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    A quick example of just how far into the sewers this regime has dragged America can be found by following that war loving (but military service avoiding)  little gnome, Richard Perle.  Not content with just demanding a "regime change" in Iraq and threatening a war if not adhered to by Hussein, a move that will put actual human beings at risk of injury and death, this dweeb now wants Germany to goosestep back into obedience with the moron's fantasies of war.  When asked what the leader of Germany, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, could do to ease relations with the United States, relations strained by the German people's horror at the moron's maniacal desire to murder millions in exchange for cheap oil, the chicken hawk replied, "It would be best if he resigned.  But he's obviously not going to do that."

    Now think about this for a moment.   Perle has been instrumental in the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Afghan men, women and children and has shown not the slightest remorse for that carnage.  He has been a huge part of the total failure of this regime in finding Osama bin Laden.  He's never, for even a second, done anything honorable in the way of protecting or defending this nation.  He's been a supporter of the illegal invasion of Iraq and has often stated that the Iraqi people should kill Saddam Hussein or that the invasion forces will.  One of the administration's harshest critics in Congress, Senator Paul Wellstone, died in a mysterious plane crash (and, no, I wouldn't put it past these dirty little animals to have caused that crash in order to silence the loudest of the opposition).  Now, he's dictating the conscience of a supposed ally by coming just inches from demanding a "regime change" in Germany.  I ask you, gentle readers, what odds do you want to place that Herr Schroder will be dead within three months?  ( 1 )

    One of the reasons that have been offered for the complete failure of the FBI to even slow down the terrorists it was following up to the day that the terrorists flew planes into the WTC has been the dismal record keeping of the agency.  Leads were lost in the maze of offices and task forces and filing cabinets, warnings from agents were misrouted and eventually lost or just ignored, thousands of documents pertaining to the Timothy McVeigh case were mishandled, the list is seemingly endless. 

    What's a huge bureaucracy to do when faced with such mismanagement and disorganization?  Well, if you're the FBI, you immediately hire one of the largest players in the failures of corporations like Enron and WorldCom among who knows how many others;  the Arthur Andersen accounting firm.  I'll bet that makes it so much easier for average Americans to sleep easily and frightens those big bad terrorists to the root, huh?!?  ( 2 )

    Remember the huffing and puffing from Congress about how the average farmer is getting to much federal money in he form of subsidies and how this horrible practice must cease?  Remember all the fanfare when the Farm Bill passed last May?  Ever wonder what happened to those subsidies?  Well, congress was able to limit the amount of funds going to the smaller farms, just like they promised.  Nevertheless, the bill didn't really contain much in the way of a decrease in those funds.  Who might have benefited from them?

    Let's take a look at just a few of the beneficiaries of that bill, shall we?  David Rockefeller is now receiving $352,187.  Ted Turner is getting $176,077.  NBA player Scottie Pippen is getting $131,575.  In fact, the top 10% of farm owners are receiving two-thirds of the farm bill's subsidies.  The bottom 80%?  They're getting all of one-sixth of the total subsidies.  I guess Congress finally did what it said it would do; limit the amount of federal aid to the average farmer.  Great job, boys and girls.  We won't have to even worry about small farmers pretty soon and, as for me, I'll sleep a lot easier knowing that real human beings won't be messing up the countryside when Corporate America can do such a better job of it.   ( 3

    Oh, and by the by.  Did you wonder which liberal, bleed heart, knee-jerker of a federal judge ruled in favor of the fellow who filed the Constitutional case that the Pledge of Allegiance should not contain the phrase "under God"?  It was that old lefty Alfred T. Goodwin.  Who appointed this liberal to the bench?  Was it Carter?  Was it Clinton?  Nope, the President that sat Goodwin was none other than that old progressive Richard Nixon.  Kind of puts a different light on that case and opinion, doesn't it?  ( 4 )

