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    Seriously, I ask you, are these the words of a person capable of even the pretense of basic, human intelligence let alone commanding a legion of assistants and cabinet executives while managing a major invasion of a sovereign nation half way around the globe?  Check out his reply to a question about the General Accounting Office's lawsuit over information concerning who was instrumental in the creation of this regime's so-called energy policy.  The moron replied to the question with, " order for people to give me sound advice, that information not oughta be public."

    Now, refresh my memory since it seems to be failing me.  Wasn't the right wing Nazi rant for eight years the edict that Clinton not only couldn't claim Executive Privilege but that everyone who had ever been near him could be forced to testify about any information they might have simply overheard?  Didn't the fascists in Congress subpoena Clinton's personal Secret Service agents and forced them to answer questions regarding advice and remarks made in confidence between the President and his advisors and attorneys?  Didn't the Nazis also force the commission that was studying universal healthcare concepts under Hillary Clinton to not only turn over all documents and witness lists to Congress but to hold all meetings in public?  Is there something here that escapes me?

    Gentle readers, the reality is that we really can't blame the moron for much of what has happened since his owners stole the election in 2000 and then installed the meanest, most immoral and soulless band of outright thugs that the world hasn't witnessed since Hitler came to power.  I say this for the same reason that I do not believe that those individuals found to be mentally retarded shouldn't be sentenced to capital punishment; they're just completely incapable of understanding right from wrong.  The little moron was crowned by the Supreme Court simply because he made a fairly good sock puppet that the true Nazis of the Republican Party could hide behind while they went about their work installing the Fourth Reich in America.  To blame the moron for anything that has occurred these last few years is equal to damning the chicken for spreading salmonella.  It ain't his fault that, like the chicken, his butt's full of disease. ( 1 )

    Speaking of morons, one Katherine Stroup is hereby nominated for the prize Most Ludicrous Person Ever to Waste Precious Oxygen - Magazine Division.  Here's her opening line in a short little tirade against Consumer Report's new book, "Selling It", its collection of misleading ads and silly warnings on products, "Ralph Nader isn't the only joke to come out of consumer advocacy."  I guess we can assume, though, that Katherine is just another of the far too commonly seen jokes that come out of the field of irrational right wing reporters.  ( 2 )

    Are you aware of the approximately 50 different insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides that are commonly used on and in our nation's schools?  Did you know that some of them, possibly most of them, have been shown to cause damage kidneys and livers, cause birth defects, and produce neurological problems?  The journal Cancer reported recently that childhood rates of cancer are exploding and there is likely a direct correlation between these dying children and the toxic environment found in too many schools.  Fact of the matter is, just about all of them are known to be, at the very least, irritants.

    Sen. Robert Torricelli, a Democrat from New Jersey, knew all of this.  That's why he wrote the School Environment Protection Act (SEPA) and brought it before the Education Conference Committee, hoping to have to it attached to the education bill. 

    Now, understand, this bill isn't an attack on the chemical industry nor on the manufacturers of the pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.  In fact, the bill that Torricelli offered had been written as a compromise between environmentalists and the pest-control industry.  The most controversial part of the bill would have banned spraying in occupied school areas, a ban that most intelligent people would consider the very least of restrictive requirements. 

    Naturally, intelligent people weren't present when the bill was voted on in the committee.  Instead, Democrats and Republicans did the voting and, due to a massive about face by the pesticide industry, the bill died in committee. 

    Anyone with any common sense would ask who, in their right mind, would support any effort to continue to assault our children with deadly, toxic chemicals in their schools?  Obviously, the death of the bill was mostly the result of someone whose intelligence is greatly limited only to issues such as bribery and power, your friend and mine, one Republican whip Tom DeLay, owner and operator of Albo Pest Control of Houston, Texas.

