little detected lie at a time is beginning to create an entirely new version of the events leading up to, during, and since those horrors occurred.  This site is very important in understanding the truth. ( 4 )


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