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      Would you like to know why America is going to hell in a hand basket and why a moron like Bush and all of the thugs in his regime were allowed to infect our nation?  According to a 2000 Pew Charitable Trusts poll, it was found that "more than one-third of Americans under 30 now get their news primarily from late-night comedians and 79 percent of this age group say they sometimes or regularly get political information from comedy programs such as 'Saturday Night Live."  I suppose the only question that can still be asked is if it's possible for the American public to become any more ignorant and apathetic?  As has been said, never underestimate the ignorance of the American people.  ( 1 )

    In just another example of the absolutely stupid and mean spirited roads that this regime and the entire War on Americans Who Use the Wrong Drugs, witness H.R. 3782, a bill slithering through Congress.

    Hidden behind the lie that this bill is, in any manner an anti-methamphetamine measure, is the reality of its purpose.  Instead of legislating against the manufacture, sales, transportation or even the use of methamphetamines, the word "methamphetamine" is completely missing from  Section 305 of the bill, it only refers to "controlled substances".  Instead, the bill creates a crime through, "Whoever knowingly promotes any rave,  dance, music, or other entertainment event, that takes place under circumstances where a promoter knows or reasonably should know that a  controlled substance will be used or distributed in violation of federal law  or the law of the place where the event is held, shall be fined under Title  18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than nine years, or  both."

    Now, think about that folks.  If a school promotes an event such as the Renaissance Fair or any affair where there is even the slightest possibility that someone in attendance may have used any of the non-alcoholic or non-tobacco types of dangerous drugs then the person who was responsible for promoting that event can be sentenced to prison for up to nine years.  You and I both know that the Nazis that are currently infecting our government would gleefully apply this horror to anyone who threw a birthday party or retirement party or Xmas party or any other type of personal gathering if the Gestapo could prove that anyone in attendance had or might have used drugs.

    A music industry group created as a watchdog against just this form of governmental stupidity, The Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund, complained that they are "extremely concerned."  EMDEF noted that "this law could be used to prosecute the promoters of any well-attended
 entertainment event, whether it be a rave, a concert, a major league sports game, or even a high school dance."  They also point out that groups such as Dance Safe (, a group that provides pill-testing and safety information to rave-goers, would be targeted, leading to the elimination of on-site drug prevention and the providing of information.

    Folks, this is just another of this regime's moronic attempts to destroy the last vestiges of America's freedoms.  It has no objective other than to create an atmosphere in which the Nazis can force all Americans to risk certain imprisonment for the "crime" of reducing the number of kids using the "wrong" drugs and pointing out the risks associated with drug use.  We have to put a stop to this Nirvana for Nazis and begin treating drug use for what it is, another recreational substance the same as alcohol and tobacco, two drugs that murder tens of thousands of times more Americans that the vast majority of the drugs currently deemed illegal.  ( 2 & 3 )

    File this under "Why America Must Rebuild the High, Wide, and Electrified Wall of Separation Between Church and State" or, possibly, "Why Christian Conservatives (the ultimate oxymoron) Should Just Shut the Hell Up".

    That repository of religious bigotry, Rep. Tom Delay, advised a group of Christian conservatives not to send their children to Baylor or Texas A&M.  It turns out that, according to the Washington Post, he was thrown out of Baylor for his "extracurricular activities" and "too vigorous a social life", which translates into "drinking and carousing". 

    But, wait!  That's not all this idiot talked about in that same speech.

    Delay went on to spout forth about how, "Christianity offers the only viable, reasonable, definitive answer to the questions of 'Where did I come from?'  'Why am I here?' 'Where am I going?' 'Does life have any meaningful purpose?' Only Christianity offers a way to understand that physical and
moral border. Only Christianity offers a comprehensive worldview that covers all areas of life and thought, every aspect of creation. Only Christianity offers a way to live in response to the realities that we find in this world  -- only Christianity."

    Folks, first and foremost, Christianity offers only more and more myths, magic, and miracles for those people who have never had or have lost the ability to face reality without the protection of superstitions. Every religion believes itself to be the sole arbiter of moral judgment and historical "facts".  To believe that any man can explain any god or to believe that any god has a mind that can be fathomed by man is to believe that god is a pretty superficial being and hardly worthy of our respect let alone worship.  I can only hope that god did not create us in his image since that would reflect very poorly on god.

    Second, if the fruit of Christianity can be judged by such low-lifes and liars and greed filled, mean spirited scum as Delay and the moron and Ashcroft or Reagan or Hitler or Jim and Tammy Faye Baker or Robertson or Falwell and all of the other Nazis and creeps that it seems to so regularly regurgitate, then any "realities" that Delay finds should be avoided like the plague by any rational human being.  ( 4  )

    Okay, here we go again with another glaring example of why America not only seems to be filled with idiots but, in fact, is.

     According to a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of 800 Americans polled could not name a single member of the current court and just 32 percent knew that there are nine justices. Only five persons in the entire survey could name all nine. In contrast, a whopping majority - 75 percent - knew there are three Rice Krispies characters and 66 percent proudly cited their names: Snap, Crackle and Pop.

    For those of you who fall into that aforementioned two-thirds (and I only got eight), the nine are; William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, David Hackett Souter, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen G. Breyer.  You get ten extra progressive points if you can name the four who attempted to thwart the overthrow of the American system of government back in 2000 (voted against crowning the sock puppet).  Don't peek, now.  I'll put the answer at the end of the article.  ( 5 & 6 )

    Finally, as absolute proof that the moron's puppet masters and speech writers have no idea of the meaning of "irony" or "satire", here is the sputtering that emanated from the little moron regarding America's failed CIA coup in Venezuela;

    "It (is) very important for President Chavez to do what he said he was going to do, to address the reasons why there was so much turmoil on the streets.  It's very important for him to embrace those institutions which are fundamental to democracy, including freedom of the press and freedom for the ability of the opposition to speak out,  And if there's lessons to be learned, it's important that he learn them," the moron said.

    Consider for just a moment the complete lack of intelligence that this displays.

    First, Chavez's popularity was undoubtedly damaged mostly through the efforts of the moron's regime and the CIA simply because Chavez had the gall to despise the oil corporations and their hateful control of the nation's government.  He also refused to allow the IMF or any other outside agency to compel the Venezuelan people how to manage their democracy.

    Second, he made the great mistake, in the eyes of America's Nazis, of respecting the words and deeds of Fidel Castro and of publicly saying so.

    Next, it is the moron's regime and the right wing fanatics that control the little sock puppet who are desperately attacking and dismantling America's freedom of the press and who are quite successfully smothering any possible intelligent debate regarding the horrors that this regime is producing.

    Finally, can anyone explain what that last sentence means?  In fact, can you count the number of strangled syntax errors?  Is there any doubt left in anyone's mind that the little sock puppet is in a neck and neck race with Reagan for the title of the absolutely dumbest human being ever to contaminate this government?  ( 7 )

    For those of you who cheated and jumped down here to see the answer, shame on you!  Aren't you the least bit embarrassed?

    For the rest of you, the four are; Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter and John Paul Stevens.  Maybe you'd like to write them a nice, belated thank you note for trying to uphold the Constitution?


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