A Few Thoughts on Various Subjects


Thought 1:  I have always been amazed at the absolute vacuum that existed between the ears of that senile old fool, Ronald Reagan.  He could make statements that almost made sense but, upon reflection, were simply words strung together without intellect or contemplation.  Take for instance an assertion he made during a 1980 presidential debate.  Just read the words the first time through.  Then, think about the absolute stupidity that suddenly leaps out at you upon second consideration.

    "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born."

    Of course, even those few times his words made some small amount of sense, they were often perfect examples of just how low and despicable he truly could be.  Consider this remark he made to bankers and savings & loan officers, among others, as he signed the Garn-St. Germain Act on Oct. 15, 1982.  This act, by the by, was the law that enabled the rape and pillaging of financial institutions throughout America and the act that resulted in the hundreds of billions of dollars lost by average Americans in the Savings & Loan scandals just a few years later.

    Reagan proclaimed, in front of some of the greediest white-collar criminals in America, "[This is] the most important legislation for financial institutions in 50 years.  All in all, I think we've hit the jackpot."

    And to think that so many Americans worship this mental midget as if he had actually done something good and decent even once in his silly, wasted little life.  Brrrrr!

Thought 2:  Just to prove that Republican Presidents are pretty much always dumb as sticks, consider this remark made by the moron to America's puppet in Britain, Tony Blair, "Now I know why France's economy is doing so poorly.  They don't have a word for 'entrepreneur.'"  You now have thirty seconds to figure out why that is such an ignorant, ludicrous and altogether frightening statement.

Thought 3:  Have you ever truly considered the expression "a well adjusted person"?  In the not too distant past, a brain drainer declared that I was not a "well adjusted person" and that this "problem" would "haunt" me throughout my life. 

    That little diagnosis became a source of many chuckles and a point of pride.  Since the brain drainer couldn't explain, with any clarity, exactly what I should adjust to, I've thus spent the ensuing decades looking around in search of something in life that I could, with a clear conscience, adjust myself to. 

    Frankly, what I've discovered is that those of us who are considered maladjusted are, in the main, those who refuse to accept the sickness in this society as anything worth emulating or allowing ourselves to be involved in.

    Consider those who the public currently terms "well adjusted" - the moron and Gore and Pat Robertson and Charlton Heston and the like - and compare them to the those that history termed maladjusted - Jesus and Mohammad and all those who called for sharing and universal understanding and peace.  Frankly, being maladjusted has become a source of great gratification for me.

Thought 4:  I recently read an article about the early days of television.  It spoke in length about Edward R. Morrow and Walter Cronkite and the many other reporters that demanded that news be reported, not spun or offered without context.  It showed them at their best, producing "White Papers" about the horrid conditions of those who harvest our fruit and vegetables and the illnesses brought about by the toxic chemicals produced in or next to the poorest neighborhoods and other important information that Corporate America has banned from their media.

    Taking the thought even further, news has ceased being information and has become mere entertainment and little else.  The owners of these corporate media outlets figured out a long time ago that politicians need them as much as they need the politicians.  Corporate media owners despise competition and politicians despise the truth being aired.  It soon became obvious to the owners that it was the Republican Party who were the easiest to bribe (and who tended to stay bribed longer) and the Republicans quickly realized that the media would happily report the party's constant drone about the "Liberal Media" which, all involved knew, was a lie and a ruse against the public.

    Eventually, the media noted that the advertisers wanted to sell their products only during those shows that least angered the corporate CEO Republicans in the audience.  Exposes' about the evils that these corporations inflicted on the American people were no longer allowed to be aired.  Neither was any factual information about the bribery and stupidity and outright criminal behavior of  corporate and elected whores.

    The entire reason for television has become to entertain the lowest common denominator of the public, a level that is now at the scum covered bottom.  In fact, the only reason that television even exists today is to provide the advertisers with a mass of empty minded, drooling bystanders whose only use is now to buy the crap that they sell.

Thought 5:  Speaking of Americans, has anyone else noted the rather ironic dichotomy between the growing hatred and verbal and physical attacks against legal and illegal immigrants of all nationalities and the constant display of the Statue of Liberty as some sort of patriotic/religious/phallic/tribal icon?  Does anyone remember exactly what the particular monument is dedicated to?  How about:

        Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me.
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door.


    With America's ability to learn to hate anyone that the politicians tell them to, it would seem more fitting to change that monument's invitation to one warning of the evil and sickness that awaits.  Perhaps a slightly more fitting invitation would be:

    Give me your dollars and your pesos.
    Your greedy executives and politicians yearning to limit our freedoms
    The nastiest crap-filled insects from your teeming boardrooms.
    Send these but keep your homeless, jobless and children where we can exploit them legally.
    I lift my lamp to dissolve the golden door into effortlessly plundered spoils.


Thought 6:  In considering the idiocy of this regime and its constant dirge about the requirement that all Americans must obey the new rules that have been set down before us; that we "watch what we say", that "this is a war on terrorism", that no one may disagree with the actions of these small minded criminals, I've been led to compare them to the tenets of your everyday religions and other superstitions.

    To proclaim themselves as our saviors against the evil in the world, to decree that their goal is "destroy all of the evil in this world" and then to declare that any difference of opinion is equal to treason is to stand before the people as gods.  When those who control the actions ascribed to the little moron assert that, even though they are powerless to prevent most "terrorism", the public must still follow blindly the edicts and commands of these unelected and unchosen few, they are elevating themselves to the status of gods in that they can never be tainted by charges of error or fault.

    Chose any fundamentalist religious sect and you will see their counterparts commanding their followers in exactly the same manner.  God is infallible and his words without error.  To question either of these core beliefs is to be show to be a "sinner" or a "traitor" against god.  To ask of these leaders the basis of their importance over others who are equally sound of mind and morals is to invite the charge of "heretic" and of being "unpatriotic".

    This regime relies on the words of Pope Leo XIII, "To despise legitimate authority, no matter in whom it is invested, is unlawful; it is rebellion against God's will." 

    For those looking for the signs of the end times, they need look no further than the criminals and the psychopaths that have stolen away the people's government and the people's freedoms.  They need understand nothing other than the planet is doomed now that only the greediest and the most violent and those with the least decency in their souls have garnered the greatest power and the most horrendous weaponry the world has ever seen.  They need only witness the insanity of those who control that dominance, using it to threaten the most innocent and least culpable of the plane's passengers.  They need only perceive the evil within the hearts of these villains when they murder and maim tens of thousands of innocent children and women and the elderly in pursuit of more wealth and greater power and nothing else.

    This regime has become godlike in their manifestation before the American people and the America people are happily sucking at the tit of that foul and loathsome mob.  The people have lost their faith in some invisible and mystical supreme being and have transferred that devotion to those whom they are instructed to love and follow by the flickering light from the box in the living room and the heads without torsos that inhabit that world.

    As with any religious movement, the doubters and the skeptics will suffer and die at the hands or at the behest of whatever god or gods that have temporarily gained control of the easily manipulated and inattentive majority.  While the unthinking are held in sway by the liars and the mystics and the vicious few, the world will suffer.  History has witnessed, again and again, the overthrow of these malevolent animals by the once powerless and frightened citizens.  History, however, offers little hope today when the total sterilization of the planet can and may be the only conclusion to the reign of these stupid, vicious beasts. 

    There is always hope, I am told, but win a time that evil reigns supreme over that population which possesses the greatest and most destructive forces ever known to mankind, when does hope become a farce and a distraction from reality?  Have we reached that point?  Have we passed that point?  Remember always, birds of prey never sing.


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