Time For a Little Reality

      It's time that the media and the world accept the reality that the moron is, in no way or manner, anything other than a sock puppet for the Carlyle Group, the ultra-right, fundamentalist "Christians". and Corporate America.  He doesn't decide policies nor does he order Powell or Ashcroft or Cheney or Rumsfeld or the White House cook to do anything more than humbly request that they pass the beer and pretzels while he watches the Cartoon Channel.  Every single word that comes out of his mouth is scripted by others and practiced until the moron can say it without drooling or getting distracted by shiny objects.  When Tony Blair visits the moron's little ranch, you can rest assured that the conversation, as it is, centers around toothpaste and comics and the nicknames the moron has given to his intellectual equals; the pebbles, tree bark, ant droppings, and road ruts.

    At no time in the moron's sad and unproductive life has he ever been given any responsibility or authority in any position he has ever had, even those his daddy's friends have bought for him.  The few times that he was accidentally allowed even the most miniscule amount of responsibility, he then  a number of oil firms into bankruptcy.  The Texas Rangers baseball team was bought for him by his daddy's friends and then his daddy's friends bought it back from him for millions more than the team was worth. 

    As governor of Texas, the little moron presided over the complete dismantling of the historically inadequate environmental laws throughout the state.  His regime allowed the state to gain the status as the state with the worst air, the dirtiest water, and as the least regulated and the most dangerous place to human health in America.  This occurred not because the moron has any particular political philosophy but because his wealthy owners had their hands up the butt of their favorite little sock puppet and they moved his lips and wrote the laws and paid for the legislation and protection that their personal wet dreams consisted of. 

    He lost the 2000 election but was illegally crowned by five of nine members of the US Supreme Court who violated the state's rights portion of the Constitution by interfering with the state of Florida's voting process, making them and he criminals in that the court stole the election from the American people and the moron received those stolen goods, making him an accessory after the fact.  The Republicans who supported the owners of this dim wit sock puppet broke innumerable laws while transporting their operatives across state lines to commit the crime of obstructing the legal counting of ballots cast in a number of Florida counties.

    The moron and his owners and operators are 100% responsible for the horrors that happened on September 11, 2001.  It was during his regime that this happened and it was his owners who were in control of the FBI and the CIA and every other intelligence agency in America.  It was his regime that allowed the airlines to continue to dominate any debate about airport safety and who abetted the idiocy of privatizing that security through corporations who had absolutely no other objective than profiting through the hiring of low wage, zero benefit, zero training, and the constant turnover of high school dropouts.

    It was his regime that, within a matter of days following Sept. 11, stole hundreds of billions of your tax dollars and handed it all over to Corporate America, an act that is the classic definition of "War Profiteering". 

    It was his regime that allowed Israeli spies to operate untouched while they both followed the people who would later commit the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 as well as attempting and most likely succeeding to place listening devices in federal buildings across America.  It was his regime that, when the espionage was finally uncovered, quietly deported these "students" without informing the American people of the possible and probable damage that these "allies" have caused.

    It is his regime that has gutted the environmental regulations, placed pro-big business and anti-regulation Nazis throughout the nation's EPA offices.  It was his regime that lied over and over during the campaign about their intentions to regulate CO2 emissions and to protect the American people from mining interests and toxic waste and to protect our children from the abuse that is inflicted in their lives from the crap and sewage that is Corporate America's wastes.

    It is his regime that has gutted all of the social programs that have so long benefited the real Americans who need job training and child care and health care and reliable public transportation in order to lift themselves above the poverty and hopelessness of welfare. 

    It is his regime that is devastating every single program that was meant to benefit children such as Head Start and after school programs and low cost meals and funds intended to create smaller classrooms and to hire more teachers.

    It is his regime that is allowing the stupidity of testing every single child in America with a one-size-fits-all program that will prove nothing but the reality that some children take tests well and others who are just as intelligent don't take tests well. 

    It is his regime that, every single day, brings news of another ludicrous theft of taxes from the poor and middle-class to be given as a gift to the extremely wealthy and Corporate America. 

    It is his regime that is dragging the planet into a nuclear exchange between Iraq and Israel and Pakistan and India and every other nation that has deliverable warheads.

