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    An excellent example of everything that is wrong with "organized" religion comes from that pathetic little bible thumper Pat Robertson.  After buying a race horse for $520,000 he proclaimed, "I don't bet and I don't gamble.  I just enjoy watching horses running."

    Now, consider the cost of that horse.  How many poor people could this little worm have fed or children sheltered or abused women given protection or just made the world a bit better and more just?

    More importantly, what is this little weasel doing with a half million dollars to just throw away like that?  Is he so illiterate as to have missed the entire basis of the teachings of Jesus?  What could possibly possess this stupid little dweeb to forget that the mere act of acquiring wealth will most assuredly send his shriveled, black little soul directly into the hell fire and brimstone that he is so eager to send anyone who doesn't send him more and more money or who dare to have beliefs different from those he proclaims in public but ignores in his life?

    This episode shows perfectly how organized religion has, from day one, been used by the lazy and the stupid and the greedy to manipulate the drooling mass's fear of hell in order to steal the sheep's hard earned wages.  It demonstrates perfectly the reality that any religion that needs self-appointed "priests" to decipher a collection of writings that they proclaim "perfect", meaning that anyone should be able to read and understand it without the unnecessary "interpretations" of the priests, is pretty much just another scam meant to enrich the few at the expense of the feeble minded many.  For that, at least, Robertson has served a very useful purpose.  Now he's free to just go the hell away.  ( 1 )

    Tom DeLay, that miserable little pest exterminator that currently infects the House of Representatives, has created another fake "grassroots" organization to "get out the vote" in the next election.  Now, knowing as we all do that the only "grassroots" that people like DeLay have ever come in contact with was the grass stains on their gardener's trousers, what sort of inspiring, inclusive name would you think that he'd give this fake little movement?  Something patriotic?  Maybe a something that rhymes or trips off the tongue?  Let's remember that we're discussing a Republican here, folks.  They're not known for their skill with the English language nor with the depth of their mental facilities. 

    Remember Nixon's political committee during his second run for the White House - Committee to Re-elect the President, also know as CREEP?  DeLay hasn't much improved on that soiled image this time, either.  His faux little group will be called the Strategic Task Force for Mobilization of People - now also known as STOMP.  Considering the fact that this nation is being held hostage by an unelected mob of Nazis and their demon-like appointees, the image of tens of thousands of brown shirted thugs marching down your street, dragging you out of your home, and forcing you to vote for the same old fascists that they tell you to isn't that great of a leap, is it? ( 2 )

       Both arms of the merged political parties in America - the Republicrats or Democans, whichever name you like - are old hands at abusing the English language in order to trick the average, not very bright or attentive American citizen into believing that up is down.  the latest example of the too often successful scam is the Republican's continuing effort to repeal the "Death Tax".  This horrible tax is supposed to "rise out of the grave in 2011 and start destroying affect family businesses and family farms and family dreams", this prediction arising from the soiled lips of no greater a lover of the extremely wealthy than eighty year old Phil Gramm, one of the most bought and paid for Nazi ever to dishonor the US Senate.

    The actual tax that these weasels are discussing is the Estate Tax, the tax that only kicks in  for the top 1% of all taxpayers.( 3 )  According to Neil Hart, a professor of economics at Iowa State University and who conducts tax seminars in the Midwest for 35 years, he has NEVER found a single incident in which a family had to sell farm because of the estate tax.  In fact, he calls the claims by the far right a "myth".  The American Farm Bureau has been unable to cite even one example of any family losing their farm to that tax.

    What we have here is just another example of the lies and outright evil that has so infected our government and our nation.  The little moron's owners were successful in repealing this tax with a condition that it return in full in the year 2011.  This is the right wing's transparent attempt to further enrich themselves and their owners at the expense of the middle and lower-class taxpayers and the necessary social programs that the simple existence of the far right's greed and meanness has necessitated in America. 

