Your Child Will Soon Be A Glowing Lab Rat For Corporate America


    Add this to the millions of reasons that our government be must be wrested away from the truly evil idiots who have stolen it away from us.

    There are about 27 million children enrolled in the free or low cost meal program in America.  You and I send our children off to school believing that these defenseless and trusting little souls will be protected from the evil world that surrounds them.  We expect our children to be served nutritious, healthy and appetizing food.  Fact of the matter is, we want the very best for our children and we desperately want to believe that our schools and government share that desire.

    Well, the government simply doesn't share that desire and, in fact, looks at your children as just small and docile little lab rats for Corporate America's most disgusting schemes.

    By the end of this year (2002), the United States Agriculture Department (USDA) will begin the process of force feeding your kids irradiated meats in their meals.  That's right, without alerting either the schools or parents nor allowing any of you to opt your children out of these "tests", your child will be eating food that has barely been subjected to any short term tests and have gone through no published long term tests for safety.  Instead, the children of America and, in particular, the poorest children in America, will be fed meat that has been "treated" by radiation.

    Now, how can this idiocy be allowed by your representatives in government?  Don't they hold the view that their first priority is to protect and defend this nation's population and that they owe a special focus towards the children?  Yeah, sure!

    Your Congress passed, within the sickening Farm Subsidy Act enacted in May, regulations that force the USDA to allow government-approved food safety technology to be used in commodities donated to the federal school lunch program.  Considering the reality that nothing in the way of long term testing has ever been conducted regarding the possible effects that this low level radiation might cause in the average human body let alone the small, growing, and developing bodies of our children, this absurdity should never have come to this point.  Nevertheless, since your government has absolutely no interest in what is best for you and your children, they happily embrace any technology that their owners produce and just as happily allow them to test that technology on the children of the poorest families in America.  You can be certain, my friends, that not one bite of this glowing meat will ever be on the plates of the families of the wealthy and the whores in government until it's been thoroughly tested on your children.

    To step back a moment, I could almost accept this program should the parents or the schools, at least, be notified that their children would be a part of this testing but that will never be the case.  While foods currently are required to carry labels that state either "treated with irradiation" or "treated by radiation", the food sent to your school will not be required to carry any such label nor will there be any process through which the school or parents can discover if their food has been through this system.

    One might ask why the USDA and your government would try to sneak this crap through into and onto your child's food.  The answer is obvious in as much as the various food industries that add genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the products learned very quickly that alerting the consumers that their food contained plastic ingredients was guaranteed to keep their products on the shelves and out of the consumer's shopping carts.  So, the industry went out and bought the necessary whores who passed laws and regulations allowing manufacturers to add all of the untested plastic crap they could produce to the food that we eat without having to alert the consumers nor to admit that they did so at any other time or under any circumstances.  Forcing radiated foods into the diet of the nation's poorest children is just an extension of that criminal license.

    Of course, we can always count on an industry mouthpiece to offer up some words of comfort.  According to J. Patrick Boyle (never trust a mouthpiece that hides any part of their names), president of the American Meat Institute, "It's time for USDA to acknowledge the food safety benefits of this technology and begin purchasing irradiated ground beef products for the nation's schoolchildren."  Gosh, I feel all warm and fuzzy now.  This minion of the industry doesn't demand that this technology be allowed into the nation's food supplies with warning labels and overt packaging so that the public can make up their own minds about buying meat that has been subjected to radiation.  Good God, no!  Instead, these creatures have found a way to force children to become the industry's unwitting guinea pigs, a horror that may result in massive medical and social problems down the road.  Naturally, since you will never be able to even prove that your child was exposed to this radiation you'll just have to watch them suffer and possibly die knowing that this little life was sacrificed solely to the gods of profit and greed and with a complete indifference to humanity's needs.

    Sadly, even the American School Food Service Association is encouraging this horror but tries to soften the blow to the children's health by supporting an education program to teach communities about the process.  The question, of course, will be whether that education will be offered before or after your child has ingested this garbage and whether or not the goal of the education will be to have parents given the option of giving up their children to the sacrificial altar of plastic food and the long term health problems that no one can predict or prove in retrospect.

    Personally, from today forward, I will never again allow my son to eat the contaminated food served in his school's lunch.  As long as Corporate America controls the very health and lives of this nation's poorest citizens, I will do everything in my power to protect him from the vile little conspiracies that arise in the boardrooms and bathrooms of the executive offices.  How you and yours deal with it, of course, is entirely up to you.  ( 1 )

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