Equal Treatment Under the Law


    Remember a few weeks ago when Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's daughter was arrested and charged with attempting to use a phony prescription to buy the drug Xanax?  Remember how the whole Bush clan gathered round this poor, abused little rich girl and proclaimed how they were oh, so sad and shocked by their daughter's problems?  Remember how they asked the media to respect the family's privacy, a request immediately honored by the slobberingly incompetent conservative media?  Remember how old Jeb said that drug abuse is a problem many families face?  Remember how, a few days later, the groveling media reported that 24 year old daughter was entering rehab and would have her drug related criminal charge dismissed upon completion of the program?

    With all that as informational background, let's see if the same "respect for the family's privacy" holds up for the nation's poorer citizens.  In fact, let's see if the courts and the government show any "respect" at all even for those innocent of any charges.

      Just how much "respect" has the Supreme Court shown the American people when it unanimously ruled that an entire family can be evicted from public housing if just one relative or guest is charged with any drug crime?  Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist went so far to the Nazi side of the political spectrum as to state in the court's decision, "It is not absurd that a local housing authority may sometimes evict a tenant who had no knowledge of drug-related activity."  The ruling basically rules that every tenant is completely and utterly responsible for the drug-related activities of every single family member as well as every guest that enters the property.

    Now, think about that for a moment.  The ruling states that every tenant is liable for eviction should any family member be charged in a drug-related case.  That means that a mother living in Crow's Feet, Idaho can be evicted from public housing if her daughter is charged for possession of drugs in Dog's Butt, Iowa.  Exactly what about that ruling shows "respect" for a family's privacy?

    More specifically, the four elderly tenants who will now be pushed onto the streets along with their families are;

    Pearlie Rucker, 64, who's mentally retarded daughter was arrested for possession of cocaine three blocks from their apartment.    Along with the elderly Rucker, the Oakland Housing Authority is also throwing out her two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Four more Americans sacrificed to the altar of the War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs.

    Willie Lee, 72, and Barbara Hill, 64, will be pushed onto the streets because their grandsons were caught smoking marijuana together in the project's parking lot.

    Herman Walker, 76, a disabled tenant of the Oakland Housing Authority will be added to the homeless population after 10 years because his hired care-giver and two guests had cocaine in his apartment.

    (By the by, we award the prize for most anally retentive moron outside the White House to an attorney for the Oakland Housing Authority, one Gary T. Lafayette, who was able to state, without hint of irony or ignorance, that this ruling shows that, "You're not going to have two standards.  It's got to be one standard that applies to all.")

    Now, realizing as we all do that the government is interested, first and foremost, in the equal and just application of all laws, we have to ask the state of Florida one small question.  If elderly, poverty stricken men and women can be forced from their government subsidized houses due only to the acts of relatives and guests who break drug laws outside of those homes, just why the hell is Jeb still allowed to occupy the state subsidized governor's mansion?  If the law is to applied to all, why aren't he and his drug abusing daughters curling up in a cardboard box in some Miami alley?

    In fact, why stop there?  The moron's girls have been arrested for underage drinking, haven't they?  Since alcohol is one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs available, why don't we throw his pasty white ass out onto the streets beside the hundreds of thousands of Americans that his mean spirited social policies have put there before him?  And, no, he isn't allowed to go sleep in Uncle Dick's garage or with the "shadow government" that Uncle Dick created for when he declares martial law and suspends all elections. 

    Folks, the law is the law.  If the poor must be held responsible for the actions of those over whom they have no control, then the same standard must be enforced on those who support such idiocy.  Fact of the matter is, nearly every single home in America is subsidized by the government through the mortgage interest deduction.  You and I must pay additional taxes to cover that loss so, obviously, every homeowner is being subsidized by the 250 million other taxpayers the same as those in HUD housing.  Thus, if any member of any American family finds themselves entrapped in the insane and stupid drug laws, then that person's mother and father and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends must lose their homes immediately and without recourse.  Hey, the law's the law, right!?!

    Sounds only fair to me, don't you think? ( 1, 2)


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Copyright 3/28/02