    There is no such thing as a "Death Tax" and there are absolutely no incidents of any family losing their farms due to the Estate Tax.  Those are lies and nothing else.  Why the average American gives a damn about such a miniscule tax on the extremely wealthy in the first place is less an insult to the rather low intelligence of that average American than it is a testament to the right wing's ability to shape discussions using lies and distractions and outright fraud.  ( 4 )

    Want a magnificent example of just how far into the feces and meanness of the ultra right this nation has sunk?  You've probably heard about the big stink coming out of Denver, Colorado over that city's police force policy of monitoring and recording any group peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights?  You've heard about the files that the kept on all participants that they could identify in all peaceful protests and how they then shared that information with other "third parties" (meaning employers and the FBI and other groups opposing the continued use of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights). 

    Well the ACLU (bless their bleeding little hearts) sued the Denver Police force and forced them to open those files to public scrutiny.  What they uncovered was another so-called law enforcement group that got carried away with the Notification of this nation begun by that senile old fool Reagan and which only slightly slowed during the term of that useless ultra-conservative Clinton. 

    Even more importantly, the ACLU uncovered just what sort of groups this conservative and anti-democracy mob thought dangerous to public safety.

    First off they had extensive files on the AFSC, American Friends Service Committee, an organization that has won the  Nobel Prize for Peace and is an 85 year old effort by the pacifist Quaker religion.

    Another "terrorist" that fell into their nets was one Sister Antonia Anthony, a 73 year old Franciscan nun whose political opinions and activities were deemed important enough to be secretly reported.

    Folks, this is just another in the very long line of insults and outright criminal and unconstitutional behavior by your government and it's minions.  These truly evil policies and actions can be traced back to the Civil Rights and anti-war movements of the 1950's and 60's.  According to the fascists that control your government and Corporate America and law enforcement and the military, you are no longer allowed to peacefully express your opinions nor can you expect to have those opinions acknowledged as legitimate protests by those with the vast majority of the guns in this nation.  Now that the moron and his Nazi owners have actually put a plan into place that will ask one out of every twenty four Americans to spy and report on their neighbors you can see little hope of ever again living in a free and honorable country.  ( 5 )

    Finally, it's always been apparent that any industry that is deregulated quickly sinks into the greed and immoral practices that were held in check only by the regulations that the nation placed upon their activities.  The airlines became a dangerous, expensive and miserably uncomfortable way to travel in just a few years after being deregulated.  The Savings & Loan industry almost immediately became the treasure chests for the wealthy as they looted and stole the funds that honest Americans had worked most their lives for.  The electrical utilities wasted no time whatsoever before they started screwing each other and, thus, the real human beings that depended on that power for their lives and comfort (you haven't felt the last of this discomfort yet, either).

    During the Reagan regime and into Daddy's four year mistake and the bimbo collector after him, the Food & Drug Administration's funding was cut again and again until it was forced to merge with the very corporations that it once regulated and protected the American people from.  At one time, the FDA kept the cost of prescription drugs at a reasonably profitable but still affordable level for the American people.  Those days are long gone, my friends.

    According to a study by Families USA, a health care consumer group, U.S. drug companies spent two and a half times more money selling the 50 most prescribed drugs to seniors than they did on R&D for the entire year.  In round numbers, the drug industry spent $45.4 billion dollars convincing senior citizens to ask their doctors for drugs that they may or may not even need and only $19.1 billion on developing new drugs for seniors. 

    So the next time that you stand there at the pharmacy, your jaw dragging on the floor when you see how much the drugs that you need to get or stay healthy costs you, the consumer, you can rest assured that your hard earned money will be well spent convincing people to prescribe medications for themselves and then go looking for a doctor that will give it to them.  Makes you warm all over, doesn't it?  (Oops, you'd better turn on the TV and see if getting warm all over is a symptom of a sickness that can only be cured by more and different and too expensive drugs.  What's that you say?  You can't afford anymore drugs?  Too bad.  See you in heaven or wherever.)  ( 6 )


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