    It is his regime that is creating tens of thousands of terrorists and if filling the planet with hate and disgust toward our nation.

    It is his regime that is sowing the seed for another terrorist attack on American soil, one that will make the world yearn for the halcyon days of Sept. 11.

    It is his regime that has laid waste to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and allowed states to legislate abominations such as the "Health Emergency Acts" that will force every American, whether there is a valid emergency or not, to either allow the state to inject unproven and untested vaccines into our bodies under threat of loss of property or loss of freedom or, in extreme cases, the automatic loss of your life.

    It is his regime that has forfeited the future for our children and their children by ignoring scientific fact and following only their greed and irrationality by not only allowing dirty, unsafe and wasteful buses like the SUVs to continue their assault on the air that we breathe but they enshrined it as government policy.  It is his regime that refused to acknowledge two decades worth of scientific findings regarding the massive damages that drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Reserve and demanded that another study be undertaken.  After six days (that's right, SIX DAYS), the report came back that drilling for oil and building a huge oil pipeline across the ANWR would do little or no damage to the wildlife and, in particular, the caribou herds. 

    It is his regime that has fought any mandatory increases in CAFE standards and encourages automakers to make bigger, uglier, and far more wasteful SUVs into the future even though a one to two mile per gallon increase in the nation's average fuel economy would save more oil in a year than the drilling in ANWR would produce over its short lifespan.  It is his regime that refuses to admit that not one drop of the oil pumped in ANWR will ever reach your neighborhood pumps but will, as always, be sold for a higher price to Asia and Australia.

    It is this regime that refused to support any form of alternate energy, a move of such vast mindlessness that the nation is facing the worst financial collapse in its history the next time that OPEC employs its power and limits the amount of oil that they will pump and supply to the world.

    It is his regime that invaded a sovereign nation, murdered tens of thousands of the nation's army and many thousands of the nation's helpless civilians. 

    It is his regime that has made America the most evil nation on earth because, while they mumble about our great freedoms and national system, the moron's puppet masters kidnap thousands of citizens of a sovereign nation and the violate nearly every treaty and accord of the last hundred years by first keeping them in open cages while illegally interrogating them and then sending some off to vile and corrupt countries such as Turkey and Egypt so that the POWs can be tortured and, if need be, murdered without any possibility of the American people learning about it.

    It is this regime that has so mutilated the Constitution that the military can now sentence "criminals" to life in prison without any possibility of parole and then forbid all participants in the little kangaroo court from EVER discussing the case, the evidence, the sentence, or the other participants in the case.

    It is this regime that created an office in the Pentagon which had the sole purpose of disseminating lies to the American people and to the world and then, when the insanity was discovered and made public, undoubtedly lied about closing that office.  It is this regime that has yet to make any statement that can be verified as true making it the world's most accomplished gang of lying thugs.

    It is this regime that allows an evil, dirty little creature like John Ashcroft the soil the office of US Attorney General by requiring his staff to attend prayer sessions every morning and to sing insipid, childish little songs of patriotism and "Christian" faith written by Ashcroft.

    It is this regime that allows this same animal, Ashcroft, to abuse the office of Attorney General by interfering with the specific wishes expressed by the citizens through the state electoral system, all the while moaning and whining about "state's rights" when it involves his silly superstitions and its mythical laws.

    The list is nearly endless.  The sock puppet and he Nazis that control him have created a world on the edge of nuclear war.  They have created a world in which global warming may become too far advanced for any human-engineered remediation efforts.  They have destroyed what very, very little was left in this nation that was good and decent.  They have, basically, destroyed any hope that a thoughtful and caring human being might have once harbored for this planet.  If there is such a thing and the mythical Anti-Christ, then we are witnessing the fulfillment of that evil, ghastly, and hideous being come true.

    I weep for this nation.  I see so little hope of ever reclaiming the nation's soul from these creatures and the public's drooling subservience to the flickering lights in their living rooms.  Things will, I deeply believe, become so very much worse before there will be any hope for a turn towards the light and away from the dark, damp, depressing world that the sock puppet and his owners are so gleefully creating.



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