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    I guess that the horror of dead children affects one more in the political views you hold than the staggering senselessness of it in the first place.  Consider the view that the Boston Globe took when reporting the death of 15 civilians, eleven of them children, when Israel bombed a Hamas leader in July of 2002.

    The article reported that, in Israel, "There appeared to be a broad consensus that the death of children was abhorrent, but that it would not be bad for the Palestinians to feel what Israelis have felt when pizza parlors and discos are blown up by suicide bombers."

    To put that point of view in the perspective of actual fact, though, the Israel human rights group B'Tselem reports that in the years since the beginning of the Infitada in 1987, more than 100 Palestinian children under the age of 13 have been killed (not counting the eleven reported above) while 14 Israeli children under the age of 13 have died in that same time.

    Now, understand, there is never, under any circumstances, an acceptable reason to murder children over political snits and disputes.  There can never be an instance in which such a deplorable and frightening thing can be considered normal.  Neither, however, can any member of America's supposedly free press ever take it upon themselves to report the deaths of some children as more or less disgusting than the deaths of other children.   

    Cowards kill children.  The lowest and most evil and misshapen hearts find glory in those deaths.  The rest of humanity must wage an effort that continues every single day of our lives to put a stop to it.  Nothing else is acceptable.  ( 1 )

    Our old patriotic simp of an anchor Dan Rather has gone and done it again.  While acknowledging that he's not the brightest bulb in the house, this still is stunning in its complete ignorance of the lives of real Americans, regardless of their color or the location of their homes.

    On August 5, he introduced a story with these amazing words, "Tonight's 'Eye on America' gives you a new look at an old and dangerous drug: methamphetamine, speed.  The newest addicts aren't from urban main streets or hyped-up truckers on the highways.  As CBS's Mika Brzezinski reports, this drug plague is hitting close to home; mothers in America's heartland."

    Now, does that truly stupid choice of phrases need any further comment?  ( 2 )

    In keeping with our constant vigilance regarding the most evil and ignorant people of our time, I offer up Fox's Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter.  These two asses have been infecting the world with even more moronic and evil thoughts.

    Let's begin with Ann Coulter, that truly nasty and boorish little role model for the right wing anorexic.  While flushing out what little mind she has into the New York Observer, she stated, "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building."  Our only regret is similar but includes references to whatever rock she lives under.  ( 3 )

    And, speaking of living under rocks, O'Reilly recently spewed forth his mean spirited and uneducated opinion on a professor at the University of North Carolina that assigned student a book on the Koran.  Leaving his sewer for a moment, he stated, "I don't see what this serves to take a look at our enemy's religion.  See?  I mean, I wouldn't give people a book during World War II on the emperor is God in Japan, would you? ... I wouldn't read the book.  And I'll tell you why: I wouldn't have read Mein Kampf either.  If I were going to UNC in 1941, and you, professor, said, 'Read Mein Kampf', I would have said, 'Hey, professor, with all due respect, shove it.  I ain't reading it' ... It's because it's tripe.  Tripe."

    A month later, this rabid little ankle biter was stunned that "Some Muslim websites wrote that I compared Mein Kampf to the Koran.  Isn't that nice?  Talk about dishonest spin." 

    Of course, one must remember that this entire little blast of verbal excretion came from the master of dishonest spin.  The idea that Islam is not our enemy will never gain entry into that toilet he carries around on his shoulders nor will the notion that reading Mein Kampf in the 1940's would give one a far clearer picture of the evil that we were then at war with.  Of course, with O'Reilly and all his brainless followers, ignorance isn't just bliss, it's the road to renewal on Fox.  ( 4 )

    Sounds like this fellow is probably a slavishly devoted fan of O'Reilly and Ann Coulter and old Rush Limbaugh before Rush became irrelevant.  Paul Tibbets, the man who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, on the massive toll on civilians in that action, "That's their tough luck for being there."  Gosh, I guess having no soul is a big help in the military.  At least, in this instance.  ( 5 )

    Anyone who has followed this site knows that I believe that unions and organizing, in some form, creates a world in which the average worker, even those who are not represented, can live a productive and full life.  The eight hour day, five day workweek, overtime, worker safety, and hundreds of other benefits that we take for granted were fought for and won by the tough and brave union members over the last hundred years.  Thus, you'll know why I find this report so very, very sad.

    When Houston's Teamster Local 988 decided to build a new hall, they used, exclusively, scabs and non-union labor.  Why would any union allow such a miserable thing to happen?  Because, according to local officials, "union contractors cost too much."  How sad to know that scabs have infected that local and have even risen, like most fecal matter, to the top of the pool.  ( 6 )

    Ever get the same feeling that I do that the moron may be even lazier than the imbecile named Reagan that once infested the Oval Office?  How about this little fact?  The moron has spent 42% of his regime playing at one of his many leisure spots: Camp David, Maryland, Kennebunkport, Maine, and his Crawford, Texas ranch.  In fact, this little worm has played 15 rounds of golf during that time but given only six news conferences.  (7)

    Here's the best idea that I've heard about in years and years.  Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan has challenged the little moron and his evil puppet master Cheney to a duel against Ramadan and Saddam Hussein.  Ramadan, the epitome of class in all things, even suggested that UN President Kofi Annan be the judge.

    Now, just like the author of this report, Dave Mulcahey, I can see absolutely nothing about this idea that doesn't make me shiver with delight or jump up and down with joy.  Regardless of the outcome, at least two of the four most evil creatures on earth will be dead.  I'll even pay for the ammunition, if that would help this little event along.  ( 8 )

    I once had some small amount of respect for Arizona Senator John McCain.  He was one of the true heroes of the Vietnam debacle due to his strength and self discipline.  His fight to get the campaign funding laws changed was an instance in which he had to face down the malicious leadership of the party he, for some reason, belongs to.  I have lost that iota of respect and I doubt that I can ever dig deep enough to renew it.

    Why?  Because, when a vote on a monster $335 million defense bill came up for a vote, a bill loaded with pork and paybacks, McCain skipped the vote and, instead, rehearsed for his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.  We now know, beyond doubt what McCain's priorities are and the nation isn't among them.  ( 9 )

    Finally, want to know why the rest of the world looks at California as the land of fruits and nuts?  Maybe it's because the people with the least to say but the most money to have it heard are here.  Maybe it's because some people whose only talent is standing in front of a camera and repeating the words that others wrote think that what they have to say is, somehow, of importance to those who use their brains for thought and reflection.  Case in point is Sean Penn, Madonna's rather snitty ex and the star of a few average movies.  In an advertisement printed in the Washington Post, costing $56,000, Penn published  "An Open Letter to the President of the United States" in which he supposedly details his feelings on Iraq. 

    Listen closely, now.  "I beg you, Mr. President, listen to Gershwin, read chapters of Stegner, of Saroyan, the speeches of Martin Luther King.  Remind yourself of America."

    If I was the President, boy that would get my attention.   I'd step down and call a special election and forget all about invading another sovereign nation like Iraq. Wow, oh, wowser! 

    What a meathead!  ( 10 )  


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