    Remember those Republican criminals that staged near riots outside the Florida voting places and vote counting buildings way back in the 2000 presidential election?  Remember how the press made them seem to be just average citizens demanding some sort of legal challenge to the complete vote count?  Well, 50 of those "average Americans" received top jobs in the moron's regime.   For instance, John Bolton became undersecretary of state for arms control, Matt Schlapp became a special assistant to the president, Sue Cobb became US ambassador to Jamaica, Jeanie Mamo is now a White House spokeswoman, and R. Ted Cruz became director of policy and planning at the Federal Trade Commission.  Five are also now lawyers in White House counsel's office and three are general counsels to cabinet secretaries.  Just goes to disprove, once again, that in politics and business, crime pays very, very well indeed.  ( 5 )

    Speaking of Florida, failures in its voting system, criminals and all the other overt and anti-American problems that have arisen in that state, we now have another, little reported example of just how close Florida has moved towards Stalinist Russia.  Just two days after the primary election in Miami-Dade County (ring a bell?) 1800 uncounted votes were suddenly "discovered".  As Jaqui Colyer, a state representative candidate so nicely asked, "Were they under the bed?"  ( 6 )

    I won't get too deeply involved in describing this article because, well, the title says it all, "A War We Can Afford"

    Now that the American people have got their priorities in order and they understand that money will always trump the costs of human lives, along comes one Robert J. Samuelson to ask the most important question about the moron's sick fixation on invading Iraq.  Does he speak about the cost in human lives?  Does he address the almost certain biological and chemical attacks on Israel and the horrors that will ensue?  Of course not!  He asks the only question that this current regime and the idiots that blithely support it will find important.  Can we, as a nation, financially afford to engage in this stupidity?  His answer?  "A good guess is that a war against Iraq might cost $40 billion.  Even at twice that figure, it would still be less than 1 percent of GDP." 

    Well, I for one am now all for murdering a few hundred thousand Iraqi civilians and can more easily accept the possibility that thousands of American lives will be sacrificed for cheap oil as long it doesn't make too deep of a dent in the old federal budget.  I mean, we've already watched a six trillion dollar surplus over the next five years dissolve into a two hundred billion dollar deficit for just 2003.   That might actually spark a need to go back and levy a tax or two on the moron's owners and, well, we certainly can't inconvenience them that way can we?  So, since war can be fought without making the rich pay their fair share in either taxes or lives wasted, then let's get to it!  Kill kill kill! 
    Oh, but don't expect the rich to fight anymore than the many cowards that currently infect our nation's highest offices.  As daddy moron said, Ain't gonna happen!"  ( 7 )

    Here are two little factoids that deserve some thought.

    The average prison sentence of men who kill their female partners is 2 to 6 years, but women who kill their partners are sentenced, on average, to 15 years in prison.

    An Ohio based research team discovered that 82 % of men in custody who killed their female partners did so because they were motivated by possessiveness, whereas 83% of women in custody described their motivation for murder as "self-defense".  ( 8 )

    This could be said of those  "Christian" charities that beg for money and then support the murder of doctors and nurses who perform legal abortions, although it came from the mouth of that paragon of moral ineptitude, Attorney General John Ashcroft, and relates to a U.S. Muslim charity accused of funneling funds to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.  "It is sinister to prey on good hearts to fund the works of evil."  Actually, considering the criminals occupying our nation's highest offices, it could be said of our taxes, too.  ( 9 )

    Finally, just when you thought that the moron's owners were the only voice that could be heard when speaking about the stupid and evil plan to invade Iraq for a little more cheap oil, along comes a military guy that just stuns you with logic and sense, not to mention the courage to point out the most important fact of all.

    "Attacking Iraq now will cause a lot of problems ... It might be interesting to wonder why all the generals see it the same way, and all those that never fired a shot in anger and are really hell-bent to go to war see it a different way.  That's usually the way it is in history."  Words of wisdom and courage spoken by Gen. Anthony Zinni in a speech to Economic Club of Florida on August 23, 2002.  ( 10 )


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