Editorial Alarm At Fascism Everywhere But in American Politics


    Once again, the Los Angeles Times suffers from the dishonor of publishing an editorial just chock full of unintended and unacknowledged irony.

    Under the banner "Ugly Currents in Europe", this wee bit of pure silliness propounds on the first round victory of France's far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen.  Proclaiming the primary election an "embarrassment" not just for France but for all of Europe, it even allows for an attack on the "upsets" that the "extremist" parties have enjoyed in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Belgium.

    Le Pen succeeded by claiming to be the champion of the "little people", the ones that the establishment abuses (remember Compassionate Conservatives?).  He was also very vocal regarding his hatred of immigrants (particularly Muslims), the European Union, and globalization.

    What political climate does the LA Times believe made it possible for Le Pen to do so well in the election?  Why, the "French intellectual left's silly, impotent response to the war on terrorism - which amounted to blaming America", of course.  In fact, the editorial demands that European leaders "immediately nail shut the door that Le Pen and his ilk are prying open.  They need to say with resolve that the war on terrorism does not legitimize immigrant-bashing; that anger about Israel's Current military campaign is no excuse for anti-Jewish bigotry; that fascism has no place in the 21st century."

    Okay, let's look at this inane piece of propaganda a bit closer.

    First, how can the LA Times pretend to posses the right to complain about the election results in any other nation on Earth when it is published in the United States, the nation who's media allowed an election to be stolen from the American people and then actually offers support and respect to the dumbest human being ever to infect any political office in our history?  The opinions of the French electorate may not coincide with the uneducated and unthinking American voters but that's why France is not just another American state or colony.  The French have the absolute right to vote as their consciences dictate, regardless of the level of stupidity in American politics and media.

    Fact of the matter is, the American media is abetting the destruction of our rights under the First Amendment (among so many others) as we speak.  Now, the LA Times is demanding that France and the rest of Europe use whatever force needs be applied to silence the voices of those that our conservative media so abhors.  Folks, we allow Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan and Jerry Falwell and all the other Nazis in America to be heard, by what right can we demand less for the rest of world?  If we have to be soiled by our Nazis, then the rest of the world should suffer right along with us!

    As to blaming America for the terrorist attacks, France is just one among hundreds of other nations who saw Sept. 11 as a payment in kind for America's vile foreign policies.  As I have repeatedly stated, though, the people who died in those attacks were not responsible for the crimes committed by the villains in our government.  Yes, those who died were responsible for the fact that those criminals were allowed to use the power of this nation to commit those crimes against humanity.  Sadly, though, they were murdered only because killing the criminals in our government is far more difficult than killing innocent civilians and, in as much as terrorists are not among the planet's more intelligent nor merciful animals, the innocent will always pay for the deeds of the truly evil. 

        How many American politicians have been elected by proclaiming themselves the champion of the "little people"?  Both Bore and Gush claimed to represent those of us who can't afford to own their personal government representative but neither would have given a tinker's damn about us the moment the votes were finally counted or the moment when fellow Nazis crowned one as president.  That shouldn't be used as an insult, however, unless the writer sees the protection of the "little people" as something to be avoided and ridiculed and, obviously, the editors have to believe that in order to remain employed in the conservative media.

    What, exactly, is sinful and evil about being anti-globalization?  It isn't the left or the progressives or the much maligned "liberals" in America who see the global economy as their fondest wet dream come true.  It is only those on the right and the far right who crave the profits that can be made by moving all businesses out of America and into those nations that allow children to be worked twelve hours for less than a dollar a day and who happily encourage the pollution and death that those profits bring to their citizens.  Those of us who oppose the globalization of the world demand that justice and fairness always supercede the wishes of business.  Therefore, Le Pen's opinions on the subject are far more to the left than the label of "far-right" that the Times wishes to attach to him.

        The editorial's description of the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories as a "military campaign" is one of the most important reasons that any anti-Jewish backlash is being created.  People the world over see what Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians as nothing more than state sponsored terrorism and the fact that America is gleefully supporting that terrorism is what is creating the hatred both of Israel and the United States.  The fact that the Israeli military has barred and shot at reporters trying to inform the world of the atrocities being committed every day shows that they have much to hide.  In any event, there is no such thing as a "military campaign" when only one side has a well armed army and air force and the other has rifles and handguns.

    How can the Times complain about Le Pen's hatred of immigrants and, in particular, Muslims?  The Republican Party has used its overt hatred of immigrants as one of its basic political and fund raising platforms for decades without any hint of shame or compassion.  Every dark skinned person in America became suspect by the evening of Sept. 11 and this regime began its unconstitutional arrests and detentions of thousands of people in America for the sin of being a Muslim.  How is that any different from Le Pen's racism?  How can the LA Times attack his beliefs when they support those exact same racist policies in this regime?

    Finally, the editorial proclaims that "fascism has no place in the 21st century" without acknowledging that the fascism of this regime in America is well on its way to the total destruction of our rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The editorial ignores the reality that this regime is merrily using other nations to torture and murder the soldiers of the sovereign nation which it illegally and shamefully invaded.  It ignores the fact that this regime has broken nearly every single accord and treaty meant to protect the members of all nation's military as well as the innocent civilians that it has slaughtered along the way.

    The Republican Party is as vile and corrupt as any that France or Europe is producing and which the LA times is having such a hissy fit over.  The Republican Party (as well as the weenies in the Democratic Party) have supported every invasion that Israel is guilty of and has been silent on the many war crimes that Israel has committed.  The moron's operators could only show any compassion for the Palestinians by "asking" Sharon to leave the occupied territories and then, less than a day later, once again completely ignored the crimes being committed in its blind and unthinking support of another aggressor nation.  It's all understandable, of course, when one acknowledges that Israel is guilty of no war crimes that couldn't be charged against America just as easily.

    The LA Times needs to look a lot closer to home before it begins to attack people who are carbon copies of the very same criminals who control our own government.  Regardless of Le Pen's sins, and there are too many to list here, he is certainly no worse than the morons and thugs who infect our own political landscape.  Truly, Le Pen is most assuredly no more a fascist than Ashcroft or Rumsfeld or Cheney or the Supreme Court justices who crowned the little moron nor any of the other Nazis that have stolen our rights and our democracy from us.

    The fact that fascists are finding support around the world has, at its base, a very simple explanation.  Fascism, like the Republican Party, offers the hateful, the greedy, the xenophobes, the racists, the evil and the morons a home and an outlet for their vile beliefs.  As history has shown time and again, it is far easier for politicians to gain the active support of the most evil and self-centered among us than for decency and goodness to acquire even a foothold.  Meanness and stupidity will always find their paths cleared through the energetic aggression of their followers.  The last two years have proven that beyond doubt.( 1 )



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