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        I often rail and rant against Fox News because they are the most prefect example of right wing propaganda and misinformation.  Recently, though, one of their "reporters", Greta Van Susteren, was interviewing Ken Adelman, a Reagan era flunky.  She asked him, "One of the criticisms that's made is that the American sanctions, or the sanctions against Iraq, have caused the death of over 1,000 people." 

    What this little mistake exposes is that Fox News hires individuals with little or no knowledge of the facts regarding the world that they are supposedly reporting on.  You and I know that the reality is far worse than little unknowing Greta can apparently grasp.  That reality is that at least 500,000 children, according to a UNICEF survey, under the age of five have perished as a direct result of our mean spirited and absolutely mindless sanctions against Iraq.  That figure only covers those Iraqis under that age, too.  The full body count that our government is directly responsible for is in the millions.

    Think about that the next time that you hear about the thug's plans to inflict even more death and carnage on the Iraqi people in order to lay claim to the vast oil reserves that are available there.  Believe, from the bottom of your heart, that the moron's drivel about weapons of mass destruction has absolutely nothing to do with the coming mass murder of more Iraqis, NOTHING!  It is 100% about oil and wealth for the oil industry and for the profits of Corporate America.  You and I, by dint of our citizenship, will be directly responsible for those deaths.  Makes you feel all warm and cuddly, doesn't it?  ( 1 )

    I have a little problem understanding something these days.  Wasn't it just a few years ago that the Republicans were foaming at the mouth over their craving for an anti-flag burning amendment to the Constitution?  In fact, wasn't the entire silly affair based on the notion that making clothing or whatever using the flag was evil and widespread and had to stopped before the nation declined into anarchism or something?

    Then please explain to me the absolutely ear shattering silence from these same folks over the flag being emblazoned on shirts and hats and coffee cups and decals and toys and food packages and dog collars and shoes and toilet paper and diapers and, for God's sake, men and women's underwear?  For all I know, there may well be and sanitary napkins and a million other strange and unusual places that the flag has been pressed into service in our undeclared invasions of other sovereign nations.

    Why has the rabid right suddenly become mute when everything that they had been predicting has come true?  Is it because it's a bad thing to wipe your butt with the flag if you do it as a sign of protest but just hunky dory if you do it as a sign of some sort of silly patriotism?  Does underwear on a member of Green Peace bring the rabid right to near apoplexy but when it's worn by some xenophobic, violent, drooling and pathetic, patriotic excuse for a "citizen" it's fine and dandy?  Or is it, as in so many other things, just another way for the rabid right to expose their hypocrisy and basically silly and irrelevant policies?  ( 2 )

    Imagine that you are the government of a sovereign nation.  Now imagine that your health department has found that a common pesticide that has been registered and widely used has been found to be persistent in the environment, is highly toxic, is a suspected endocrine blocker, linked to breast cancer, has been documented to cause dizziness, seizures, nervous system damage, immune system damage, birth defects, and has been found in breast milk and blood samples throughout the world and is found more often than any other persistent chemical in the artic environment?  What would you see as the only path that would provide for the health and safety of your citizens?

    If you're Canada, you de-register the pesticide and ban its import and use.  What choice would you have?  Of course, you'd expect to be congratulated and honored for such protective measures, wouldn't you?  Well, you shouldn't expect anything approaching honor or congratulations from Crompton Corporation, the manufacturer of the pesticide lindane.  From them you can expect to be sued for $100 million for "expropriation" of company property. 

    What "company property" is Crompton talking about?  Why, the profits that it would have made over decades to come, of course.  But, if the chemical is as dangerous as Health Canada believes, what right does Crompton have to sue?  Altogether now, boys and girls, "They're suing under NAFTA's Chapter 11 which gives corporations standing to sue governments directly for compensation related to regulatory decisions that can be characterized as that same expropriation of company funds."  That's right!  Even if the "property" happens to be a dangerously toxic and long lasting environmental disaster waiting to happen, governments can still be forced to either allow the use of the chemical or pay hundreds of millions of dollars in claims.  Just exactly how stupid is that?  Welcome to the wonderful world of the Global Economy.  ( 3 )

    Finally, remember last year when I warned everyone that would listen that the moron and his band of thugs were lying to the American people when they kept calling the $300 checks "rebates"?  I told you then and I'm reminding you now, when you get to line 47 of your income tax you will find that the $300 was only an advance of future tax returns.  If you don't expect to receive a refund, then you'll be one of the "lucky" Americans who will have the privilege of paying the IRS that self same $300 back in addition to what you'll already owe.

    So, for those folks who haven't been listening, the moron lied to you, the moron spent tens of millions of dollars sending out that stupid, self-congratulatory message that you might or might not be getting the "rebate' and then put the treasury billions of dollars further into debt to send those little loans out.  You won't hear about this in the corporate media, I promise you, but you've heard it here.  Pass it along in case folks still don't understand that they've been overtly and happily screwed by the moron and his thugs.  ( 4 )


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