    Ever notice how Texas seems to produce some of the vilest and most despicable creatures ever to soil the American scene?  Must be something in the water.  Maybe it's a hell of a lot of things in the water.  ( 3 )

    Just out of curiosity, and knowing how sick all of you must be of all things Enron, have you wondered why so little light has been emitted from all the heat that this particular criminal enterprise produced?  We know beyond any doubt that Enron owned the little sock puppet known far and wide as the moron.  That's a given.  But why wouldn't the Democrats use this sad episode to point out the depth of evil that is the Republican Party and their masters in Corporate America?  Could it just possibly be the two, back to back, $50,000 checks to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) that Enron wrote in the week before it declared bankruptcy?  Could our government be so completely bought and sold?  As someone once noted, I'm not surprised that politicians can be bought off, I'm just surprised at how cheaply that can be accomplished.  ( 4 )

    What punishment would our education system mete out to a fifteen year old student so unpatriotic as to wear a T-shirt reading, "When I saw the dead and dying Afghani children on TV, I felt a newly recovered sense of national security.  God Bless America"?  Well, if you're the Sissonville, West Virginia school administration, you suspend her for three days and then look the other way while other students verbally and physically assaulted her.

    What punishment would this same education system mete out to a student so sick and xenophobic as to wear a T-shirt signed by numerous other Sissonville students and aimed at the Panamanian girl reading, ""Go back where you came from"?  Why, absolutely nothing, of course. 

    Obviously, the Sissonville school administration has been infected with the same deadly virus that the moron and his gang of thugs have that results in the acceptance of hate speech as long as it isn't, in their sick and narrow view, "unpatriotic".  ( 5 )

    The rabid right and Corporate America have been repeating the mantra that testing our children using corporately designed tests will somehow improve the education of our children.  As anyone with even an ounce of sense has already realized (sorry all you Republicans if I lost you just now) testing only improves the bottom line of the corporations that have bribed enough government officials to force the idea into reality.  In fact, we can use the example of the moron's own state, Texas, to show just what this idiocy really adds up to.

    Testing in Texas schools has been in place longer than in any other state, starting in 1995.  The results have proven, shall we say, problematic. 

    The drop-out rate for African-American and Latino students have risen since testing began.  Evidence is accumulating that the writing skills of students who pass these tests are actually poorer than their peers who were fortunate enough to graduate before this stupidity began.  Teachers are eliminating normal curriculum material such as a varied offering of literature, teacher and student morale is falling as testing takes priority over learning, and many other negative effects are being seen there.  Finally, students and parents are complaining that this type of one-size fits all testing proves only which students are best at taking and passing these tests than whether or not the students have actually learned anything or have acquired the love of learning that leads to a lifetime of self-education.

    It's long past the point when politicians must be completely and utterly removed from any decisions affecting the education of our children.  To allow individuals who have been bribed and are completely under the control of Corporate America to also control the future of our children is insanity. 

    The reality is simple and obvious; our educational system has deteriorated solely because the government has strangled the system monetarily.  In California, education from kindergarten to graduate school was once completely free to every child in the state.  That senile old fool Reagan completely destroyed this system during his infection of the office of governor and replaced it with a system that eventually resulted in crumbling schools, dispirited teachers, too many students per class, too few textbooks and teaching materials, and a list that extends beyond reason. 

    Naturally, instead of accepting the blame for this horror, politicians and Corporate America point the finger at the teachers, themselves, adding another burden to an already heavy responsibility.  They are completely wrong, of course.  Today's teachers are as dedicated and caring as ever and are far more educated in the many difficulties that children drag with them into school such as physical and mental and sexual abuse as well as disabilities such as ADD and ADHD and autism.  Today's teachers are the best and the brightest while our politicians continue to be the greediest and the most uncaring group of thieves and charlatans that this nation has ever been plagued with.  The problems in our educational system cannot be laid at the feet of our teachers but it must be laid at the knees of our politicians (since their favorite position is kneeling before their corporate owners).  Testing can assist teachers and parents and administrators to detect areas in which individual students and entire classes may be lacking and can point the way to improvements needed.  What they cannot do is prove anything else.

    The education of your child is too important to be left to the political machinations of some bought and paid for politician.  The education of your child is far better served when teachers and parents and students combine to control the direction and substance of that education.  Nothing less should ever be acceptable.  ( 6 )

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