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     Yes, Virginia, the clowns and the morons have always found a way to rule over the thinking, decent human beings on earth.  It must just be a fact of life.  In fact, you can go back to WW I in 1918 and find an example that could easily be a news report from 2002, if, of course, the media chose to even acknowledge the event.

    "They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command.  But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people."

    Just as Ashcroft's wet dream of a Nazi homeland would brand this speaker a traitor, so was Eugene Debs, Socialist candidate for president, on June 16, 1918.  For exercising his First Amendment rights, he was stripped of his citizenship and sent to jail for ten years.  It can and it will happen again, folks.  You might think you're living in the America envisioned by Jefferson and Paine and Washington and Adams but you're living in the world described by H. G. Wells' 1984.  ( 1 )

    Don't you wish you could get away with things like this?  Merrill Lynch was convicted of pushing stocks that the firm knew were sure losers onto their investors.  These lies made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for the firm as well as allowing them to rid their own portfolios of dead stocks.  The New York attorney general's office fined the corporation $100 million.  However, by negotiating a change of words in the final settlement so that the $100 million was no longer a fine but became a "civil settlement", Merrill Lynch is now able to deduct the entire amount from their taxes this year.  Not bad, huh?  Screw hundreds of thousands of investors out of their life savings, get caught, and end up not only keeping the illicit profits but get to the lower your taxes as well.  The rich really are different from you and I.  They're pretty much all crooks and there's just a few of us that are.  ( 2 )

    Let's get back to that chicken hawk coward, Richard Perle.  While pushing with all his might for a war he would be far to much of a coward to ever fight, he actually made the following statement, "The failure to take on Saddam after what the president said would produce such a collapse of confidence in the president that it would set back the war on terrorism."

    Now, just reflect on that stupid little sentence.  What this little rabbit is saying is that, although one has to put it all in the proper context, after the slaughter of tens of thousands of Taliban and civilians in Afghanistan and the possible killing of a few hundred Al Qaeda members, and after completely and utterly nabbing Osama bin Laden or any of his high ranking officers, and after destroying the American economy by giving his wealthy owners a tax cut that erased a six trillion dollar surplus and replaced it with a $200 billion deficit for just the 2003 budget, and after presiding over the financial failures of the very firms from which he stocked his cabinet and the rest of the federal government, and after attempt after attempt by his fundamentalist Christian bully John Ashcroft to completely destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and after refusing to provide the soldiers of another sovereign nation the protections guaranteed by dozens of long held treaties and agreements, and after the complete failure of the nation's unintelligence organization's ability to stop a bunch of fanatics with box cutters from flying jet planes into the WTC twenty minutes apart, we're supposed to worry about that little bastard losing the confidence of he world or this nation?  ( 3 )

    Do you have any idea what your life is worth?  I don't mean to you since I'm pretty certain your life is rather dear to you.  I also don't mean its value to your family nor to your business nor even to your neighbors.  What I mean is what value do you think a government agency like the US Department of Transportation (DOT), who oversees trucking and airlines and the like?  Would you believe that it's a measly $3 million?

    Now, ignore the fact that $3 million may sound like a whole lot of money to most of us.  That goes without saying unless you have some property in Congress to do your bidding, you are most assuredly not in the crowd that considers $3 million peanuts.

    What makes this figure chilling is the uses that the government allows it to be put to.  Imagine that you are a major airline and you've just discovered that the wings are falling off of some of your older planes.  According to the DOT, you can argue that the cost of replacing or repairing those planes would be in excess of $3 million per passenger and, thus, per potential hamburger should the wings fall off the particular plane that you're in.  Just by multiplying the cost per corpse times the odds that the wings will fall off, the airlines can prove that it's wiser to let you or yours die in a flaming wreck rather than replace or repair the faulty planes.  Boy oh boy.  Makes it all seem so completely worthwhile.  Knowing that the airline's acceptance of your death will increase the old bottom line for the suits in the suites and the stockholders must make you proud as punch to be an American.  ( 4 )

    Given the choice, who would you believe, Uncle Tom role model Colin Powell, VP Dick Cheney, or National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice?  Personally. and I'm not trying to influence your vote, as much as I dislike his love of war and republicans, I'd still go with Powell.  Why am I asking?

    On Meet the Press recently, Dick Cheney was asked if the goal in invading Iraq was disarmament or "regime change"?  Cheney's reply was, "The President's made it clear that the goal of the United States is regime change."  Earlier, though, on Fox News Sunday, Powell had been asked the same general question but had replied, "disarmament is the issue."

    Over on CNN, Rice was asked if the Iraqi government had been linked to Al Qaeda and she answered, "There is certainly evidence that Al Qaeda people have been in Iraq.  There is certainly evidence that Saddam Hussein cavorts with terrorists."  When Powell was asked that same question on Fox News, he replied, "We cannot make a definitive conclusion that such a thing has occurred." 

    So, who do you believe?  ( 5 )

    Finally, file this under "Gee!  I feel so much better now!"

    White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card Jr. comforted those of us who see the entire Iraq insanity as the simple minded distraction from America's real problems that is with the assurance, "From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August."  Damn but I feel so much more confidence in our unelected officials all of a sudden.  ( 6 )


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