When Did America Get So Ignorant About the Value of Its Freedoms?


    Let's begin with some little piece of information that should scare the crap out of any intelligent, thinking American.  In the year 2000, the last year that this nation could claim to be a democracy, 22% of those polled by the forum State of the First Amendment agreed that the First Amendment "goes too far" in guaranteeing rights to the American people.  In the year 2001, the first year of the current regime's illegal occupation of our nation's highest offices, that number had risen to 39%.  The latest poll in 2002 shows what can be accomplished by a band of thugs using the media and the military and the courts to enforce the destruction of all freedoms, liberties, and hopes for an entire nation of people by creating an atmosphere in which 49% would actually agree that the Constitutional right to state your beliefs and to protest against policies and wars that are illegal and mean spirited "goes too far".

    Gentle readers, exactly how did the American people become this stupid and self destructive?  What one event can we point to and proclaim, "It was all downhill from here"? 

    Was it that sad day in December in 2000 when your government was seized and occupied by the party earning the second greatest number of votes in the recent election in as much as there was such a deafening silence from the people at the sight of their government being flushed down a toilet?  The only explanation for that silence can be that the people were already sound asleep in front of the box with the flickering lights.  They were already too stupid to notice such an earth shattering event.  It was already too easy to convince them to ignore the man behind the curtain and to teach them to be in awe of the smoke and mirrors.

    Was it when the moron's equally insipid daddy told Saddam Hussein to go ahead and invade Kuwait, he didn't see any reason to care?  Does the American public even know that this event took place and that hundreds of thousands of human beings were slaughtered over that stupidity?  Of course not.

    Was it when daddy suddenly discovered that the price of oil might go up due to this invasion of another oil producer and began the process of informing the American people that we were going to war for control of oil (oops, that didn't fly) and then changed it to protecting American jobs (another blunder that didn't rev the old public engine) and, finally, settled on declaring that we had to protect a democracy when the reality was that there really isn't a democracy anywhere in the Middle East?

    Was it when a young Kuwaiti girl testified in front of Congress that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers dumping newborn babies out of incubators, allowing these infants to die slowly on the cold hard floor?  Maybe it was when it was revealed that this innocent young Kuwaiti girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and had been nowhere near Kuwait either before the Iraqi invasion or after and that her entire story had been fabricated by the advertising firm of Hill and Knowlton?

    How about when that administration declared that no reporters would be allowed to cover the war from the front as had been done for the previous 200 years of American carnage?  Maybe when the only information that was allowed to ooze out was from the festering lips of professional military liars with cool video footage of building being blown up but not one that showed the killing of even one Iraqi soldier or military man?  Was it then, when anyone with the sense to seek even the shadow of truth learned that the truth no longer existed but had been replaced by "military spokesmen" with lies for any and every occasion?

    How about when the CIA constantly lied to Congress about the real power of the former Soviet Union?  Was it then?

    Maybe it was back when the greatest idiot to have ever soiled this nation's highest office declared that there were "Cadillac Welfare Queens" stealing millions of dollars from the welfare system but who then had to entrap an innocent welfare recipient into applying for more than one welfare check, using multiple identities, and then they rushed to arrest her in front of TV cameras and reporters?  Was it when she was quickly exonerated by the courts and the idiot's administration accused by that same court of manipulating and destroying the life of one innocent woman solely to illustrate a fraudulent political philosophy?  Was it then?

    Was it when that same idiot's handlers convinced Iran not to release the American hostages until after the 1980 election and used the illegal shipments of arms to that regime to seal the deal?  When that truth was finally uncovered and reported to the American people, did they rise up in indignation and demand the resignation of every single person who was involved in that criminal action, up to and including the mindless and dangerous person soiling the Oval Office?

    Was it even earlier when OPEC raised the cost of oil and then lowered the number of barrels pumped from the ground, creating a tremendous hardship on the world's economy?  Maybe it was when it was revealed that the American oil industry had also dropped the amount of petroleum that they were refining in order to raise the price of gas to an obscene level?  Was it when the so-called "crisis" was over and the average price of oil never dropped again regardless of the price of crude oil?  Was it at any time since that "crisis" when the price of oil skyrockets every summer because of "lack of refining capability" that disappears the moment kids go back to school and the long vacation drives cease?

    How about when the government declared that a North Vietnamese patrol boat had "fired on an American destroyer" in the Gulf of Tonkin, an event long since revealed to be a complete hoax that led to the deaths of over 50,000 American men and women, hundreds of thousands more in the next few decades from suicide, Agent Orange, and a myriad of other causes directly linked to their tour in Vietnam, not to mention over a million dead Vietnamese soldiers and civilians on both sides of the DMZ?  Was it when the architect of that carnage, Robert McNamara wrote his mea culpa tome "In Retrospect; The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam"?  Did anyone notice that he admitted that the entire "war" was just a cover for the military's sick desire to practice fighting a guerrilla war, to test out the newest and glitziest weapons systems and to get rid of the huge stockpile of dated and obsolete weapons that the Pentagon had wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on?

    How about Pearl Harbor?  Did the American people arise in anger when it was shown that our government knew that there was a huge possibility of the Japanese military attacking the American fleet and did absolutely nothing to protect the men and women, both military and civilian, who were massacred that seventh day of December?

    We can list the attack on Cuba that used the fabricated story of the destruction of the USS Maine as an excuse to sell more newspapers for the Hearst Corporation?  Was it when it was uncovered that Hearst instructed his artists in Cuba, "You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war."?

    Okay, I guess all this questioning has led us to one pretty much rock solid conclusion; the American public is and always has been a mass of idiots looking desperately for someone else to lead them regardless of the carnage and hell that those "leaders" will inflict on their children and the children around the world.  It isn't a new phenomenon, just a sick one.  The average American simply doesn't want to have to think for any length of time nor do they want anyone telling them bad news.  Thus, the media and the government have found their pinnacle in this band of thugs in Washington with both the government and the media lying happily and overtly and without the slightest fear that Joe Six-Pack will ever come to notice that not only is the Emperor wearing no clothes, but he's gleefully masturbating while the American public drools in front of their TVs.  There ain't no hope, Virginia, just like there ain't no Santa Claus.  The future belongs to the wealthy and the violent and the evil and all three groups have found their god in the White House. 

    A god, any god, would prove so useful right now.  That would be our only hope for salvation from the coming horrors.  But it ain't gonna happen.


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