The Capitalist System of Governance Is Obsolete 


    I've been trying to find some reason, some injustice that I could address in order to bring renewed life to my need to write.  I look at the dirty little moron and his band of thugs and criminals and reason after reason is exposed by their very existence let alone their illegal occupation of this nation's highest offices.  Nevertheless, those who follow my articles are far better informed on these problems that the average American and I feel like, at least right now, I would just be preaching to the choir to get too intensely involved in concentrating on those crimes.

    Instead, I've been slowly forming a couple of questions that have long plagued me even though I was never certain as to how to even phrase the question.  I'll try to focus the questions in a way that I can offer them up as logical, important questions but I can only promise that they will satisfy my desire to ask and not the need to make the reservation clear to all.

    We have allowed a world to be created in which certain situations have become so completely normal that we no longer question whether or not we, as a species, would be better off changing or just accept the status quo.  Certain unchallenged beliefs have become so ordinary that simply asking that the norm be examined at a deeper level is paramount to treason and heresy.

    The prevalent inquiry I would like to speak to concerns how we each acquire the necessary assets needed to exchange for life's many necessities.  In America, the system known as "Capitalism" has attained a truly religious status among the wealthy and the powerful.  It is, they proclaim, the best of all possible worlds and that there neither is nor can be a superior method of economics on a national or world scale.  In fact, they so adore and worship this economic model that they will use their wealth and power to send the children of the Middle and Lower-classes off to fight, kill, and die in an effort to force this model on all other nations.  In the name of "national interest" (meaning our corporate interests, of course) America has murdered literally millions of other human beings both through the direct infliction of death and injury through outright warfare as well as indirectly by training and arming of abusive governments, military and police forces and even the destruction or damage to the very food that is grown.

    Capitalism, as a religion, has created an absolute necessity for hierarchies among the citizens of every nation that is burdened with it.  As in any formal economic system, regardless of the tenets of the religion, there can be only a very small percentage of the population that will acquire the vast majority of the wealth available.  These same people will, through the use of that wealth, completely and utterly control the system of government as well as all major sources of news and entertainment, create massive barriers for the other 98% or so of the population to have any real voice in the conduct of that government and allow only their words and thoughts and greed to dominate.

    This is the situation we find ourselves in today.  The wealthy have, through overt bribery and influence peddling, bought all levels of our government and forced upon the rest of us policies that are deeply damaging to our lives and our spiritual futures.  They do so with great impunity and overt glee for the simple reason that we have categorically no avenue of redress for the ills that they cause.  We cannot vote them out of office because the parties are in control of who is allowed to be heard and seen and limit that access only to the most obedient and mindless of candidates.  We can't organize to reject them due to the complete lack of information or truth from the media owned and controlled by the wealthy.  It is next to impossible to find two people on any city block who retains the brain power necessary to ponder the illness that is our political and economic systems in America because they have either become so pliable and thoughtless that they believe anything and everything they hear and see emanating from the flickering tube or because they simply aren't intelligent enough to notice that they are being so greatly harmed.

    What can this nation and, possibly, the rest of the world do to eliminate this disease known as Capitalism and to alter their governments in order to oust those who have so completely fucked up this planet and murdered or poisoned or simply beat down the actual human beings that inhabit this small dust mote?

    First, we must recognize the reality that this minimal and basically dishonorable economic system has attained the level of a religious experience for the very few and an eternal waking hell for the rest.  There must be an awakening of the heart and the mind of the vast majority of this planet's passengers towards the possibilities of a world that holds dear the equal distribution of the vast wealth that this world offers.  There has always been a Garden of Eden and we have always continued to live here.  It's just that the serpent has taken control of the garden in the guise of religions and political leaders and bankers.

    Next, there must be absolute resistance to those that horde and steal from others and who inflict pain and hunger in their sick craving for simple wealth.  Their power can so easily be taken away through the mere act of a mass refusal to bow before their illegitimate rule.  Granted, the reaction from those who reign over the world will not cheerfully cede their absolute powers nor will there be many volunteers among the sheep and the drooling masses addicted to the flickering light from the stupid tube that instructs them in their every belief. 

    Nor can this global transformation come about through violence given that those who rule the economy also rule the mindless military monster.  As we are seeing with increasing frequency, the animals who have deformed this world will happily murder anyone who questions their authority whether foreign or the children of their neighbors and friends.  To furnish these monsters any form of pretext to use violence against the defenseless makes no sense.  Regardless of the deer in the headlight allegiance to the second amendment of far too many slow witted Americans, any attempt to oust the powerful through force will see the annihilation of all of their dreams of as they are outgunned and overwhelmed.

    Can we, as a people, take even these minimalist steps toward a fairer, more equal world?  Can we find the courage and the strength to begin the long journey towards a system that treats each human being fairly without giving too much power to the few nor too little power to many?  Hell, I seriously doubt it.  Try getting five people to agree on the two toppings to a pizza that they're ordering. 

    What do we need to energize that once precious spirit that held close the wonders of those freedoms that our forefathers fought so valiantly to instill in our political system but that has been surmounted by a mere economic system and made moot?  Well, if you agree that there's a problem, then you're one of the vanguard.  Maybe others like myself, people who both see the danger and have that small skill of putting one word after another can be compared to Paul Revere.  We're riding our words and our sentences and thoughts and raising the alarm to all who have still an open and questioning mind that, "The Capitalists are coming!  The Capitalists are coming!" 

    I've been compared to worse.




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